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    Thread: A lucid dream?

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      A lucid dream?

      The other night I was really tired and decided to have a nap before I needed to go out. What happened was magical.

      As my eyelids closed I could suddenly see - Not through the top eyelid itself but through everywhere below what that touched (Kind of through my bottom eyelids and even into my body)

      I kind of knew I was asleep - I could see my room - but everything was lit up in this colour that doesn't actually exist (almost like a white, silver, grey but not)

      I rolled around in my bed (Not sure if I was really rolling or not) just staring at everything in my room and loving every moment of it. (I think everything was exactly as it was had my eyes been open minus the wonderful glow)

      I knew I had to be up soon, it was in the back of my mind that my alarm was set. I actually woke up 3 times to check the time and was able to gracefully slip back into this dream again.

      I can still remember this colour and what it looked like...

      What is this? What does it mean? Is it useful?
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      Wow, I have not experienced anything like that before. That sounds truly magical! I have, however, dreamt with my eyes open. Though, I have not been able to look around or focus on any one thing because my eyes kept uncontrollably moving around. The fact that you only could see from below your top eyelid intrigues me- that is also the case with my open eye dreams.

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