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      Exclamation Did my brain just glitch out?! This was my most messed up dream ever!

      Okay, first off, long time no see, I was active on this forum a pretty long time ago. As school started again back then, my interest in lucid dreaming was kind of moved to the background.
      But today I logged back in because I wanted to tell you guys about an incredibly bizarre experience I had this morning. To the point where I was actually getting concerned about my mind.

      So it all started when, this morning, I woke up to an sms. I always have my android laying right beside my pillow in bed. So I took my android, and at that time my battery just happened to be at 1%, so I quickly read the message and sent a reply. Shortly after sending the reply, the battery died. (after all this stuff happened, I checked for the existence of the message & the reply and they were there, so that all happened for real)

      I put my android back down and I continued to snooze, because I was still feeling really tired. After some time, something strange happened. I opened my eyes, I was looking upward. Now, where I currently am, I am sleeping in an old bunk bed, so right above me I have this mattress and a bunch of wooden planks to support it. What was interesting is that normally, the planks are horizontal, but this time they were vertical. Now, I saw a bit of dust on the side of one of the planks, so I wiped off with my finger. After I did that, I saw a spider crawling out from under the plank. It was slowly crawling over the mattress and the planks, making its way to the place that is right above my face. When it was there, it made a little thread in order to slowly drop down.
      Now, I'm not an arachnophobe, but I still prefer if spiders don't crawl on my face! So I wanted to move. But I couldn't. I was feeling SO extremely tired, that I was unable to move or even rotate my head. The spider landed right beside me on the pillow, so I really really wanted to move and toss it away before it crawls in my hair or on my neck. I concentrated, and then suddenly I woke up. The planks looked normal again.
      Now, I have some knowledge about lucid dreaming and related phenomena, so I figured what was going on. I must've had my first sleep paralysis experience.
      I continued to snooze, but this time I was trying to be very wary of any further oddities, since the chance was big that it may happen again.

      So then I took my android and I started to browse the web. After like half a minute of browsing the web, I came to a realization: I can't possibly be actually browsing the web right now, because the battery died a while ago!
      As soon as I figured that out, I went lucid, and I wanted to test it. So I closed my eyes and I tried to wish the fake android away. It worked! My hand was suddenly empty as I opened my eyes again. I looked beside me, and my android was lying right back where it was again. But I'm not sure if I was awake or still dreaming at that point. Anyway, I continued to snooze.

      No idea what exactly happened then, but at some point I found myself with my android in my hands again. Except that it wasn't my android. It was a white and thick phone instead of black and thin. It was simply a white wireless phone with buttons and a primitive display, that I've never seen before (strangely, it did say "Samsung" on it).
      Anyway, it was obvious that - once again - this awakening was false. I thought "Oh wow... really? This is getting ridiculous". So I closed my eyes again and I wished for the phone to become a big, pink dildo (yea... at this point I was just messing around).
      But this is where things started to get REALLY bizarre. I opened my eyes again, expecting the dildo. But then, all of a sudden I was feeling extremely lightheaded, as if I just inhaled some kind of chemical. My hand was rapidly going between holding a phone and being empty, like it was flickering. My vision started to spin around from left to right all the time, as if I had been rapidly spinning clockwise. I was incredibly confused and I was starting to get concerned. It was literally like my mind somehow got stuck into a glitched out state between dream and reality. I was feeling so bad. I also noticed an extreme hunger in my belly at that point. I tried to relax.

      I woke up after a while. I thought "Okay, I should verify that this isn't another false awakening, then try to get out of bed, take a refreshing shower, and get rid of that godawfully painful hunger". So I moved my leg and put it on the ground. I tried to verify that this was real by trying to actually feel the ground under my foot. I passed the verification although I really didn't feel anything at all! Anyway, I got out, and I slowly stumbled to the bathroom. I was feeling extremely sleep drunk, I couldn't even keep my balance. I was scared. I was thinking "What the hell is happening to me?"
      I arrived in the bathroom, but something was off here again. Everything looked exactly like the bathroom, except the floor. The floor was made out of dark red tiles instead of the real light pink synthetic material. My vision was still spinning around like crazy. I decided to stand still and try to come to my senses a bit. I closed my eyes and my ears started to ring really loud.

      And that's when I ACTUALLY woke up. FOR REAL THIS TIME! Everything was suddenly over. Still felt a bit strange and disoriented for a few seconds, but after that I felt all fine and dandy. The hunger was real, but it felt very normal now.
      I'm still a little concerned, however. What kind of bizarre combination of sleep paralysis, false awakening, WILD, DILD and feeling weird was this? Should I be concerned, or was it all just one big harmless nightmare?

      I hope you enjoyed the read. Please tell me what you think.

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      It seems like you were in a light sleep, and could feel the physical sensations of your body. It probably warped into some sort of nightmare, where all your physical senses were distorted and magnified. I don't think anything is wrong with you.
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