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    Thread: First lucid dream

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      First lucid dream

      Although it was very short Im finally excited it happened. I have been recording my dreams since May (on and off) and couldnt seem to achieve a lucid dream so I almost stopped at one point but I just kept up with my RCs and what not.

      So I went to bed about 2am and set my alarm for about 6:51am mind you I had school at 11am so I essentially knew I was going to fall back asleep immediatley. I woke up and turned off my alarm and went back to bed and after a few odd seconds it felt like, I just imagined myself waking up again (and at this point I was actually in the dream) walking downstairs and noticing that my house looked different and I mentally said to myself "THIS IS IT"! and I walked past the door because I didnt want to go outside just yet I found myself walking up to a teal coffee table and trying to go through it getting stuck right in the middle and then watched my eyelids completely open to the real world.

      I wonder if this will happen again and I hope it does!! The funny part about this is I didnt preform a RC within my dream even though I shouldve but i was able to make a mental note by saying "This is it" hmmm...
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      lol congrats!!

      Yea thats kind of how my first lucid dream was, but if you never did the RC's you probably wouldn't have realized it anyways, so they are still important. It still helps you to physically ask yourself if you're dreaming or not.

      you sound excited hah

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      Good one mate!

      Once the first lucid dream comes, something clicks within the subconscious and it gets a little easier to Lucid Dream

      So you are going to indeed have more!! Well done.
      Click the door... and welcome to my dream world!

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      Congrats! I've had a lot of trouble with getting 'stuck in' objects, in the past. It can get pretty frustrating, at times. Lol.
      (Or see the very best of my journal entries @ dreamwalkerchronicles.blogspot)

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