A few minutes ago I was having a regular dream about playing a Mario kart game with my nephew but I noticed it was a dream after we stopped and started opening doors.The doors were suppose to lead us to a play at a theater but they wouldn't let us through and the dream was starting to fade. I saw the scenery change to gray and began rubbing my hands and telling my subconscious to take me to a anime world in the dream. I could see a outline of a strange looking DC in a suit and hat than appeared suddenly in a really vivid place. The only thing that sucked about it was that I was the area seemed all white and I was sitting with a DC girl whose face I could not see clearly. She started talking to me about something but I forgot what it was. I thought about asking her a question to see what she would say and she responded but after that she was like "Bye~" in a girly voice and went inside me. It felt like I was going to blow up in the dream but that feeling eventually disappeared. Still I was there just floating in the nothingness for a while until I said I wanted to wake up and started floating down really fast. After that I was in a dream bed and woke myself up. If this ends up happening next time I'm going to try to change it to something else but I would like to know what kinds of things you guys did when you ended up there.