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    Thread: LD or not LD?

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      LD or not LD?

      This morning, after snoozing the alarm clock, I fell back asleep. I dreamed that I was visiting a client and having a meeting. I think the meeting was taking place outside at a picnic table. But then suddenly in the dream I am horizontal on the grass and looking at the grass. Reality is creeping in. When I look more carefully, I see my iPad on my bed, and a chair in my room with a brown shirt draped over it. I realize that my eyes are open. But the dream is continuing in the background. I hear my colleagues talking. I feel the outdoor breeze. I now know that I am experiencing sleep paralysis and that only my visual cortex has awoke. I decide that I must open the iPad's magnetic cover - I must get off the fence. Of course I cannot because I am paralyzed. I struggle. I mentally flail. Then I am awake and looking at exactly what I had been looking at while dreaming.

      I've experienced over 40 years probably the full spectrum of typical LD/SP phenomena, but this was a first for me - dreaming with my eyes open.
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      I had something like this happen once. I was in a small room where I was able to touch both hands to the side of the wall in an attempt to hang on to the dream. I recall seeing my waking bedroom in front while the walls of the room from the dream were still present.

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