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    1. Semi-Lucid Flying

      by , 12-23-2022 at 01:13 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a false awakening. I awoke at a large army barracks type structure. Three or four story red brick building with spartan interiors and big mostly-flat mowed areas outside for training. This gives way to jungle, as the training compound is situated decently high on a mountainous region with tropical jungle growing over the land. I can see ocean off in the distance.

      I was false-awakened by a large explosion. I head outside and see soldiers and men in white sailor uniforms running around. A large radio mast type structure has apparently fallen over a motorpool filled with fuel trucks and started a large fire during a training exercise. There are people on fire, burning rather gruesomely and others running to get help and medical nurses. It strikes me as odd that there are men in sailor uniforms though we seem to be many miles from the coast.

      I become partially lucid. I don't think I was fully aware of the dream state, but I was aware that what I was experiencing was not real. I didn't think to stabilize or work on my goals, but I had some intuition about being a positive force on the dream. A sergeant comes over, he looks like sergeant hartman from full metal jacket and he starts yelling at me in typical drill instructor fashion for standing like an idiot and not helping the men that are burning. I turn to him, very calmly and say. "Its okay, this is a dream. Execute Rewind."

      I see in my vision a few distorted bars, like when one rewinds a video tape. The tower rises back up into place and all the scattered people rapidly move backwards into their barracks, save for the squad that was doing jumping jacks originally when the tower fell. I look at the tower. It is very rusty, and looks overloaded with cell antennas and big white radio dishes. On some level the "lucidity" was in that I was actually watching an army movie. I think I unconsciously repaired it to a new state but I don't remember.

      I then decided to fly. I pushed down, using my fire jets technique and began to lift slowly off the ground. I look down at myself and see that I am wearing one of the white sailor uniforms. i feel that my body is not myself and catch glimpses in the third person. It looks like Jak's physical form, heavily muscular and short blonde hair with paler skin. I also notice that while I am flying, the visual effect of the flames isn't there and I seem to be moving rather slowly. There is a sort of shimmering heat effect.

      I am semi lucid and I have a weird way of doing this. I for some reason think about the animation vs minecraft videos and reach behind my back and manifest a minecraft command block. It is about the size of a tennis ball and feels like hard plastic with sharp corners.

      "Toggle Enable Propulsion True" I say, mincing my words a little bit. A small window appears with pixelated text of what I have said and it flashes green. The flames appear in my hands and my flying speed and control increases considerably.

      I begin flying over the forested mountains away from the base and heading for the sea. When I get close I slow down near where a small river lets out on a beach. I see palm trees but also these very alien looking trees. They are shaped like a deciduous tree but each branch ends in a large, thick paddle like leaf structure about three or four feet tall. It is thick and has volume like a succulent or cactus but no thorns. It is a bright green, slightly teal or blue near the center and yellow along the edge. These structures combine giving the treetop a sort of effect of looking like a large pine cone. I muse over how interesting the tree looks and think that I want to remember it when I wake up.

      I continue flying. The dream opens up to an archipelago of mountainous islands covered in rainforest. It seems like it would be very beautiful but the detail and dream clarity make everything somewhat fuzzy and generic. I see a city and decide to explore it. It appears to only be the urban center. A compact zone of narrow streets around high rises of various architectural styles and roadways but very little urban sprawl. There is a "fakeness" to it, like it is simply something someone has built in simcity with cheat codes. I notice one building is obtusely, absurdly tall, going up through the clouds. It doesn't look futuristic, rather it looks like a normal modern skyscraper that has been stretched to be several miles tall. Despite the "fakeness" and lack of clarity I just see floor after floor, window after window going up and up. Though I dont count I can tell it is several hundred floors tall and reaches well above the height of most of the mountains.

      I see dark foreboding clouds like an intense tropical storm approaching. I continue flying in that direction, not seeing them as an indication of a threat or trouble.

      At some point I go explore another city which has a lot of the same features but a different layout. Right up to the single obtusely tall building albeit of a different architectural style. I fly up the side of the building, almost crashing into it and go into the clouds before emerging above them.
    2. SCP Park and Manei

      by , 12-21-2022 at 11:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I felt like sharing these. I slept for over 13 hours last night and had a lot of dreams, though my sleep was disjointed and I forgot most of them.

      The first dream that I have any significant memory of was exploring some kind of SCP or creepypasta type thing. It had three components. One was that people could come to this park area and deliver scrap metal. It was large, with mowed grass but partially covered by a canopy of very large sycamore trees. (I remember seeing the peely bark all over the ground). The scrap metal was sorted into piles (aluminum, gold, iron, copper, etc) and even an area which was for miscellaneous electronic scrap. A mysterious and sometimes hostile entity would come and take the metal, replacing it with very large sums of money. Because of this, people would come, deposit their scrap metal and wait for the entity to take it at a safe distance before returning and recovering their money. But there was a level of unpredictability to the entity in that if people got too close to it, it would kill them by looking at them. Other people would also try to steal the money.

      The second component was these plants which looked like seeding grass but were reddish, purplish and brownish in color and covered in thorns. They were carnivorous and spread throughout the sort of park region. As they were emphasized in the dream I remember walking into them and getting stung by the thorns which caused me to become fatigued and fall over into the plants were more and more of them wrapping around me. The dream scene changed temporarily to the backyard of my old home. I died, but later 'respawned' elsewhere in the park after learning that the plants were carnivorous.

      The third component was an underground complex, like an abandoned subway station that went down many many levels. It It was made mostly of crumbling rebar reinforced contrete and had strange sci-fi contraptions in it like cloning pods and teleporters. I was exploring it with my mother but this turned into us trying to get as deep underground as possible before a nuclear blast. We then got spooked by there potentially being a monster in it somewhere. I hid in a broken cloning pod/cryo pod type thing and tried not to get cut on broken glass.


      I was with Manei at a large cafeteria/restaurant type setting. We were at the university of michigan (I remember this specific university being emphasized). I was lucid and we were having a conversation, of which I only remember part of.

      "...but I don't like how fake relationships seem. All this crap about how many kissy face emojis to send and waiting to text someone to not look desperate and this 'girls need to eat a salad on the first date' and people needing to look and act a certain way. People always say 'you should be yourself' but then slip into these tribalistic social conventions. Doublethink bullshit."

      I said tapping a finger to my forehead. I don't remember how we got on this topic. Manei nods in agreement.

      "Since you're basically the closest thing to a girlfriend I've ever had I need to warn you right now. If you ever come to me with an outfit and ask if you look fat, regardless of how you actually look; and I know about all that controlling dream appearance stuff you do (I wagged a finger at her with mock seriousness) I will tell you that I know five fat people and you are are four of them."

      She laughed so hard milk came out of her nose. Then I started laughing mostly at her reaction. We had a good long laugh about it before I summoned a napkin from under the table so she could clean herself off. She went to put her tray away and three other dream characters approached us and began taunting us, one male and two female. They taunted Manei and she gave them the finger. I tried hitting one of the bullies with a cardboard tube and said "go to horny jail" to repeat an earlier incident. Nothing happened and there was an awkward minute where they taunted us some more. I then used telekinesis to float the bullies up towards the ceiling which had this spinning rack thing that might have been some kind of chandelier. I hooked their underpants on the rack giving them all wedgies and then made the rack spin around. The entire cafeteria started laughing and pointing at the bullies as they struggled helplessly.


      The dream transitioned to some yoga class that Manei was teaching. She was the instructor and more experienced or was the senior instructor but I was helping her manage the class. I was semi lucid and decided to experiment to see if I could do a full split in a dream. I then began experimenting with some other stuff that I had never been able to do in waking life, like balancing on one finger. I then demonstrated that I could control my breathing very carefully and balance my finger and lift my last finger up and float in the air upside down.

      The Bully DCs were some of our students and were green with envy as I showed off the move. They were still struggling with basic poses. They got mad and sulked out of the class, mumbling about how they were supposed to be the coolest kids in school and it was unfair that we were good at something.

      There was some other guy in the class, an middle aged buisness man with a beer belly who was very out of shape. He lamented that he would never reach our level and would always be an out of shape low wage office worker. I proceeded to tell him that he had already improved since our first class (I had false memories of other classes) and that he should keep trying and not give up, because this was a dream world and if one believed in something and worked for it he could make himself youthful and fit if he wanted to. He seemed to take my encouraging words to heart and affirmed his dedication to keep coming to our classes.


      The semi-lucid dream had another segment where I was flying above a traffic jam but struggling to get the visual effect of the fire jets to appear.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Winter Comp Night 12: Gray Supersolider

      by , 12-14-2022 at 10:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment 1: I was in my old hometown, making my way up and down along a boardwalk that ran over a wetland area. I think I was on my bike. It was summertime, warm with green leaves on the trees.

      Dream 1: I am driving around, somewhat confused and disoriented. It is a large event like a music festival or airshow but the dream scene later changes to my university. I am driving when a large SUV gets into an accident and catches on fire. A police car has pulled over next to the burning SUV and the officer is holding a submachine gun. I must have been mildly lucid because the scene was rather horrific but I wasn't particularly moved by it. The guy in the drivers seat ejects out, like a jet fighter ejection seat. He is missing both arms and both legs and is covered in burning oil and his flesh is literally melting off. Another dream character (also burning and with flesh melting off but has all of his limbs.) He is panicking, running around screaming and trying to put out the fires on his body. The police officer with the submachine gun starts yelling at the guy with his limbs to help the other dream character get out of the seat to save his life. The limbed burning dream character just keeps panicking and screaming in pain. I begin to question the scene, wondering why the police officer doesnt help the limbless DC in the chair who isn't screaming but their eyes look at me. I had some layer zero lucidity because I remembered that I could reset this situation and prevent it from happening.

      Dream 2: I am a super soldier who has undergone cybernetic and genetic enhancements. I wear a suit of powered armor which looks like something out of Halo though it is bulkier and dark gray in coloration with a narrow sapphire blue visor and a big scary looking forked railgun for a weapon. At some point I am shown what I look like without armor to where I have numerous connection ports and scars over a heavily muscular body that looked somewhat androgynous. No reproductive parts, just a "waste removal port". The body had wide hips like a female but no breasts which made the upper body look male, especially with the heavy musculature. The details of my augmentations, armor and weapons are heavily elaborated on but I do not recall them now.

      I am standing in a plaza in what looks like a fairly normal town along with three other super soldiers. Two of us to each side of a president or military general who is announcing that aliens are invading earth and we are being deployed to fight them.

      I am shown a visual of the alien ships. They have several classes of varying design but share some basic features with a long, spindly hully with lots of complicated details, a medium sized warp drive ring and three or four large radiator sails that glow orange near the rear. The alien ships begin launching hundreds of missiles at earth, nukes or antimatter or something that makes a very big explosion.

      The dream then changes to me being outside a partially destroyed city. Most everyone is dead due to having been on the periphery of the blast, but my armor and genetic augmentations left me relatively unharmed. I find two children who managed to avert everything other than minor injuries and are mourning all the dead people. I then get informed through my radio that another missile is coming to finish the job and I need to save as many people as I can.

      I grab two children, carrying one over each shoulder and run into a building that looks mostly intact. I try to comfort them to little effect both are crying and pounding on my shoulders. Inside the building is laid out like a large shopping mall. Its lights are on and it looks utterly undamaged. Every store is a japanese noodle bar of some kind. There are hundreds of them arranged vertically and horizontally. All of them are closed. I am still frantically trying to find a bunker before the missile hits. I then see that behind the closed garage door type cage thing used to prevent theft there is a door that gives access to the building basement. I intuitively remember that connects to a bunker. Being a supersoldier I simply rip the cage-gate-thingy open with only a little effort.

      A security guard shows up. He looks like paul blart and even rides a segway and reprimands me for being here after hours and trying to steal from a store. I try to explain there is a ten-teraton antimatter missile going to hit the city any minute and we need to get deep underground ASAP. I decide to ignore him because he's either dense or has seriously been living under a rock.

      The nuke falls and I die. In the afterlife Marcus appears to me. He explains that the afterlife exists in quantum superposition like schrodinger's cat. It only materializes when one observes it and it becomes whatever they perceive it to be.

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    4. Winter Comp Night 11: FA and Computer Marcus

      by , 12-14-2022 at 01:21 AM (Lucid Time!)
      False awakening. I wake up at my work, and immediately the dream is anxiety laced as I realize I have fallen asleep at work and probably gotten written up for it. I am sleeping in a long light blue couch made of synthetic leather. I questioned the situation somewhat but didn't properly ask if I might be dreaming. Nobody else seemed to be there so I simply decided to leave the building. I headed for the door and noticed it was a sort of twilight. The sky was blue with pinkish clouds reflected in the sunrise/sunset.


      Marcus was an AI construct on my gaming PC. His AI looked like his robot form and could hover around on the screen. I remember he was playing Kerbal Space Program and I came to see what he was doing. I greeted him through a microphone and he responded but I don't know what we talked about and I don't remember becoming lucid.

      Imma just count this as two fragments. I'm pretty sure the FA dream was actually from night 9, its sort of been sitting in the back of my memory.

      Dream Fragment x2 = 1pt
    5. Winter competition night 10: Nudist Rollerink and Layer 1

      by , 12-12-2022 at 08:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      From earlier on in the night:

      I recall I was playing the role of a character in some character that was being made in an 80s movie about someone who was being bullied and generally a butt monkey. I was at a location that was supposed to be a roller rink but the decor was really bland, everything was just shades of white and light gray. Two dream characters (one female flanked on either side by two male, who are all completely naked) walk over and start bullying me. The fact that they are naked is absurd makes me realize that I am dreaming.)

      Upon becoming lucid I remember that I am participating in a lucid dreaming competition, though I was still not 100% there. I then remember that the last time I was lucid I did a little 'trans'formation which earned me quite a few points and after chuckling at my own lame joke think I could do that a second time since I am confident that it will work. I even recalled that I preformed it by looking up at the ceiling and then back down at myself. Success. Turns out I was completely naked too so the body changes are immediately obvious.

      The female bully comes back over.

      "El-oh-el. (she sounded out LOL, hey I thought this was supposed to be a an 80s movie why are we using modern slang...?) You changed sex and your boobs are smaller than mine!"

      She was right, I didn't have the same 'assets' I did last time I transformed though everything else seemed the same. I wasn't terribly concerned about that, figuring I could fine-tune it if I wanted. She continued with some unimaginitive insults and goading other dream characters into harassing me. More dream characters (again, all of them are naked)

      "Stop bullying me. This is a lucid dream that we are sharing. If you bully me you are only hurting yourself." This time was said with confidence.

      Instantly the lead girl flies into a rage and tries to attack me. She starts wailing on me with her hands trying to slap me to no effect. I use one hand to push her stomach. Not like a punch but still with some force and she goes flying back and sliding into the wooden roller rink. She slides on her butt around the rollerblade circuit (its quite small, maybe eight meters long), sliding around again and again in the route a skater would take. All the dream characters are pointing and laughing at her as her leg catches the edge and she starts to spin around.

      "Stop laughing! It isn't funny." Even though upon awakening I do recognize it is a little funny.

      I try to explain, rather poorly to the crowd of dream characters that they are figures in my dream, and that therefore they are all parts of me. My voice sounds squeaky and lacking any confidence even though I am reasonably confident in what I am saying even if I don't quite have the vocabulary to explain it concisely. I keep trying to correct this to no avail and its rather frustrating. I explain that if one part is 'disharmoniously integrated' then some part of me is not being accepted. This seems to aggravate the other dream characters who are adverse to me being lucid in the dream. Most run away, naked dream characters all spilling out the door while a few decide to attack me instead.

      The dream scene changes to have ugly yellow wallpaper and I move into a new room. There is a nonsensical metal railing, like one might see on an industrial catwalk winding through the room and I am being attacked by a large, muscular male dream character. He tries repeatedly to punch me but I'm casually blocking all the punches like Neo at the end of the first matrix movie. He pulls a knife (out of where, I don't want to know because he was completely naked). He goes to stab me in the solar plexus. I feel a little poke and see the knife has gone in only about a millimetre and there is only a single drop of blood. He tries really hard to push it in further but to no avail.

      I then summon a bamboo rod by reaching behind me. I hit the dream character on the head, not too hard, and say "go to horny jail" which was in some way connected to the fact that all the DCs were naked and that he was male and I was female (at least in form). Unlike my last lucid despite everyone being nude there was virtually no sexual charge to the dream. A large cardboard box falls on top of him, like a washing machine box and he squats down as it falls on him to trap him inside. There is like a slide whistle sound as the box comes down. Written on the front in black marker were the words 'Horny Jail'. There is a cutout with a window and three or four narrow jail bars made of cardboard wrapping paper tubes. The DC growls and pounds on the inside of the box in frustration, grabs the cardboard jail bars and shakes them trying to get them loose. Despite being a strong muscular looking male DC, he is thoroughly trapped by the cardboard box.

      The dream continued for awhile becoming nonlucid.

      I did a WBTB early in the night, about midnight I woke up and adjusted the bedding and got water. I was too tired to think about writing down the dream despite my excitement at what by recent standards was a successful lucid dream. But I fixated on the scene where I pushed the female DC back and the horny jail moment and told myself. There was no way I was forgetting that.

      Just woke up from a layer-1 lucid moments before reading this.

      I had a false awakening after dreaming about some sort of family gathering non-lucidly. I was at my dad's sisters house.

      It was dark, but I was in my parents old bedroom. I felt around engaging the sense of touch more than the sense of sight and felt a face with short stubble/beard of a male sleeping next to me. I thought it might be my father but the face shape was wrong and it appeared to be bald instead. (Marcus human form return confirmed?) I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand by the window and it said 12:14:999 on an oversized seven-segment display. This doesn't make sense to me so I work my phone out of my pocket and check it. It says 12:14:99.
      I start to have a panic dream that I am late for school/work/college and overslept but then realize that the time is nonsensical and that I am dreaming! The epiphany wakes me up.

      DILD (x2) = 15pts
      WBTB (x1, success) = 2pts
      DC Interaction = 2pts
      Full Transformation = 10pts
      Object Summoning = 5pts
      Invulnerability (not perfect but good enough) = 5pts
      Super Strength = 5pts

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    6. Winter Comp Night 6: Dysphoria

      by , 12-08-2022 at 10:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      One thing about LD comps is I feel compelled to share dreams I wouldn't otherwise because they seem somewhat inappropriate for public discussion. Content Warnings for the relevant bits, proceed at your own risk.

      I recall being in the park of my old town meeting up with a group of about 20 dream characters who are part of a firearms enthusiast club. I have brought a new gun.it looks like an fn p90. I converse with the members of the group who are enthusiastic about owning new large assault rifles and are talking about wanting to go to a shooting range to have an accuracy competition and take slow motion videos of bullets hitting things.

      The leader of the club is an army captain or major who wears a slight beard of light brown hair and a baseball cap. He gives a short friendly but firm lesson on gun safety. Reminding all club members to check safeties and keep weapons unloaded. He then emphasizes not to point any firearms at anyone ever. Even if they are unloaded and have the safety on because a bullet could still be in the chamber.

      We dismiss the meeting and I head home. The layout of my old neighborhood is disjointed and in order to get home I must walk along a narrow dirt path that runs through woods and wetlands. The trees are bare and the reeds in the wetlands yellow and dead as though it is winter. On one side of me are huge vertical houses five or six stories tall built on sloping lawns draining into the wetlands.

      I navigate back to my childhood home before remembering that my parents and grandparents are visiting and would never approve of me having a firearms. I go in through the basement door and wrap the carbine in dirty laundry including a thick jacket.

      I make my way upstairs and all the dream characters aggressively question me including my childhood friend X. I repeatedly explained that I was just doing laundry and tried to sound annoyed rather than nervous. eventually they bought my line of bs.

      I got up to my room which resembled how it looked when I was in junior high. I hid the laundry with the gun in my closet. My father appears and shows me a Lego star wars ucs at-at and says he wants to build it with me.

      I am at college but the environment is original to dream. At first I am in a cafe with a subway and see my old supervisor from when I worked at subway. I then headed outside onto a pool terrace. There are multiple small hot tubs in a sort of terraced structure, with water flowing down waterfalls from one tub to the next. There are a multitude of dream characters lounging around in swimsuits and some of them are rather attractive. Many of them are looking at me funny.

      I then notice that I am not wearing swimming clothes but rather a tucked in button up shirt and dirty white boxer briefs. I immediately feel embarrassed and decide to remove myself from the situation, heading back inside. I go into the women's bathroom by accident. It is a normal, actually somewhat nice bathroom with a vase of flowers on the counter. I get thrown out by a woman and go into the mens room.

      Spoiler for CW: feces and masturbation:

      I lost the dream and mercifully woke up. Did a WBTB with the intention of having another dream about me being junior high age, a frequent theme but recognizing it and becoming lucid.

      Spoiler for CW: sex:

      Nonlucid dream x2: (2pts)
      WBTB: (Success 2pts)
      Winter theme (5pts)
      DILD: (10pts)
      DC Interact (2pts)
      Full Transformation: (10pts)

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      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Winter Comp Night 3: Jupiter Descending

      by , 12-04-2022 at 08:45 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Night 2 was a total bust. I've been ill but I'm getting better now so hopefully I can start pulling out some actual lucid dreams for this comp soon.

      The dream was presented as a third person view of a space probe sent to land on jupiter. The probe entered orbit of the planet and dropped a lander with a heat shield. I remember having the presence of mind to think that "you cant land on jupiter, it's a gas giant!" but this didn't influence the course of the dream. The lander falls through the upper atmosphere and deploys a parachute at which point it begins to drift slowly downwards through layer after layer of clouds. The probe is a spherically shaped metal with eight green blinking lights that protrude from it as though they are corners of a cube.

      The probe descends through the lowest layers where the clouds are illuminated by narrow bands of sunlight, it is almost pitch black. Then into another layer where things are illuminated only by flashes of lightning and there are huge tornadoes between the upper and lower cloud deck like columns. Then several more layers where it is too dark to see. Eventually it lands on the surface, which is made out of some type of crystals or ice granules with a light blue or grayish coloration. The dream narrator which has been describing technical details about the space probe including how it is able to survive the pressure and temperature changes exalts success.

      I begin to think how cool it would be to go to a gas giant in a lucid dream and explore the surface. I then find that I am no longer an observer and have my body in first person and question how I am able to be here seemingly wearing nothing but shorts and a shirt. But there wasn't a conscious acknowledgement of the dream state. I start to wonder how this came to be and I wake up.


      There was another convoluted yet boring and lengthy dream about driving. I am visiting my father who lives in a large house in a very flat farm field with a big garage. At some point I swerve off the road while getting on the freeway, though there is no damage to the car, it is still very stressful.

      There is also a point where I stopped at a gas station/convenience store and went inside. They have a large supermarket freezer holding drinks typical of such places. But as I walk around it I notice it gets bigger. The glass doors on the freezer are three or four meters tall and there are huge shelving units holding giant sized food items, specifically refrigerated/frozen pizzas that are more than a meter across. I decide I want a bottle of nesquik chocolate milk but it disappears in my hand.


      I am jogging along my old route in my old neighborhood. A snake is chasing me, it looks like a cobra. It hisses and bears its fangs. I continue running but it is slithering rather fast. I stop and opt to stomp on it to kill it. I tense myself and ready. It lunges at me and I jump in the air over it, stomping on its just behind the head with my right foot. The sudden motion carries into my waking body and I kick in bed and wake myself up.


      A dream having something to do with ATLA. It was a directors commentary with mike and brian and some alternative scenes. Apparently it was an alternate timeline of the show. Aang and Katara were already a couple and they looked to be older, late teens. They met in a red room with fire nation trappings and were kissing a lot and talking about how they wanted to get married. It was then revealed that they built their house on the back of the lion turtle.

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    8. Winter Comp Night 1

      by , 12-02-2022 at 04:14 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I woke up around 3am and was up for about an hour, it was a natural awakening. Though I am sick and my sleep schedule is whacked up. I was up and about for a bit and intended to do a WBTB, as I've had success with that in the past. No dice. Some non-lucid dreams though.

      I had a false awakening which led into a dream of my dad and grandfather driving me to work with me in the backseat. I stop at work briefly and speak with my supervisor before getting back in the car. They tell me that they intended to take me to the hospital and not work and that they were just there such that I could tell my supervisor face to face. The dream went on for quite awhile, though it mostly consisted of fairly idle chatter and riding in the backseat of a car through uninteresting areas.

      Another brief awakening.

      Seperate dream. I was at the doctors office. It felt like the office that I would usually go to but the room was larger and seemed darker. The doctor told me that I was "147" but didn't reference what the number was (weight, blood pressure or some other medical score). She seemed irritated and disappointed with me and then left the room and I was left alone.

      I remember a feeling of deep depression hit me. I wasn't properly lucid, it was at best described as layer 0 lucidity, in that I was vaguely aware that something was off but didn't properly recognize the dream state. (I won't be counting it as lucid for the purposes of the competition) The unseen dream director or whatever you might call it was pushing for this particular emotion but I was aware that some 'external' force was pushing me to that emotion and I became frustrated and fought back against it. I became very angry to the point that I woke myself up.

    9. Random NLDs

      by , 12-01-2022 at 11:39 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay I thought this was the first day of the winter comp so I wrote up all my nonlucids. I actually came down with a... well i sick.

      There is some kind of war going on an I have been drafted into the air force. I am flying in the rear seat of an A-10 warthog. (Which google says is a single-seat aircraft, though the dream made it very clear that it was this specific model of aircraft) as a gunner/ewar officer. We get shot by a missile though the pilot in front (a woman with curly red-orange hair and freckles) says we still have partial power to one engine and manages to land us on a long stretch of road rather than having us eject.

      We then land. This looks like the road that I use to drive home from work and we are facing in the same direction. There is some damage to some buildings like cracked windows or bullet holes and very few people and cars but despite the war theme of the dream things seem relatively normal. She wants to get back to base with our damaged aircraft even though it is many miles away, and we begin to taxi along the road as though we are a car. Though with our wingspan we take up the whole road and go own the middle.

      Eventually we come to some stuck traffic and our commander (who also wants to recover our aircraft) says we have permission to shoot the cars on the road to clear the way. Neither me nor the pilot have any issue with this so I begin shooting cars with our missiles. We only have four missiles and when we run out I start using the autocannon each time we come across cars blocking our aircraft.

      Eventually the landing gear breaks on a pothole and we are forced to get out. The commander concedes that we will not be able to get the aircraft back to base so me and the pilot decide to get out.

      There is what sort of looks submarine beached in the middle of a farm field. It is broken in half and laying in pieces with smoke and flames coming out. We contact our commander to ask him why there is a submarine in the middle of a farm field and he explains that it was actually an experimental stealth spaceship carrying nuclear ICBMs that fell out of orbit when the battle began. He says that we need to scuttle the wreckage using one of the nukes. I go get close to it and find the nuclear warhead laying on the ground. It looks like a black cone like the warhead of an ICBM but I notice it appears to be damaged and I start to feel sick. I try quickly to set it on a timer using a small control panel but the thing is completely broken, so I run away from it and hide behind a brick wall in a collapsed barn/warehouse. I tell the commander that there is only one nuke and it is leaking radiation and that I might get radiation sickness. He pauses for a moment and then says he will have a helicopter come and bomb the spaceship wreck along with destroy our plane and recover us, and that we need to fall back because there is a whole platoon of enemy ground troops advancing in our area of the battlefield.


      I am visiting Erid (project hail mary). Though I am able to walk around on the planet with no space suit and no real problem, though everything is very dim and I carry with me a powerful ball shaped lantern that lets me see in all directions. I meet Adrian (Rocky's mate, who was mentioned in the book but never shown). They are an Eridian fighter/boxer of some sort. About 50% bigger than Rocky with a thick almost spherical body rather than a more flat one. Their arms are thick and have spikes near the joints and the 'fingers' have a narrow sort of "blade" growing out of the tip made out of a whiteish material.

      Despite this menacing appearance and presence Adrian is very friendly and excited to tell about their career as a fighter.


      There was something to do with the master cheif from halo.
    10. Save it for the comp

      by , 11-30-2022 at 11:11 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in my old neighborhood at night coming up the hill I used to run. It is warm as though it is late spring or early autumn and the last of twilight is just fading away. I become fully lucid and begin to fly. It doesn't seem to be my usual flying but rather a slow sort of swimming through the air that never gets me more than a few meters off the ground.

      I tell myself that there will be a means or indication to stabilize the dream. I see a tree with dreamcatchers hanging from the branches. I take one off and loop it around my neck which increases the clarity. I then land, deciding that I want to convert the dream to daytime. I set down, no longer flying.

      I then reach up for the sky. I really start to question my method of dream control here, recalling something from the robert waggoner book about thinking of the dream as a mental space rather than a physical space. But I still want to use a physical method of dream control. I begin pawing vaguely at the night sky, rotating the moon and stars along with it. I rotate the entire planet 360 degrees with a few pawing motions until the moon rises and is roughly in the same spot. No sun. I then remember that I should probably rotate the earth east-west. I try rotating to the west one or two swipes and the sun appears, though it is in the northern sky, roughly where polaris would be.

      Neil deGrasse Tyson appears and says "Damn it we almost had the three-body problem solved and you hippies had to come and screw it up!"
    11. Two Short Lucids

      by , 10-20-2022 at 10:02 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am on a college campus. It doesn't seem similar enough to mine specifically, but vaugely feels like it. I am chasing some kind of cyborg who has stolen information. This isn't a serious situation, its some kind of ARG. I have another dream character with me who is trying to help me with the chase but he is so unfit that he is unable to be much help. I keep telling him to run a different direction and head off the person were chasing but he stops being completely out of breath.

      I continue the chase on my own. As I move I notice just how agile and floaty I am. I am no longer running, but kicking off walls and ceilings and hurling through the air like I'm in zero gee. The chase follows outside and into a large parking lot, then into the university library. I think I have him cornered but instead arrive in a room of random students studying. Its awkward so I quietly apologize and leave. I go back out in the parking lot and let myself float down.

      Then I say to myself something dumb along the lines of
      "I know I've been dreaming for awhile. Maybe it's time I become lucid."

      I then properly remember my dream goal. I decide to summon Manei, knowing that will help boost my odds of success.

      "Hey, dream. I want to see manei, Right now please."

      A classroom bell chimes and a whole bunch of college students come out in a big mass. I am able to spot her in the middle and get her attention.

      "Hey, hey Manei. Did you... make friends with the whole class?"

      "Yes!" She shouts excitedly. "The people here are so friendly!"

      "That's great. Hey I-"

      Very abrupt awakening.


      My dad wants to visit his new church and it saking me with him. He says he doesn't want to influence my spiritual beliefs but that I do have to wear a uniform to go inside while he does his business in it and hands me a red shirt with a starfleet logo on it. He then explains that this is the church of Startrekism and they are rivals to the church of Jediism. It is a small and unassuming building on the outside but on the inside its a massive mall food court type location with a huge model of the Enterprise (I don't know which version) on a rotating stand. Its about the size of a large car.

      He goes off and leaves me to hang out there. Everyone is wearing star trek clothing and some people look like aliens with pointy ears and stuff. I ask the guy at the counter what he has to eat and he acts like a robot. I see in one serving tray there is a double chocolate muffin. I ask for it but the guy is busy with another customer. I am mildly frustrated that he started attending to another customer before getting me the only item I wanted.
      I then become Lucid of the dream state. My father comes back, and tells me that lucid dreaming is borgonistic (which is the church of startrekism's way of saying something is satanist) and that I shouldn't do it. I decide that this will only lead to the dream becoming a pointless battle and decide to escape.

      "Dream, take me to a new reality."

      Bad choice of words.
    12. Semi-Lucid on accident

      by , 10-19-2022 at 12:59 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in a dream location that felt something like the front of my old subdivision. There is no road leading into it though, just a grass clearing through trees where the road should be and maybe a paved walking path. I am walking around in the woods non-lucid collecting sets of glittering silver feathered wings. They flap slowly while remaining stationary in the air and sparkle while colorful wisps of glowing energy circle around them. I am collecting them as they are "elytra" or something. Items which are supposed to help with in-dream flight but also a reference to the dreamviews practice of getting "wings" for completing tasks.

      I become semi lucid and set out to do a task. I have two tasks, one of them is a falsely-remembered DV task to seek out a nightmare and confront it. The other is (for whatever reason) to try and find DawnEye11 and ask her why she left DV. I fly to the front yard of my old house though this location is not an exact replica. It is much bigger and there are more plants in it. I ask the dream to show me a nightmare and it shows me a strange version of Toothless from HTTYD. Though he continuously gets more and more eyes and his body and posture become larger and more menacing. Even in its deformed state the creature still looks cute and harmless but I in my semi-lucid state decided to punch it anyway (old habits die hard, I guess). I remember i uppercut the beast on its jaw in a very cartoony fashion.

      I then had a false awakening where i gleefully woke up and reported my "lucid" findings to dreamviews. DawnEye11 came back on the site. She showed me a comic about Jak's past, apparently shed had a semi-shared dreaming experience with my. In it the monster that i had just fought ended up seriously wounding him by cutting his stomach open. He, Jak, was depicted laying on a hospital bed with his father next to him. I thought it weird as she did not seem like the kind of person to draw a gorey scene, and though it was drawn in what sort of looked like her art style it had only flat colors and most of the gore was replaced with spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese. Though I think there was an actual intestine in there.
    13. Beach Basement Monsters

      by , 10-03-2022 at 02:17 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream begins and I am in a basement. It feels like an odd combination of the basement of my grandparents house and my old childhood home. It is very unfinished, mostly bare wall studs and some utility equipment. I am meandering around and I end up going through a door to find myself in a school gymnasium.

      I become semi-lucid and resolve to find Manei. I find her in the crowd taking a fairly recognizable form. She seems even taller than usual and has a blonde streak in her hair, though the dream is not particularly vivid. I decide that I don't want to have a dream about a school gymnasium, it has too much of a negative schema associated with it. She agrees and we resolve to leave back through the same door I came in through. We go back into the house basement and then through another door on the far side which takes us up a flight of stairs and onto a beach scene.

      This seems like a much better scene to set the dream in. But there are monsters roving on the beach. Two of them are about the size of a small house, maybe thirty feet in height. There are about a dozen more that are about human sized which are running around terrorizing beachgoers and there are a few skeletons being picked clean of meat beneath them. They look like the MUTO monster from 2014 godzilla or the cloverfield monsters. But their mouths look like a Predator or Sangheili in that they have a jaw that spilts open in multiple ways. Manei says we have to deal with them one way or another.

      She pulls out a device, saying its a machine which can summon anything into the dream world and she wants to use it to summon weapons. However the device is built into an old flip phone (where one would have to type a number multiple times rapidly to get a certain letter) and in order to summon something she must text it using a 10-digit pad. This is certainly inconvenient especially with how dream phones and anything with text or numbers can be. She manages to type in 'dagger' and summon a small kunai knife. Then threw it out and killed one of the smaller monsters.

      I then, quoting inception and said "you musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." and typed in 'railgun'. I don't remember if i was successful or not since I vaguely remember holding a railgun that looked like handheld railgun in the Halo games. But then I decided against using it and it faded away or it turned out I had typed it into the summoning device incorrectly before I was able to fire. Or I forgot to dream of a power cell for it or something.

      Then, I ran out onto the beach. I must have gained more lucidity because I recognized that I didn't need a machine to summon a weapon for me, and summoned my own weapon. It partially failed because when I summoned it, it appeared translucent. But I planted one end of it in the sand forcefully and the sand rippled oddly in a sort of shockwave, drawing a wide circle around me to show power. This was in some convoluted dream-logic way a reference to the anti-sea-bear circle from Spongebob.

      "End your threatening presence in my dream and tell me what you symbolize."

      Ive had mixed results with getting nightmares to stand down. It seems about coin flip odds they just get angry and continue to attack me or the dream just ends up getting worse when I try the diplomatic approach. But I'm happy to say this creature seemed very diplomatic. All but one of the large monsters disappeared, and the one that remained swiftly shrank into a very harmless looking bright blue creature about the size of a large dog. It gave me the vibe of being half-elephant, half pig and it had two small trunks.

      "I symbolize that you feel disconnected from nature."

      I woke up.

      There was another dream wherein I was in what felt like the city of chicago. I was watching two spaceships or large flying vessels do battle out over the water. One looked like the battlestar galactica. The other was a big sort of drab green zeppelin. The drab green zeppelin takes a lot of damage and begins to drop into lake michigan. When it collides with the water it explodes like a giant hydrogen bomb and everyone starts running anticipating a shockwave and nuclear will hit soon. Everyone starts running and looking for places to hide. I can't find a good place to hide that isn't already jammed full of people so I resolve to accept my fate.

      I am standing still watching the shockwave approach over the water, and in the final few moments it gets onto land flattening trees and buildings. Then time freezes with it only a few meters away from me. The grim reaper appears and says something like

      "Uhm wow, you're not even going to try to worm your way out of this one?"

      "No. Life's got me feeling worn out right now and if this is how I'm going to go out, I'm going to face it with dignity and accept it."

      "Dude... seriously, come on. You're no fun at all. Look I'll give you one minute to find a hiding spot."

      I decide to try and survive anyway. I look for a large building, an apartment or condo of some sort and run inside. Then I try to get onto the lowest level. The dream completely drops the 'time is frozen and Im running from a nuclear explosion' plotline as I get yelled at by some woman for being in her apartment. I try to explain the situation about the nuclear blast but she doesn't believe me. I then try to convince her that I am a maintenance man and need to go into the utility room below her condo. She buys that. I go hide in the utility room and lose the dream.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Low Flying

      by , 10-02-2022 at 05:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am staying with family in a resort hotel. We are staying in a very large city built up along a beach. There are fifty+ story resorts and condos on the beachfront. One image is of an orange concrete building with curved balconies overlooking the coast. It is built on a small island tightly packed with skyscrapers and surrounded on all sides by pristine beaches in the middle of a large city built on a bay with mountainous terrain behind the city.

      I am watching from the roof of a tall building the construction of another building. The frames of the buildings they are constructing look very spindly and sway in the wind quite a lot, they do not look structurally sound at all. There are about a half-dozen people in large black inflatable balloon pants (I don't really know how else to describe them) dangling from construction cranes and building another skyscraper next to us. They are being blown around by the high winds. One of them breaks loose and the balloon carries him down slowly. I help him get out of it and he is thankful. He explains that the tubes are some kind of safety device for working at high altitudes but that his boss keeps asking them to modify the blueprints of the skyscraper to make it taller and he is frustrated.


      I am in a much different location. I become semi-lucid and start flying low over the ocean I notice that like last night, I don't have my fire jets but seem to be churning up the water as I hover several meters over its surface.


      I am riding in the passenger seat of a pickup with a dream character. i think it was my father. We are back in the costal city which is being shaken with earthquakes and volcanoes. The dream character wants to drive us through a tunnel. I state that is a bad idea because the tunnel goes through a mountain which is presently an erupting volcano. When he gets close we see lava coming out of the tunnel.

      He then proceeds to drive along a river, driving the truck in a physically impossible manner such that only the two lefthand wheels are on the very lip of the river while the rest of the truck hangs off the side but stays more or less upright. I turn on the radio which states the government will not be sending disaster aid because they are corrupt and already gave all their money to corporate subsidies.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. The Gambler's Cross

      by , 10-01-2022 at 06:00 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was going through some dream about me having two jobs and being "on the grind" in a big way trying to pay off some debt. In the dream, my house was a mixture of my old and new houses in feel and location. Though it was structured more like my new house, it was painted white. I then realized that I could fly and decided to ignore the career focus in the dream.

      I became lucid. Flying was easy and intuitive, and I had great control. I remember flying in a posture similar to me using my fire jets but there were no visuals of the fire. I flew up into the night sky through clouds and could see the stars. There were four or five sets of stars in oval-shaped rings of varying size, with maybe ten to twenty stars on each ring. There were also some stars scattered about. I thought about flying into space and checking out the star rings up close but I could feel that the dream was not particularly stable.

      Instead I decided to land, sitting in a tall tree with pointy leaves overlooking a country road. I decided to eat one of the leaves to try and ground and stabilize the dream. I pulled one off the branch and started eating it. It had some texture but no flavor, working well enough to keep the lucid dream going.

      A spaceship came down from space and out of the clouds. It was shaped like a cross which I interpreted to be religious iconography. The vertical bar of the ship was made of gold along its edges, with lightbulbs at regular intervals turning on and off in a pattern that made it look like pulses of light were traveling around it. The paneling was glowing bright red, orange, yellow, and green, with its colors also cycling in a wave-like pattern. The horizontal bar of the cross was framed in gold and had a windowed section allowing me to see inside to a single deck. Inside I could see casino games such as slot machines, a roulette and a blackjack table, and dream characters engaged in gambling.

      The spacecraft was of such an absurd design I simply had to know why it had appeared and what it symbolized.

      "Hey spaceship, what do you represent in this dream?"

      The spacecraft landed upright by the side of the road. Various components of it folded apart and went through a complex transformation sequence which had little regard for the rules of euclidean space or how its internals were presumably set up. When it had finished it had become a very bland concrete building. The structure had an octagonal cinderblock wall around it with barbed wire along the top and guard towers at all eight corners and a dirt road leading up to a gatehouse on one of the octagon's sides. The inner building had a square footprint and was taller than it was wide, perhaps three or four floors and looked very sturdy. It had square windows which looked to be made of reinforced glass and a single set of double doors leading into it.

      I flew down from the tree and walked through the gatehouse. There were bulky robot guards with high-tech looking weapons that let me through. As I approached the building I could feel the overwhelming aura of strength and stability emanating from it. Large bull horn speakers on the guard tower spoke in a clear and loud, but not overwhelming voice.

      "I am the representation of the dream archive you should be making."

      I go inside the building and find it to be full of server space with hard drives. It explains how I should make a new more organized dream journal. (This is actually somewhat true and something I have been considering. I actually have three dream journals in which I document different dreams. Dreamviews tends to get most of my lucid dreams, but I keep non lucids and dream fragments and the like in a private dj.)

      The dream then transitions to inside my current workplace. Dream characters are sitting around talking about lucid dreaming. One of them points out how he will always dream that his son will come to work and tell him that he is dreaming, but that he always ignores it and doesn't get lucid. I laugh and say that my dream guide appears alot in my dreams but I don't get lucid upon seeing her.

      I woke up, typed short notes to remember the lucid and went back to sleep.

      I had another lucid dream, but I don't remember much of the content of it. It started on my college campus and I wound up going underground into a tunnel full of trash and losing lucidity.
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