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    Regular Dream Characters

    Spoiler for Dream Based DCs:
    Dream-Based Characters (I'll make these long and fancy and add pictures later)

    Jade-Me. The boy... ish person with different colored eyes, who has a knack for beating up DCs.

    Manei-Persistent dream guide who likes sweets, treats and the beach.

    Marcus-Persistent DC who invents things.

    Jack- Ye Olde dream Guardian, No longer around.

    Jonathan- Ye Olde dream nemesis, no longer around.

    Spoiler for Waking Life Dream Characters:
    Waking life characters

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer

    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer

    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.

    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often

    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.

    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.

    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see. She also has a brother who I've looked up to for a long time and am good friends with as well.

    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.

    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.

    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.

    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.

    -D-My freshman college roommate.

    -CH-A good friend of mine from elementary school. I don't see him all too much anymore, but he still pops up in my dreams from time to time.

    Dream Signs

    Spoiler for Warning Long List:
    Carbie Playa Beach Resort

    This is famously the first dream sign that I ever Identified as being a dream sign. It is the beach resort that my family stays at every year when we go to puerto rico. Unfortunately, it seems as though most dreams of this location I will either arrive already lucid or never think to reality check.

    I also notice that usually upon visiting the place in my dreams, I find that it is larger/more developed. I often see a large glass enclosure restaurant quite often. Sometimes I find that the beach has been polluted.

    This dream sign can sometimes generalize to any beach/tropical location. I have dreamed of a variety of different beach and island locations.

    Why I dream of this:I used to think that it was simply because I liked being at this place, but I think there is a little bit more to it than that. This is where my first LD took place, and I seem to have a connection to the place and return to it quite frequently.

    Sand Dunes

    This was another dream sign that I noticed fairly early on. I found that it would blend in nicely with the previous dream sign, because beaches are sandy and so are sand dunes. Though sometimes the sand dunes I see are just there without a beach in sight. I find it similar to when my parents drove me to northern Michigan when I was a kid and the soil was sandy and there were huge sandy slopes in the middle of the forest. I suppose it could simply be generalized as sand in any context.

    Why I dream of this: I can't say so for sure. It does connect nicely with several other dream signs in this category, and as a child, I did enjoy playing in the sand...

    Big waves/Drowning

    This wasn't the first dream sign that I picked up on when learning to lucid dream, but it was one of the first that I had as a child. It basically goes as such: I am in a lake or ocean or sometimes even a pool, and tremendously large waves are coming down on me, as though they are attempting to drown me. I've been having these dreams rather frequently since I was a child. I sometimes find that the waves have odd shapes such as being completely vertical or square.

    Why I dream of this: I don't know to be honest. Other people who interpret my dreams believe the waves to be symbolic of something else, since as a child, I loved to play in the water/waves whenever my family went to the beach, and drowning isn't one of my fears, since I am a good swimmer.

    Overly green/lush plant life

    This one is quite common in a wide variety of environments. I've seen it take over familiar environments such as my own neighborhood or town, or sometimes outside environments that I do not recognize. And, as the title suggests, the plant life takes on an unreal quality of vigor and clarity, often being more vivid than other elements of the dream around it. Sometimes the plant life doesn't have grounds in reality.

    Why I dream of this: I can't say so for sure. I've never been particularly interested in plant life. It could be reminiscent of El Yunque (The rainforest from Puerto Rico) or the other tropical environments that my dreams are trying to portray.


    This one goes hand-in hand with the previous dream sign, and I often see the two of them together. There is a logical association between the two. Lots of rain and humid weather is good for plants and can cause them to grow. But it can exist independently. I pick this one out not so much because I find that it occurs in my dreams a lot, but that it seems like the weather is exceptionally vivid in comparison to other elements of the dream. I don't get a lot of rain surprisingly, but there is a lot of thunder/dark clouds, as if there is always a storm brewing.

    Why I get this: I don't know for sure. As a child, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a meteorologist or storm chaser, but I've moved past that long ago. There might also be association with Puerto Rico in the lush plants and moist conditions are not unlike the rainforest we would visit when we traveled there every year.


    I've talked about this one before, how I actually made my dream guide into a dream sign, because she occurs in my dreams more often than most. As for why I associate her with the other dream signs involving my family going to Puerto Rico? In her character she was born and raised on a tropical island. I find it very odd how sometimes I can be talking to her, but not actually be lucid.

    Why I dream of this: Manei's frequent appearances were justified by her as simply doing her job as a dream guide.

    Being a character in a movie

    This is a very unusual dream sign, because I actually consider it a layer of lucidity above being a simple non-lucid dream. The dream sign being that I find myself being aware that I am a character playing out a story, acting in a movie, on a reality tv show, inside a virtual reality simulation, or in a book. Because of this, my take on the world is often different, in that I am aware that what I am experiencing is fake, but not in the sense that I am aware that it is a dream. In the case of the virtual reality, I often find that it is a sandbox style game where I am free to roam and experiment rather than having a specific objective.

    Why I dream of this: Being a writer who works on comic books might account for some of it. I never considered a career in drama/acting, and, from what I've experienced in arcades and demos, I'm actually not very fond of virtual reality, I find it disorienting and difficult to navigate. My best guess is that it is actually semi-lucidity making its way into more of my dreams.

    Space Travel

    These next four dream signs all go very well hand in hand, but I've noticed specific themes from all of them. These dreams generally involve space travel, with some element of science fiction involved. They often feel like realistic or near-future spacecraft and actual experimental technologies. (For example, referencing several countries working together to build a spaceship that uses ion engines to go to mars.) I've had these dreams since I was a young child. I used to get a lot of going to the moon as a child, but recently, I seem to be getting a lot more mars missions. Though any dream that involves spacecraft launching, docking, orbiting, traveling or landing counts toward this dream sign.

    Why I dream of this: I always figured it had something to do with how dreaming and space travel are similar in the regard that they allow exploration of something that is unexplored. (In lucid dreaming you explore the depths of your mind, in space travel you explore the depths of the cosmos.) I also recognize that

    Solar System Tour

    This dream references another specific dream situation. I find myself having a dream where I am viewing an alien solar system and being taught the names and positions of all of the planets by some entity. Upon awakening, I have generally forgotten a great deal of what the entity taught me, only having a basic memory of the layout of the system. (Suns, major planets, etc.) Generally speaking, the solar systems have fairly logical and realistic organization, but I have seen weird things such as black holes and stars that are green/purple/black/ or other unnatural colors.

    Why I dream of this: It is one of my more cryptic dream signs, and I am unsure why these dreams occur.

    Dream Skies

    This references all of the strange occurrences I see in the sky, including but not limited to seeing multiple suns or moons. This has caused me to become lucid on more than one occasion. However, I sometimes see even more exotic phenomenon; for example, the rare occasions where there is simply a massive gas planet filling up half the sky or a swarm of unique moons. This can overlap with the solar system tour.

    Why I dream of this: This might be from the other dream signs about space and planets/stars leaking in. Therefore, I assume that my tempered interest in space and science fiction causes this one to occur as well.


    While this one does not occur quite as often as the other dream signs in this middle layer, contact with extra-terrestrials is common enough to be listed. It ties in with the other dream signs involving spacecraft and near-future travel. A healthy fraction of the time, the extra-terrestrials are hostile, though this is not always the case. I find this one tied in a lot with the 'living a story' dream sign.

    Why I dream of this: Same rhetoric as the other dreams involving outer space. It is probably simply due to my fascination with the subject and the idea of contacting a race of aliens.

    Breaking my computer

    This one requires basically no explanation whatsoever. I often dream that I have broken my laptop computer.

    Why I dream of this: This occurs probably because I dropped my laptop once in real life and lost all of my data because my computer was broken...

    Middle/High School

    The funny thing was that in middle school, I dreamt of high school. I still dream of it now, being in college. The dream generally has some excuse that I forgot to take a class or go to graduation. I seem to get a lot of the gymnasium for some reason.

    Why I dream of this: Probably just temporal dissonance, disconnects between past and present.

    Ski Resorts

    I often dream of being at a skiing resort. I find this a stark contrast to my dreams of being on the beach or in a tropical location. I also find that the ski resort often has a confusing layout and/or a lot of chairlifts. I don't know why this a recurring dream though. I did my share of skiing as a child, but it never lead to any particularly impactful moments.

    Family Fight (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    Like most families, mine has fights, and I often find myself skipping these dreams when it comes to journaling them here. Sometimes, the fights can be about something stupid and meaningless, just like in waking life.

    Eating Contests/Big Food Items
    (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    This one requires little explanation. I dream a lot of DCs eating large amounts of food and participating in competitive eating events. Sometimes, like in a cartoon, their stomachs will get really big and round. Generally, I am not a participant, because, like in waking life, I tend not to have much of an appetite. This dream sign could occur because most of my friends are big foodies, though.

    Swords (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    I used to dream of this one quite frequently, but it is what I consider a dormant dream sign. I used to wield a sword a lot, lucid or not.

    Roller Coaster Disaster (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    I used to often dream that I was riding a roller coaster and the restraint was broken and I was holding on so that I would not fall out of the seat. Unsure of why this one occurred, I never liked riding roller coasters.

    Amputation/Medical Condition (Depreciated no longer have this one)

    I used to often false awaken in a hospital bed to find that my limbs had been amputated or that I had some horrible medical condition.

    Missing Sister

    This one occurs very rarely but I've always had it since I was a small child. The dream takes on a wide variety of plotlines and variants, but it always seems to center around the concept that I have a sister that I have not known about or met until now. Sometimes she was seperated from me at birth. Sometimes she was overseas and I haven't seen her since I was little. Or sometimes she died during birth. There are many variants on this plot.




    Confront Tsunami Dream

    Teach Manei to fight

    Meet Infected Mushroom and have them play Dream Music

    Try to use LD to stop biting my fingernails.

    Activate Sense of Smell

    To Do:

    1. Getting back on top of things EP5

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:28 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Had some lucid dreams last night, only two nights gap between the last ones, which is pretty motivating.

      Dream 1: I became lucid in some outdoor setting and attempted to fly but could not lift off.

      Dream 2: I became lucid in a very dark underground library setting. Manei was there and standing by my side. It was dark so I created a blue fireball and threw it into the distance. I didn't want it to impact anything so as it flew forward I ordered it to stop. I then ordered it to grow bigger and to follow just above me creating a light source. I recall the fireball had some very strange spinning rings and holographic runes around it.

      We walked around for a bit. The library was very large and full of old books written in an incomprehensible language. Manei picked a few of them out to study them but put them back on the shelf. We got to the end of the library and arrived in this bedroom/study. There was a large fur blanket on the ground. Manei crawled under it. I wanted her to stay in the dream but when I lifted the blanket she gone.

      Dream 3: I was in a large locker room/bathroom/shower room trying to hide from someone.

      Dream 4: Long and boring dream having to do with a school bus.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Fragments and Stuff

      by , 03-21-2018 at 03:07 AM (Lucid Time!)
      -I was staying for office hours after school at the arts building where I take my digital fabrications class. When it came time to drive home I found that my car was in the classroom. This meant that I had to carefully (without knocking over any computer desks in the room) and then drive the car down the hall and down two flights of stairs to get out the door, and then from there drive back to the main road. I had a false memory of how I had done so previously and managed to not damage my car but I was anxiotous as to how I would repeat this in reverse.

      -I was playing Spore, as some kind of blue and purple dinosaur looking beast. The creature then evolved (on its own) into the shape of a woman with large light blue feathered wings on its back (it retained the original color scheme). I wandered the lands and noticed the landscape was more high-fidelity than it normally was in spore. There were swamps and cave like structures dotted throughout the lands of my planet. I remember trying to find skeletons. (In the original game skeletons were a way to find parts to evolve your creature) and found some strange looking parts that were not present in the OG game. However most of the skeletons I found my character could not dig up.

      Later I came under attack by some monster and had to use my flying ability to escape them. I remember flying through dark and shadowed caves for awhile. When I landed I was near a lava pool and found more skeletons. When I tried to use them to get creature parts they came to life and wandered away.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Train Dream and Star Wars Con

      by , 03-19-2018 at 01:57 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Ripped from my offline DJ


      I was on a train. That's about all I can recall.


      S had taken me to a star wars con. I was in an OTD parking lot with fog and OTDDCs. Some were unlocking these very large models from the backs of their trucks and unloading them into this wheeled palette. One was one of those revenge of the sith star destroyers (Venator?). But there were like 8 slots where the large turrets were. 8 small children painted their faces gray and got into the slots wearing these hats that looked like the turrets.

      The DCs then started fighting with another group of DCs who had also made a large model of a ship. This one I did not remember being in star wars. It was gold in color and looked like a huge hammer/axe with a big front part and a long narrow back part. They got into an argument with the star wars DCs and started talking about some space battle where everyone got these new upgraded shields but still had the standard weapons and the entire battle was resolved by all of the ships on both sides ramming into one another. The argument crescendoed when people rammed the two wheeled carts together causing damage to both ship models. The star destroyer with the kid's heads as turrets fell off it's cart and all of the children started crying. One of the older and more mature members of the group who hadn't been involved in the argument started trying to get the kids out.

      We then went into the convention. Alls I remember was that everything was egregiously expensive. Someone cited that a bottled water was 15 dollars.

      Meditiation: 50.15A (morning)

      RCS: 3 (documented)
    4. Poo Lucid and FA

      by , 03-18-2018 at 03:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Back at it with the DJing.

      I was in an OTD beach setting. I had to go #2 and the bathroom was in a brick building up the beach a little bit. I went into the bathroom and said something along the lines of "Darn it, it turned into another poo dream!". After several minutes of stuff I will not detail here on the toilet I was able to make the have-to-poo feeling go away (finally).

      I was able to make the best of it while in the bathroom while lucid in the bathroom; I was playing with my hands and dream control. I tried changing my skin color and made my hand light blue with dark blue freckles and the skin gained a very oily texture. I then changed my other hand into a mechanical hand made out of a silvery metal and examined it.

      Once I had finished, I went back into the front of the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My physical appearance was very unstable and I seemed to be morphing between several outward appearances at once. I knew the dream was ending and getting unstable but I was having fun playing around with my own physical appearance. I would spin around, briefly close my eyes and concentrate on who I wanted to look like.

      -Took on the appearance of a younger version of my RL self.
      -Took on the appearance of my dream guide, Manei.
      -Took on the appearance of my present day waking life self.


      I false awakened. There were police outside of my house. I remember for some reason I wanted to hide because I didn't know what was going on. I saw all the police going to the house of this girl who lived up the street. I knew her IRL and she used to bully me in grade school, so I got some satisfaction from her having to get out of her house and be in trouble with the police in the wee hours of the morning.

      A police officer suddenly appeared in the window of my bedroom (which was weird because it was on the second floor.) And told me he would write me a ticket if he caught me being a peeping tom again. I apologized and said I would go back again.

      The dream recursed with very minor variations about three or four times, with me either going back to sleep and FAing again when.
    5. Getting back on top of things

      by , 03-17-2018 at 07:59 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I don't have anything to report on meditations or reality checks for the past few days, as I have been slammed with school. Nevertheless I said I would get back into lucid dreaming and help motivate DawnEye so I suppose I should drop these here regardless. The previous three mornings I have gone in and out of wakefulness a lot and barely remembered anything.

      Anyways this is just a smattering of dream fragments and notes.

      -I was in a parking garage. It was some kind of urban environment and there was something to do with a maroon colored car.

      -I had a semi lucid dream. I was with Manei and we were on standing paddleboards going down a river. There was a lush tropical jungle on either side of us with thick groves of bamboo and giant trees. My grandparents got involved in the dream and were on a boat and were annoying. We didn't want to be involved with them so we went down this side river and hid in this little cove.

      -In one dream I was constructing a large wooden model of the red spaceship from my art thread in my bedroom. I was intending it as a toy to give to a young child as a play set and the project involved making the sides of the ship hinged so that people could see the inside; and doing interior detailing and creating figurines that could be played with in the playset.

      -Marcus made silver and orange mecha armor that looked a lot like an Iron Man suit. The armor could unfold and then encompass him like an Iron Man suit. He then took out a blue lightsaber and tried to stab himself but upon striking the armor the lightsaber's blade would short out and he'd be forced to reignite it. He said he had to make the armor resistant to lightsaber strikes and it was now successful.
    6. Communist Japan, Pregnant Danny Phantom and Star Wars space Battles

      by , 03-14-2018 at 04:39 PM (Lucid Time!)

      I was visiting relatives or friends of the family in Japan (which I don't have IRL to my knowledge.) Someone said that Japan had become communist and now everyone got paid the same. They said it was a better system because they had a lot of poor people. We drove down the street and there were these black circular glass buildings we drove past. Some were very tall and narrow and I looked in the window and saw some posters on the insides of buildings a bunch of them showed a pregnant Danny Phantom.

      They said that Japan's new government had decided to create a pro-Mpreg campaign to help fix their population decline and encourage more men to get pregnant. Apparently they had aired an anime that was a continuation of Danny Phantom where he had gotten pregnant to push their agenda. I had false memories of watching an episode where Danny experienced cravings and used his ghost powers to turn invisible and steal ingredients from a grocery store. In the store he met Saitama from One Punch Man but It was just a cameo and wasn't important to the plot.

      We pulled into the restaurant after some contrivance. (Street signs changing, roads moving around with weird barriers and traffic signals, etc. Thankfully my uncle was the one driving.) We went into the restaurant. It was a strange room with one large sort of U-shaped table made out of wood with a cook behind it. The entire room was painted purple with felt on the walls and yellow stars in the felt; it looked like fabric you would use to carpet a kid's room or day care.

      The waitress, an older Japanese lady came out. She spoke strangely coming up to each person in turn. When she came to me she said "Ahugck! I see inside your mind! I see your deepest desires and indulgences and shall provide accordingly." (With that she reached under the counter and handed me a large takeout box of assorted cookies.) I looked at them and thought that I should probably have some food. I asked her if I could have some hot tea with no sugar and she responded "Haark Blarugh [Belching Sound] Green Tea (she poured hot water and added some tea leaves) What an excellent choice you truly are a genius!" I thought about asking her to bring me some actual food and not just cookies but my cousin who sat next to me said he didn't like the baked fish he got and I offered to eat his food instead.

      "Glarga Blarga [Goose Honking Noise] I played lego star wars with you before and you cheated. Thanks to you, I never found that yellow piece I needed for my Y-wing!"

      The dream ended at around that time. I woke up briefly at around 5:30 and jotted notes on the dream down.

      I entered another dream. This one involved some kind of space battle. Most of the ships used were my ships from Gauss on the scifi roleplaying Discord server; but this was some kind of game; one with surprisingly good fidelity (the dream was rendered well too.) The antagonistic fleet looked like the First Order from Star Wars and seemed to replicate their ship types.

      Battle 1

      In the first battle took place over a bluish colored gas giant. A large enemy fleet was chasing a smaller fleet of my ships. Once they were lured close enough to the planet artillery cannons emerged from concealed positions on the moons of the gas planet and started shooting at them. Then concealed allied ships emerged from the atmosphere of the gas giant. The enemy was caught in a crossfire and their fleet was decimated.

      Battle 2

      The second battle took place in a protoplanetary disc. When the enemy fleet arrived the allied ships retreated above the plane of the disc. When the enemies tried to follow them into the disc they allied ships detonated antimatter mines they had laid in the gas and dust and blew most of the enemy ships apart; cleaning up those that survived with conventional attacks.

      Battle 3

      The enemies had brought their biggest fleet yet and it included this huge spiny black planet-sized spaceship. The allied ships in the vicinity were chased away and lured the enemies deeper into the nebula. When the got into a clearing it was revealed there was a Neutron star with several allied dreadnaughts poised to fire on it. They fired beams onto the north pole and the neutron star reacted by firing a burst of gamma rays onto the huge spiny ship which shot through it disabling it. Ambush ships came out of gas clouds to attack the smaller ships.

      Battle 4

      The enemies had apparently adapted to the good guy's tactics and through sheer numbers had mustered a fleet to attack their homeworld. They brought an even larger version of the spiny black ship that must have been 3-5x larger than the planet itself. The allied ships came to attack and from the massive cosmic scale into a fighter that was being piloted by the Japanese lady from the first dream. There were 10 mouse traps laid out on the console and she stuck her fingers in each one one at a time. As she did this the traps had increasingly painful lookign spikes and barbs that cut into her finger causing them to bleed or simply cut some of her fingers off and the dream focused in intensely on showing me the gore.

      Her ship turned around and she shouted "It's... a.... Trap to the power of ten; and you can't copyright that line! Also someone put a toilet in my cockpit! Larry the cable guy must not have done his job!"

      Morning Med
      Evening Med
      -3:15: MC SC NP


      Well I'm back to doing dream journals online, at least for now. I figured I should post last nights logs since they're neither too boring nor too inappropriate.

      I think it's quite interesting how the waitress character carried most of the dream sequence, mentioning lego star wars and then being present in the second dream sequence; which a series of space battles. Not the most eccentric one-off dream character I've seen but defiantly up there.
    7. Flying Lucid

      by , 03-09-2018 at 04:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So I had intended for my next DJ entry to be demonstrating my new system that I've been using for offline dream journals in where I document things such as my reality checks and meditation themes. But yesterday I was busy with schoolwork and didn't meditate, nor did I document my RCs. (I did do plenty of e'm though.) So I'm going to leave that off here for now. TBH the lucid dream isn't all that interesting either but I haven't posted anything in awhile.

      In all honesty I don't remember the temporial congruity of the dream. I was with Manei; the two of us were walking through the park next to my neighborhood. I was talking to her about some [highly personal stuff doesn't belong online] and she incited my
      lucidity. I find it very strange how I can be casually talking to her within an dream and only become lucid midway through the conversation. Nevertheless I was lucid and happy to be there.

      I somehow got to flying which lately has been inconsistent but my jet propulsion seemed to work fine as I tested it out, buzzing some nearby trees. Manei asked me to carry her in flight. I asked her why she couldn't ever fly; she is presumably the more powerful the pair. I don't recall her response, but I told her that I couldn't carry her, reminding her without physically speaking of previous times she had sent me careening from the sky from attempting to piggyback me.

      However this is a physical schema, and one to which I eventually thought of a workaround for; I had Manei transform to her form as a young child and then carried her into the air. This seemed to work for flying. I lifted into the air with her on my shoulders and found I didn't really have a noticeable drop in maneuverability. I was still able to weave around trees and buildings easily. There did, irritatingly seem to be a height limit of about 25 meters; and I could not gain any more altitude after that. I also seemed to have limited speed, as I tried to blast off at supersonic speeds and was unsuccessful.

      I flew at (relatively) low speeds above the park and my town. My goals was to head away from the town, in order to hopefully find myself in an OTD environment, but I instead landed on a modified version my college campus. The buildings were larger, altered and more spread out but I recognized the basic layout. I lost lucidity and noticed that my legs felt really tired so I sat down by the side of a walkway wondering why I was so tired.
    8. Dream School

      by , 02-12-2018 at 05:46 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in a city like environment. It looked like one of the later areas in LSD Dream emulator with pink fog and strange flashing colors and textures applied to everything. There was oddly shaped buildings and cars in the roads, but there were no dream characters to be found anywhere. I was more or less lucid from the point this dream began. I feel like there was more to this dream than I could recall, perhaps a non-lucid portion, but I only recall the lucid portion.

      I wandered the streets for some time. I was fearing another empty dream in where there were no dream characters present. I attempted flying, something which is nominally a reliable means of transportation in dreams did not work sustainably. I could leap into the air and hover momentarily and then would sputter down towards the ground.

      I noticed there was a large purple pyramid shaped building in the center of the city, with a golden star on one side. The star looked like it might have actually been a door but it was about 20 stories up and I wasn't sure how I would get up there. I felt compelled to try and get inside thinking that I might be able to find something interesting inside. I climbed a nearby building and was getting ready to leap to the golden star when when the building I was on fell out from under me. I lept backwards onto another building which put me even farther away from the pyramid building but kept me on a roughly even level with the golden star.

      I ran for it and made a leap to the star, and attempted to pull off just a bit of flying to get over there. I managed and tore through the star like paper and headed inside where I climbed some stairs and headed into a large cross-shaped room. There were stairs on the far side and lots of smaller rooms off to the side. Each of the small rooms had even more rooms that it branched off into. There were dream characters present, some were just standing around talking and others were going in and out of the various rooms.

      All of the walls were covered in a purple felt-like fabric but felt hard underneath. The floor was carpet with a childish looking pattern of planets with cartoon faces and outer space on it.

      Marcus appeared and explained to me that this was a lucid dreaming school, and I would have to progress through all the rooms and that after this there were more rooms on the next level up.

      "Well let's get started then."

      I went and opened a door (which I think had a number 1 or a number 11 on it). When I opened it a miniature tornado began to manifest itself in the room, visible by swirling gray dust. A semblance of a face appeared on the tornado and he laughed at me before dashing out the door and blowing around the main room, knocking into people, blowing papers out of their hand and the like. Marcus got a vacuum cleaner and sucked up the tornado.

      I asked him if it was cheating to do that, but he said that it was alright as he was just a projection of myself. He said that the stairway had opened now and I could progress to the next level. I climbed the stairs and now saw that I was in my high school gym, on the second level where the running track ran around the inside of the gym. (Some of you may remember user JustMe13, Well I've kept in touch with him on Discord) He was there.

      He challenged me to a race around the track. I wanted to practice dream super powers and I've never put much thought into super speed. We started running the race and both of us made surprisingly quick pace. I had difficult rounding the corners at the end of the track as I did not seem to have particularly good grip on the ground and would have to wall run along the corners, and encountered some strange dreamlike physics. Although he actually won the race due to strange physics. He then left saying he had to go back to the first level.

      I began talking with another dream character and told them some things about myself and asked if they could meet Manei. I told them they could and started to summon her. I was partially successful as she did appear but was somewhat translucent. She greeted the other dream character who was ecstatic to meet her. The other dream character then left as well. I got more control over the dream and I thought about how I have black belt trial testing (for second degree black belt) coming up IRL and needed to practice my sparring. Just by thinking of it sparring gear appeared on both of us.

      While I practiced my sparring sets, we had a conversation about something... I don't remember... might have just been small talk since I haven't been lucid dreaming much. One thing I remember was that Manei was able to draw up memories of lessons on various sparring sets and tricks that I didn't remember learning but upon waking up I have confirmed are legitimate, so I must have learned them at some point in the past. I do remember bringing up how in sparring, I prefer to only use the basic kicks. When I did sparring on my black belt test, I found my opponents would sometimes incorporate spinning kicks but were too slow and inexperienced to implement them properly, the move was always telegraphed and could be avoided or you could counter with a basic kick.

      Manei vanished randomly after a few minutes. I could tell the dream was ending but wanted to execute some dream meditations. I haven't done much dream meditation but I laid down on my back and crossed my hands over my chest; how I've been meditating in waking life recently. I focused on breathing and managed to hang on to the dream for about two minutes before waking up.

      I just wanted to make a note that I am looking to get back into lucid dreaming and that I have started meditating and dream journaling once more. Recently alot of dreams I've had have been nightmares; things involving themes like realistic portrayals or terrorist attacks or me losing control of a car and running over a group of young children. Things that I wouldn't feel comfortable describing at length in a public blog post. So it was a relief to have a more pleasant dream that I could come back to.
    9. Violent Cyborg (Lucid from a couple of days ago)

      by , 12-28-2017 at 05:45 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This lucid dream is from several days ago.

      I was with Manei and Jack in this large mansion. The home had purple wallpaper and dark blue carpet and numerous rooms filled with expensive furniture and fine art. We were walking around looking at the fine art. Jack came across a suit of armor that was on display and started to take it off the stand and put it on. I advised against it saying we didn't know who owned the mansion and they might be upset if we try to took it. He didn't listen to me and put the armor on anyway.

      This guy then showed up. He had short brown hair and a green polo shirt on though his appearance was utterly unremarkable, and his face was kind of blurry to where I couldn't make out any distinct features.

      The blurry face I believe it was what triggered my lucidity. The guy then started trying to attack us. Jack (who was wearing the armor) ran in with a sword. The green shirt man grabbed his sword by the blade and broke it, before picking jack up by the throat and throwing him into a china cabinet. Manei tried to fight him next, but he grabbed her by the hair and punched her over and over in the stomach. He then turned to me. I was fully lucid at this point. I figured I could just will this character out of existence, but he had a sort of stubbornness to him, and I could not. I moved to fight him and he fought back and grabbed me by the wrist along with several punches to the face and chest.

      I was surprised how much it actually hurt and I was bleeding from my mouth. The guy still had a grip on me but I somehow managed to get away. I began flying above the guy and started throwing fireballs at him. It didn't seem to affect him much but he had no answer in terms of fighting back. I continued to lob fireballs on him time and agian. I blasted him through a large oak door into a library like room causing the guy to fall into an orrery-like device with several golden rings and models of planets riding around on rails. Still showing no signs of injury or weakness I continued to throw fireballs at the guy.

      There were several dream characters in the library scene who ran out of the room panicking as the fight moved into the room. At one point a stray fireball blew over several bookshelves which fell over like dominoes. I continued to throw fireballs onto this guy with increasing ferocity but was doing no damage, though the attacks continually knocked him back. Eventually I combined my red and blue flames and made a purple energy ball which I threw at him. When it hit him in the chest he exploded leaving only his legs. There were wires and metal parts sticking out where his torso had begun.

      I lost the dream and woke up shortly thereafter.
    10. Giant Cave Monster Face

      by , 11-15-2017 at 06:00 AM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream was set like some type of video game. It combined elements of survival and building games, things that wouldn't look out of place in games like Minecraft of Space Engineers. I was building an underground city focused around mining and doing an incredibly good job. The planet I was mining seemed to offer a near endless wealth of mineral resources and my city was expanding at a rapid pace.

      At some point we dug into something and I became scared. I ordered an evacuation of the city, and ordered the last of my engineers to build a wall that sealed the city off from the outside world.


      I at some point in the future returned. I was no longer in a commanding position, but rather just myself, leading a small party of characters to investigate my lost city and see if anything was salvageable. We came across the wall, but I had intentionally incorporated a weak point that you only needed to remove a few components in order to get back inside. I opened the wall and we entered into an overlook space that I had built very early in the city's construction. A small portion of the roof had collapsed and sunlight and water poured into the cavernous city below. Vines and plantlife grew freely over the huge industrial processing center, and numerous buildings jutted from the side of the cavern which had began to crumble.

      We explored for some time when we came across workers being held hostage by some creatures. I felt bad that they had been left behind in my hasty retreat from the city and they said that there were others; and that we needed to fight back and get everyone out of here. It was their belief that my choice to abandon the city was a cowardly one; we could have won. But now that the mining city had decayed and the workers had been trapped for so long, they were ready to abandon it, but getting out meant we had to fight the thing that I was afraid of.

      The workers found spaceships which we could use to fly through the mining tunnels to escape; the mining tunnels were really that large. The front of the ships was a long vertical rectangular prism with a rounded front, and the back was an array of four large engines on pods. Everyone began boarding the ships and found weapons with which to fight the creatures. Because of the distinctive shape of the front of these ships, I began internally calling them 'thumb drive ships', cause they reminded me in shape of a flash drive.

      Something moaned deep within the cave and I remembered why I had been scared of it. A huge pale white human face started advancing down the mining tunnel. It opened its mouth and teeth came out which detached and became attack craft. The ships we were flying launched our own fighters, which I remember being distinctly plus-shaped with four wings going off in all directions around a central cupola module.

      Things quickly devolved into an absolutely vicious battle.
      I became lucid and realized that the face was nothing to be afraid of. I ran out onto the top of one of the thumb drive ships and took off on fire jets, weaving my way about the dogfights and flinging fireballs at the enemy 'tooth' spaceships. I then turned to the huge face which was now advancing on the city and it smiled creepily. I decided I would attack it in the eye and flew straight towards it getting ready to punch. I flew right into the pupil, never hitting anything and everything went black. I became aware that I was now in a black void and I was losing the dream. I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Skin Disintegration

      by , 11-05-2017 at 09:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Just comin here to drop off a recent lucid. Heads up body horror/graphic.

      Spoiler for body horror:
      I became lucid when I false awoke and saw that the toilet in my bathroom looked different; there were lots of pipes running in and out of it and into the wall. I then looked in the mirror; looking like a blend of my dream-self and waking life self, but was much younger and shorter than I am now; perhaps about 10 or 12 years old. I looked in the mirror and one eye had no pupil and I thought that was strange.

      When I pulled back to examine myself I saw my skin started peeling off in places, coming apart at what looked like artificial seams. Syrupy blood began to ooze from these seams and the skin on my stomach, starting from my solar plexus down my stomach peeled away and my organs spilled out onto the floor. I've had this manner of dream before, and normally when unaware of the dreaming state, it's a very shocking and disturbing dream to have. But when aware of the dreaming reality, it's easy to dismiss as just a bizzare dream.

      I tried to stop the disintegration by spinning around in the mirror and looking back at myself. It didn't work, and only seemed to progress the situation further.

      I decided I would head outside and try some flying, and didn't even see a reason to bother to try and stop this. I figured in a minute or so I would 'die' and could just regenerate into a new body, or the dream would simply drop the grotesque decay of my body as I turned my attention to other things. I started to head out of the bathroom as body parts continued to fall off. My still beating heart fell out of my chest cavity but was still connected by an artery and left dangling at about knee height.

      I headed downstairs and my fingers started to fall off. I then saw a small creature. It looked something like a Jinx Elf, a creature I have created for a fantasy novel I am working on. I decided to ignore him and he just laughed and ran away. It was about when I reached the door that the dream ended.
    12. Canyon Hotel, Crazy Star Wars Adventure

      by , 11-03-2017 at 04:42 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I got lost while walking around my town. I kept walking north until I wandered outside of my mental map. I walked past some houses and into the garage of one house. I was going to call somebody or try to find someone with a road map so that I could find my way home. When I walked into the garage the dream scene started to shift.

      I was now at a resort. The resort was built inside of a canyon in the desert and had this sort of oasis feel to it. Between the different buildings that held restaurants, lounges, casinos and suites ran water which cascaded over artificial waterfalls and palm trees grew from beside the artificial ponds and lakes. My father appeared and started yelling at me because my professor was angry with me and I became
      lucid. I left him alone and ignored him and headed into the hotel.

      I walked into a lounge room near the Bar and saw Marcus (back in his human form) and Jack standing with a large group of people. Marcus was giving a speech but he stopped talking and introduced me to the people he was talking to. He was wearing a gray striped jacket with vertical dark gray stripes and gold buttons. He pulled one of the buttons out and a blue hologram appeared; very Star Wars Esque.

      Someone pointed out that it did indeed look like a holo-projector from Star Wars and then everyone started talking about Star Wars. The dream scene changed to a star wars battle happening above a blue planet with white clouds. There were these weird ships involved in the battle that had running tracks and loops on them and Sonic the Hedgehog was running around on the ships during the battle and I was controlling him for a bit. For some reason Sonic could get a power up that gave him a Master Cheif helmet. Anakin Skywalker came out and killed Sonic with his lightsaber and captain Rex came into the scene and got mad at him saying he had important information and that they needed him alive.

      Meanwhile, Guy Moore and Thomas from Daft Punk appeared and started a 2v2 fistfight with Amit and Erez from Infected Mushroom on the bridge of a Star Destroyer. One of them fumbled into the controls and steered the ship to ram into another small ship. I lost the dream and woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Lucid Experiment

      by , 10-30-2017 at 03:08 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This lucid was from awhile ago, but I forgot to write it down.

      I was at the pool at the old health club my parents used to take me to when I was little. Manei was there along with two other girls. One was somewhat muscular and had shoulder length rainbow dyed hair and the other was very short and pale and had white hair.

      I asked her something about lucid dreaming and some kind of reality check and all her friends started laughing. She acted like the question had been really embarrassing to be asked in front of her friends and she said that it was time for their swimming practice and I would probably be bored watching them.

      "Fine, then I'll just go. I know when I'm not wanted." I said it in a way that everyone knew I was joking. Manei's friends giggled at her and I left. I headed into the locker room. I decided I want to do an experiment, and see if in a dream I could have mastery of a skill that I do not have any knowledge of in waking life. I've already confirmed this works with physical skills, as I've been able to do the splits, backflips and acrobatics that I could not preform IWL. I decided I would try to play a musical instrument.

      When I headed into the locker room I found myself in what looked like a community garden in an urban area. There were tomato vines and pumpkins growing around a brick plaza with a bench. On the bench was a hangdrum. "Perfect" I thought to myself.

      I sat down and started to play. I wasn't paying attention but very bizarre music came out. It sounded like a hangdrum but it was no melody I had ever heard; utterly alien. Obviously since I have no knowledge of music (that was the purpose of the experiment) I can't describe it or write it out in musical notation. I eventually stopped playing and woke myself up.

      Also last night's nonlucid dreams, while I'm here.

      I dreamed I was flying a spaceship. We were near earth, but not in low orbit; earth was about fist-sized when I looked out the window. I don't remember why, but the ship was a big white metal cube with a huge rocket engine in the center of each face of the cube, and I saw views from the exterior. The spaceship got stuck and we couldn't fire the thrusters.

      Marcus appeared as an AI and said that there was a bug in the computer code that ran the spacecraft and when the X,Y, and Z coordinates of the navigation system were all equal to one another it would run a recursive script that ran on an indefinite loop and caused the computer on the spacecraft to freeze.


      My grandparents had come back to life. Apparently they'd never been dead, just in a comatose state in a hospital. They looked funny though, their faces were kind of distorted. I remember running into them coming out of dan class at my taekwondo studio and being very confused.


      I was at college. An angry professor appeared to me while I was at the registration center drinking tea and told me I hadn't come to his class all semester and showed me the sign up sheet. I recounted all the classes I had signed up for this term and confirmed that the class (an art history class) was not one I had registered for. I became lucid but lost the dream.
    14. Star Wars Themed Dreams, Other Weirdness

      by , 10-15-2017 at 05:10 PM (Lucid Time!)
      In dream, my appearance is different, presumably roleplaying some random guy. I have short black hair that is graying on the sides, and I am to meet this woman (my girlfriend/fiance/wife) for a dinner date at a fancy restaurant on top of a skyscraper. However she stands me up and because it is a couples restaurant I am going to get kicked out if my date does not show up soon.

      I call her and she says she's mad at me but she won't tell me why. (As in that was literally her exacting dialogue.) "I'm mad at you but I won't tell you why." I think this is kind of bizarre. There's also some kind of rule in the restaurant that you have to finish all of the food at your table, and since the girl doesn't show up but her food has already been ordered I have to eat her meal as well as mine, get sick from eating too much and throw up.

      I start thinking about how I should be at home working on college assignments and how going on dates is really out of character for me. I become semi-lucid, only for a moment and soft reset the dream. I manage to remove the plot line and revert my appearance to my typical dream-self but lose control after that and lost lucidity. The dream repeats in some manner.

      Manei appears in the restaurant wearing a sequined red dress. Apparently she was so stunning that everyone started clapping and cheering for her. Except me was just looking down at the pile of puke that was still in my lap, thinking about how I might be about to add more to it. The dream had become wrought with that queasy I've-eaten-too-much overfull feeling, and I started looking for an a

      I false awaken in my living room. Manei is there watching TV. I become lucid again.

      "I love how a traditional date night is more terrifying to you than an actual nightmare." She said sarcastically.

      I assumed she was the one creating the previous dream scene and responded. "Only when you contrive it like that. Besides, it seems like someone likes to Mary Sue."


      At some point we were playing Lego Star wars togther on the playstation in the Living room.


      At another point, I am practicing my Fire Jets. We have both shrunk to only a couple inches tall but are still in my living room. Apparently I figured out I could project them to Manei and give her the ability, but not keep it myself. She flies up onto the seat of the couch and spins around in the air.


      I managed to complete my lightsaber fight dream goal sometime after the competition. I don't know why exactly I wound up having a lucid dream pertaining to it, as it was sort of a joke goal and one that I had just made up in the spur of the moment. That wasn't to say I was completely unenthusiastic about the idea, just wouldn't have made it a priority is all.

      I recall the setting being very vivid. It was a grassy plain surrounded on three sides by a dense thicket of tropical plants, and on the remaining side by to large rock mesas with a terraced platform in-between. Large bismuth crystals, some much taller than me, emerged from the ground in the plain. Farros was on the horizon, so we were clearly somewhere out on the proper dreamscape.

      Manei appeared and we were both wearing jedi robes. She pulled out a green double bladed lightsaber and we started fighting. She showed me some move using the force where she could through a saber out and attack the person from a distance by controlling it precisely with force pushes and pulls and begged the question of why adequately powerful characters in star wars never thought of fighting like this. I said that it was a good point, and I would have to ask someone knowledgeable of SW canon why that was.

      At some point she managed to cut me in half at the waist. I 'died' and began floating upwards as a spirit. I willed my body to reform and reappeared in the physical realm. I got distracted and started examining my previous body, noting the extreme realism of the face when I touched it.


      The Steven Universe episode started with Steven in his house with Connie. The two were building models of star wars spaceships. Steven built a model of this blue and white ship that had a long mast and two big engine pods. Somebody wrote the network because they thought the model ship he built looked too much like a penis when it was supposed to look like a guitar.

      Rebecca sugar appeared on the show in animated form alongside Garnet and started talking in a manner akin to a PSA to the audience about being honest about your sexuality and the kind of music you like. She then adressed that someone called the network complaining about how the blue ship looked. Pearl was arguing with amethyst offscreen and Amethyst punched her. Pearl flew onto the screen and then turned to where Amethyst was and screamed


      Amethyst started laughing. The scene changed to outdoors on the beach. Greg was cooking hamburgers on a grill and Sadie started talking about how she had become a vegan and how hamburgers were made from cows that weren't humanely raised or killed. This gem appeared that was (amber I think) and looked like a cowgirl. She was the antagonist and summoned a gun from her gem on her shoulder.

      "Its not over until the fat lady sings. That's from the phantom of the opera! I'm the fat lady here and I say its over!" Shouts amethyst as she charges in to fight, but gets beat up.


      The characters end up escaping on a world war 1 battleship and going out to sea. But the boat gets hit by a large wave and Steven and Pearl fall into the water and have to preform fusion to get out. They fuse and curiously become OG Rose Quartz. Asokah Tano from TCW cartoon appears and helps them get out of the water and onto a large rock in the middle of the ocean. When she does, the two unfuse.

      Asokah stands up triumphantly and says "All my fan theories were right! Take that Ronaldo!"


      In another dream I became lucid. But it wound up being one of those empty lucid dreams. I was in my house and I walked outside to see nobody. I thought of how I considered when I find myself in an empty lucid dream, I should start running from my house until I get away from the part of my town that I have a mental map of, and this should trigger the dream to do something interesting and break the empty dream.


      I had another Star Wars themed dream. (I'm surprised how many of these there have been lately). General Grievous came out of my toilet and started attacking me. I ran out the back door of my house where he followed me and then proceeded to kill my grandmother with his claw foot. I became lucid and reached behind my back to get lightsabers to fight him.

      I managed to stun him and he fell over. I kept pulling more and more sabres from behind my back and stabbing them into his limbs. They had some bizarre behavior in that they would stick in the ground like regular metal swords of spears instead of sinking into the ground or turning off as they normally would. No matter how many times I impaled the villain he just coughed and struggled but didn't truly die.


      I was in a gymnasium. It looked like the gymnasium from my middle school but was rotated weirdly and had large windows near the ceiling. We were going to be running this race to raise money for people affected by a hurricane and some people (including my old high school crush) were there. I became semi lucid upon realizing she was there and didn't want to have an interaction with her; I didn't even want to look in her direction.

      I turned to my friend S who was also there. He asked me why I didn't want to look at her. I responded by saying:

      "My draw to her was one of lust, not of love. She needs to leave this place and be forgotten as all lost sparks do."

      We went on to discuss how I felt it was unhealthy that I had a subconscious obsession with her, one that I could not smite despite my best efforts.


      I had another empty lucid dream, the morning before posting this. I false awoke in my bedroom, only the layout of my bedroom and the entire house was mirrored. I got out of bed, already suspicious of my reality, and headed into the bathroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, I looked like a much younger version of myself with short hair and a fatter stomach. When I breathed in and out, I would make this high-pitched squeaking noise like a dog toy and there were red spots around my stomach and chest that would expand and contract with my breathing.

      I RC'd via nose pinch and became lucid. I started heading outside when I lost the dream and woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Comp Nights 5 6 7 8

      by , 09-13-2017 at 05:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I've gotten busy with school but things are quieting down now. I'm posting this rather quickly just so spell knows I'm still alive and haven't dropped out of the comp entirely. I'll clean this up and tally my points for the comp hopefully tomorrow. Also, it looks like avatars are back- sort of?

      Night 5: One frag; something to do with a white spaceship and my dream character Marcus.

      Night 6: I false awoke in my bedroom and became lucid. I walked downstairs and out the front door doing a dream stabilization along the way. I falsely remembered a competition goal for 100 points was to fly to another planet. I uneventfully flew into space and landed on the planet Mercury. The surface was lifeless and barren and the sun was bright. I lost the dream and woke up.

      I decided I would do a WBTB. This landed me in a nonlucid dream where I was in a greenhouse. There was a big tree with purple fruit and a termite mound. My mom was there and she threw the termite mound at me.


      In the dream I was playing the role of a boy of about 14. I was moving with my 16 year old sister to live with my aunt in a high rise tenement apartment by the beach because my mom had a drug problem and she she couldn't fight her addiction, so she wanted to get rid of me and my sister before she became abusive. (Yay for putting your children first... i guess?)

      I was on the beach about a quarter mile from the apartment complex. Some very attractive older woman in a swimsuit approached me and talked to me and for some reason my first response was to ask her which Hogwarts house she was from. My sister said something about breaking character.

      We went to meet our new aunt and saw the inside of the apartment was like a very up-class hotel. Our aunt was an older woman who had a cat bed with a kitten sleeping in it on hear head all the time.


      I false-awoke. I had been asleep in a junior high school class and the teacher said she was going to write me a suspension. I got worried but then caught myself. I had a false memory that I was taking a remedial class with middle school students but managed to root it out and find it faulty. Finally managing to become lucid in this dream.

      I remember standing up from my desk and announcing to the class that everything was my dream, that I had graduated junior high school. The teacher told me to sit down and stop talking nonsense or she would double my punishment. I pinched my nose and held it pinched but kept breathing through it until the dream ended.


      I was playing Tennis with a few friends. I became lucid and started hovering above the tennis court showing them how I could fly.

      Night 7: Nuthn

      Night 8: Became lucid during the recurring big waves dream after spotting multiple moons. I did an RC and attempted in dream meditation while being knocked about by the waves.
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