I just took an hour long nap. The first dream I recall of the hour, was me sitting on my bed, looking out into a rainy night. I see a dark shape. It's a black dude with a bandana. Outside of my window. At night. In the rain. Creepy, right? Not just black people in general, I'm just saying: someone outside, at night, in the rain, peering in your window, with a bandana around his head. Anyways. The guy's face shifted, my vision shifted slightly, he was actually a dog. At that point, my forebrain lit up, I think: Am I dreaming? I looked for a source of light to test whether it was a dream or not (that's my reality check), but none was to be found. I attempted to create light from my hand, from my eyes. No go. Still pretty certain I was dreaming, I attempted to move. I couldn't...I was still up against the glass of my window, almost paralyzed. I attempted to walk through it. No avail. It was solid as hell. And that was that.

In my other 2 lucid dreams, I could freely control various powers; but, with this one, I was like a helpless kitten sammich pressed into that glass. I wasn't afraid. I wasn't paralyzed with fear. I was just like, "mother fucker. I can't move." And even the emotion behind that was calm. Not only was I calm, I was touching part of the dream world--which is supposedly good at solidifying your consciousness within the dream. I even thought of those during the dream. I should have just smashed the window into pieces, but I don't think even that would have worked. Well, aside the fact that I couldn't move.

Is it possible I simply woke up too soon? It was only an hour. But, my alarm hadn't gone off, yet. I was even aware that the alarm would be going off soon. It almost felt like I was stretched across the two worlds: mostly aware of the dream world, but also aware of my body and the real world. I felt the time go by, I think. Had to have been around 10 minutes. Although, before I woke up, I switched into a different dream. I had to regain lucidity after seeing my good, old friends in the dream. I retained it again and started teleporting around the store to find them, but I never did. That's when I woke up. 7I had just almost reached complete lucidity (or the next step in a lucid dream: controlling the world), and if I would have slept for a few more minutes, then I would have become quasi-God, maybe. DAMN YOU WORK!

All 3 of the lucid dreams I've had have happened during a short-ish nap. I typically don't remember my dreams when I'm very tired. I don't remember them when I sleep 7 hours, either. Around the 1 hour 30 minute to 2 hour mark is around the amount of time for a decent lucid dream, for me. And yeah. That's how I've had them each time.

I wonder if it's possible that I really wasn't fully asleep, and my dream was reflecting my subconscious fear that I couldn't move my body due to sleep paralysis? Can you have a lucid dream when you're only like 75% asleep? Is that even a thing? Typically, I would think that the lucid dream would occur within the REM period of sleep--which is why my naps are an hour and a half to two hours. If I recall correctly, REM sleep is right after Delta sleep, which is very deep sleep. Voluntary muscles are paralyzed, and next comes Theta sleep, again. I'm guessing I had finished a pretty short REM sleep, then while gaining lucidity, switched back to light Theta sleep. Ma ii. Nan demo ii desu.