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      First Flying Experience in LD! (Sort Of)

      I believe I just experienced my first, somewhat vivid LD experience! To start, this was totally unintentional and unplanned. It would seem I've been WILDing by mistake at night. The method of Lucid Dreaming where one wakes in the middle of the night, then returns to sleep. For the pat few nights I've been sick, and so I've been sleeping in an unfamiliar position, resulting in me to wake every night around 2-3:00 AM and then falling back asleep moments later. Today after awakening the first time, I vividly remembered my dream. So with it in the back of my head, I fall back to sleep within a few minutes. I have a series of dreams that follow, all in which I remember. I'm not lucid until the end. The 1st one is pretty weird. To start off, I dream I'm some 1930's gangster/mob-like character. I'm in a dark, bar atmosphere with another member. We seem to remain there a while. That night I watched an old movie from the 50s, but it had nothing to do with gangsters or anything of the sort. The dream then transitions, now my entire appearance shifts and I'm back in modern times. My appearance changed! Seeing that my appearance has changed so much, I change myself back. This is when I start gaining a little bit of ludicity. I performed some control over small things. I wasn't totally self conscious with everything happening, my mental state was somewhat vague. I just kept going with everything. The level of awareness, and the frequency rose more and more vivid. Finally I'm at this carnival/amusement park-like place, at night. Everything is lit up, I think there was a lot of yellow in particular. Seems to be a pattern with me. In the sky is this deeply detailed, and brightly colored lines and patterns moving around rapidly, similar to a computer screensaver I've seen. Now this is when things take a turn. I'm sort of flying around with it, then I start doing all these aerobics and movements. Now I'm in a cinema room, alone with the patterns being displayed on-screen. I don't fly at this point, but I remain doing all sorts of movements. I know it's a dream, but I'm lost in it just going with everything. I did not have total control, that is until it was nearly ended. The most lucid part of the experience was awakening into Sleep Paralysis. The dream faded away (I think I may have collapsed it on purpose), but I held onto it. The atmosphere was blurry and faded. I now have total awareness and control, however. I start doing a leap through a city waving my arms around, it was sort of like Spider-Man. The feelings where high, but the visuals where vague. Now in SP, I see the room I was in and hallucinate a little. I broke from it within seconds by rapidly blinking my eyes.
      The whole experience was a little odd, and the dreams before the lucid state where as random as they come. But what's got my attention is how the level and frequency of my dreams seem to be increasing on a noticeable rate. Keep in mind I don't even practice Lucid Dreaming. Even when I start to have a nightmare, I end the thing before it even begins. I've been scared to attempt to LD, but after last night there was really nothing to fear about it. I don't want this to go too far though.
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