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      Unhappy Well...

      So, there I was, going to sleep, about to have a lucid dream (as usual, thanks to WILD) and had some pretty scary hallucinations of previous childhood nightmares, when I was shocked to find, that is was already dreaming. It was really weird, I was in a half dream, half awake state, not like a lucid dream, but I knept having visions of looking at my sleeping body in the dream, after a couple minutes I did my normal procedure (shouting: CLARITY NOW, and clapping/rubbing my hands together) before taking off and flying, I figured I was in a stage 5 lucid dream so I was very much in control, and observed the New York skyline at sunset, pretty nice, but then I thought of my remaining dream goals: play mariokart, go through a minecraft nether portal, eat solid milk that tastes like grapefruit and kill a unicorn so I can cut it up, put it in my truck and put its body in the freezer.
      Naturally I decided to go try to do the unicorn one first, so I shot a unicorn, dragged it to my truck, and thought: "Let's do 2 tonight" so I went ahead and made my truck like a mariokart one and started driving, all was going well, so I thought maybe I should try three, I started eating solid milk and it tasted very much like grapefruit (one of the weird highlights of my life). Then I finally decided to drive through a minecraft nether portal, to complete all my dream goals, and it worked well, I ended up in the nether, but I had a problem, my portal wasn't behind me, nor was it anywhere to be seen, I was stuck here, and my dead unicorn needed to go in the freezer...

      I wake, happy that I had finally completed almost all my dream goals, I check the time, 11:47pm, just one hour from when I had gone to sleep, I go back to sleep and immediately begin LDing again, I finish the job with the unicorn, summon a giant freezer monster and feed the unicorn to him, then slay the monster my pushing him into a lava fall. Overjoyed, I wake up again and do my morning routine, drive to college and do a RC when I get there, great, im dreaming, again! But as soon as I do the RC I wake up. I do my morning routine, go to college and guess what, my RC proves its a dream. Wake up, go to college, RC proves its a dream. I do this about 7 times more and when I finally give up, I think that I might aswell not waste this dream time, so I charge into my mirror to go to a different dimension, and the mirror shatters, great, i'm awake!
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      Sounds like a fantastic dream, but then that ending...

      Add that one to the list of worst reality checks, along with trying to stick a knife through your hand, and jumping off a building to see if you can fly...

      Welcome to the forums, btw! ^.^
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