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    Thread: I asked "Can I help you?"

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      Smile I asked "Can I help you?"

      I just wanted to share the following lucid moments in the dream reality with you guys.

      Everything inside my dream probably represents something of my unconscious. So I thought, these dream characters are probably some kind of perspective of me. And in order to grow (spiritually) I have to find synergy with all perspectives that live inside my mind. So I thought: next time I am lucid, I will ask whether I can be of any help to them.

      So the next I asked "How can I help you?" To just some (seemingly random) dream character. Without hesitation he immediately replied: "How can I help you?". I'm sure he wasn't mocking me as he was sincerely waiting for my reply. I didn't expect this counter question and my lucidity was kind of slipping away. I was thinking about physical world practical problems like bringing my car to the repair shop.... And my lucidity was gone. I woke up a few moments later and wrote it down in my journal.

      I thought: next time I am not going to ask whether I can be of help, but if they can help me out. And luckily, that same night, I got lucid again. 3 dream characters were approaching me, it seemed a father with his two kids. I asked them whether they are willing to help me. Without hesitation they replied quickly with a yes and were waiting for me to tell them what I needed help for. I had a sore (physical reality) throat and asked them to heal me. Immediately they closed their eyes and started concentrating. My throat was already aching for 5 days, but the pain went away during that day.

      Thanks for reading, your reply is welcome.

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      Dream characters are friggin weird I think, I sometimes love them or I hate them or they can just be flipping weird and funny like in your dream.
      My strangest experience with DC was with one of my first lucid dreams, he was some old guy with a wicked hunchback and a cane, I asked him what he wants from me and he told me he wants me to wake up and I'm not supposed to be here and then i woke up.
      Friggin douchebag...

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