It all started in a nice old house with me and a couple old friends I knew in waking life. we were all just talking about anything and fooling around. even if it was non-lucid. I could tell it was very heart warming just to be around these people. As usual, it was mostly girls since I guess it's my dream sign to have more than one girl as sort of the main plot of the dream.

As time goes on, weird things started happening in the house such as moving objects and one of my old friends (we will call her Ally) goes missing. I go to find her while everyone stays in the room to be safe. I find her with this guy called Wildebeast from Teen Titans.

So I end up fighting him and at first lose horribly because he's strong as hell. And as he was about to drop her off the house, I turn to near the equivalent of half man half wolf with blue skin and dark blue hair with hairy sideburns and sharp teeth, Claws and all. I charge at him with such ferocity that even he was surprised. We have this true big battle while the others come in to see me changed and they become worried and shocked.

As time goes on, we become so weak that it starts to get very hard to continue. However, as muscular bound as he is, he finds the strength to pick me up and drop me on his knee, finally putting me out. Ally runs to me but the beast tries to take her. However, the others all take him on, and since he is so weak he cannot deal with them all at once so slowly but surely goes down as well.

Next thing you know, I wake up with my head on Ally's lap with everyone with pure glee that I'm okay. I see the bandages on my stomach and Ally hugs me and everyone happily watches. I sat up afterwards and I began to make it comical again. We all start talking in funny accents and we then decide to leave the room. The dream then finally fades out.

Next dream was short, bitter, and sweet. It started with me and the same friends as before at my house in a cookout. We were downstairs playing games and seeing who can best each other. Ally, had to go up stairs to see her mother and the others decided to go with. I stayed downstairs and I think I started to meditate. In a short while, her mother starts screaming and hollering at people for hanging around a bad crowd (us ) and I go up stairs and see my mother watching and others began to cheer up. I head back downstairs and sat on a chair, and soon after (we will call this girl Kitty) and the others come down stairs along with Ally. Ally plopped on my chest still kind of crying saying it was horrible. I began to cheer her up and Kitty wasn't surprised that I heard all of that.

I told Ally to wipe her tears and before the dream fades out, she gives a nice smile at me.

This dream was sort of nice but sad. can't really remember the details but we were in a school building I guess and people were leaving or graduating. One girl in particular that I knew (Yuki) was leaving and me and her had a very long hug. she looks at me and kisses my cheek and heads out with her parents. I go to the bathroom to see my boys in the bathroom talking how one of them had sex with this awesome looking chick. (The hell did that come from?) meanwhile I'm sitting there kind of saddened by Yuki leaving and the dream fades out

The last dream I was lucid for only a minute and I shouted clarity and everything was clear. I plugged my nose and I could breathe. sadly I could walk a few steps before it dissipating.

Very heartwarming dreams. kind of made me happy and sad because these were high school friends I hunged out with a lot and miss. But yeah, hope you liked the read