On a starry night, there was a large party near a bridge where tuxedos and dresses were a thing. I was in there enjoying with a group of people when I hear an argument where this Asian guy was down talking this beautiful girl on how ugly she looked and he thought she was thinking to high of herself. So I went over there to help this girl out.

I went to the guy and said that the girl was beautiful and he must be blind or something. The guy was upset and tried convincing me she wasn't and I said, nope she looks great, in fact, I'll date her to take her off your hands if need be. (Que in clapping and shouting lol) I looked at her face and she looked down red and embarrased but smiling.

After that whole thing, I was talking to her and we were having fun even though I cannot really remember the conversations but it did end with me saying I liked her and she smiled and said that when we wake up I will tell you my answer. (missed chanced of lucidity lol) and the guy yet again started another conflict in another group. I hear an announcement of a swimming race and ran to push the guy into the water and which I did. Me, the girl, and everyone else was in the water swimming around the bridge just gladly having fun and the dream fades

After many short dreams later, I had my 4th lucid dream (yaaay ) and it was pretty cool. it was about someone called the million dollar man who was invisible who steals and causes a lot of mischief and he had a million dollar bounty. He was in my house throwing stuff and the minute I walk into the kitchen and plug my nose...I could breathe, the game was on. I spawned in sonic from my last short dream to help me (Sonic Boom) to which he gladly did. he was throwing furniture and sharp objects everywhere and I was catching and tossing back while sonic got close and tackled him and the million dollar man suddenly vanished.

Me and Sonic tried to find him and the dream began to get fuzzy, I try to stabilize it to last as long as possible but of course the dream the fades out event