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    Thread: Her Name Was Ramsey

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      Her Name Was Ramsey

      It's been a while since I got on here .

      Been busy if a lot of things and had a dry spell recently. However, I have been having vivid dreams of a girl that kept popping up in every dream I had whenever I slept or nap. Slowly I got close to her as if she was a person. Not obsessive or anything crazy, just a very close bond. We did many things such as jump on houses made of moon bounces and have a giant water park where roofs of houses were water slides. This whole time with her, and many nights of fun...I never knew her name. Every time I asked, she will shoot a playful smile and say "you'll see." This particular dream I had last night, finally, was lucid and many things happened...which led to her unfortunate end.

      How it all ended.

      It started with me waking up on a boardwalk. Instantly I became lucid and was very excited but I calmed myself before losing control and clarity. I walked around and it had a pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. Everything was a dark blue hue with orange-lit lanterns all over the boardwalk and was relatively foggy, but nonetheless you can still see far. there was also old looking houses made of what look liked marble and cobblestone. I began to take in the nightly feel and all of a sudden, copious amounts of people began running pass me screaming and shouting excitingly for some reason. Next thing you know I see the dream girl. She runs pass me smiling saying "what ya doing slow poke? come on." I run alongside her towards this big stone mansion everyone was running inside.

      The place was literally a giant wine cellar full of butt loads of wine and kegs of rum (butt load is actually a measurement of rum and wine, who knew? lol)...at least that is what I thought. the dream girl throws it a large wine bottle at me, "drink up" she says. she chugs down hers and I do the same, however the taste was off. It tasted very fruity but powerful at the same time. I put the bottle under a very bright lantern...the liquid inside was iridescent green...the hell did I drink I thought. I asked the dream girl and she responds with a chuckle and walks outside. I follow her for I know she usually shows with actions more than words.

      Next thing you know, she shoots a fiery lightning bolt in the sky. I'm thinking that I just gargled down some elixir. She says, "whatever you think of, it will be your power, that is the power of this wonderful drink." I began to think of lasers and out comes a blue laser out of my finger into the sky. "Cool, isn't it?" she retorts. As cute as she was, I asked what was going on and immediately afterwards an explosion happens in the cellar and rocks the ground. it makes a crevice underneath the girl but I catch her before she falls. she then looks at me and says, "A battle royale is about to ensue to see who will be god."

      We look around us to see powers and fists flying all over the place. I decided to jump in it cause why the hell not. I start taking out many people and soon later becomes me vs the people. The girl then begins to help and zaps people whoever tries to flank me. It was a long and very exciting rush as this was very vivid almost liking waking life, so you can imagine the adrenaline I was getting.

      lasers, pulse beams, gamma rays, you name it, I was doing them all the while the girl conjures up any lightning type there was. we were practically unstoppable. "Nice work, master." she says in a joking manner, which sort caught me off guard. suddenly, this big guy who was strong like Broly from DBZ comes and snatches the girl in my face and flies up in the sky. Immediately I began chase with all the people below me following up as well. I come to face to face with this hulk of a dude and figure out his name was Amarok, who is indeed a god.

      I try to get the girl but he was so quick I could not even get within a few inches before he dashes in all directions. He then punches the girl down to the ground, knocking her out. Amarok charges, at me and me, now enraged, does the same and this big epic battle wages as at the same, we are dealing with the people coming at us. it was extremely chaotic. slowly after, extreme music-Invincible starts playing in the background as I fight this godly man. the girl wakes up and fight's his daughter, who was named Yonah. I finally knock Amarok back to the surface and kick Yonah, before she stabs the girl....Now I have 2 very powerful after me...great.

      After long battles, I crush Amarok's head on the ground, finally defeating him all the while Yonah, tragically, kills the girl right behind me. I literally just watched her stab in the chest with her hands before throwing her at me. I catch her, and the only the girl does, is look at me and smile and says "say you love me, Cause I always did." I say the words, and then black.

      I am now over Yonah's body and still holding the girl. To which I began to cry. Even though this was a dream girl, I had a strong bond with her. she kept popping in my dreams whatever they me, even randoms, and this has been going on for a few weeks up until that point. I wake up and thought the dream was over. Until I saw the door open by itself...false awakening. I walk into my kitchen lit with the lanterns and I see a small piece of paper. "I will never forget your company, and your warm heart ~Ramsey." I then woke up for real.

      It was an awesome but extremely personal dream. I wish I could have save her so she can apart of more of my dreams but I guess it had to happen. When I'm lucid, I usually go along with the dreams as they go and react to everything around me, even though I can for surely control it if I want, but it won't be fun that way. I felt though I should have controlled that part so she wouldn't have died. I went back to sleep to see if I can bring her back but for some reason I couldn't. So sadly, I'm just letting her go. I crazy as this was (and sounds lol) it was the most vivid and insane dream I had yet and I'm pleased to be out of my dry spell
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      Wow, what an emotional yet exciting lucid dream!

      And that girl's death.. how sad...

      (butt load is actually a measurement of rum and wine, who knew? lol)
      I definitely didn't!

      "say you love me, Cause I always did."
      "I will never forget your company, and your warm heart ~Ramsey."
      I cry every time

      It's very touching how you finally found out her name at the end..

      Thank you for sharing this! It was very heartwarming to read.
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      resurrect her

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      That sounds like it was an amazing dream! So sad though, perhaps maybe in the future she might leave similar notes again, who knows?
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