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      Accidental WBTB sleep paralysis?

      So a couple days ago I accidentally woke up at 5 AM (Mistimed the alarm clock) and slept about 6 hours which I read was a stage where you are still in REM. I woke up thinking it was normal time but discovered it was 5 AM so I decided to lay in bed for a while.

      I was in this daydream-ish state where I was basically in a dream but was still a little aware of my body and my mind. If I would focus on my thoughts I think the dream like state would disappear.
      I heard a loud noise: massive scissor like machine coming down slowly. I could feel the pressure in my ears and they almost popped. I was very calm about it and accepted it, not thinking about dying nor having any stress or fear at all. Then the noise became very loud and the scene turned all black. Followed by a kind of pleasant chill over my whole body. I was still calm about that I was dying and then it struck me: I am in a sleep paralysis since I felt a sensation and it kind of felt paralyzed. I didnt try to move or anything but I just knew it.

      I tried to control the dream scape right away which I could of better do later since the dream turned all black and stayed that way.

      I often have problems with patiences in dreams, fearing that I will lose control and consciousness, any tips for me?

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      I've never experienced sleep Parasis. I hope it wasn't scary.

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