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      Exclamation First False Awakening?

      So, I've never had an incredibly detailed, successful lucid dream. There were only 2 I can remember that were ever lucid at all, and that was foggy and didn't last long. But recently something weird happened; I was having a very brief dream where I was in a forest, sitting down and cuddling a fox...? Or was it a squirrel? It was weird, anyway, but then I 'woke up'. It was incredibly vivid, I was lying in my bed as usual. I looked out the window, because I remembered that my cat was still outside and my mum had woken me up previously that morning telling me to look out for him because she wanted him in again (that part was real but appeared in my dream), but my cat wasn't there. Then I looked at my dog Sasha, who had come up to me, but her legs were REALLY short, she's a labrador and her body was the same size but she had these tiny little legs like an oversized sausage dog. I just thought to myself 'oh haha I must still be tired and I'm imagining this because of the dream I had last night' (makes sense xD) and got up, and Sasha was sitting on her bed. But then I was like... wait a second... and for the first time in the history of my dreams I actually remembered to do a reality check. I looked at my hand. For a split second, it looked normal, but then it got blurry and started distorting until it was an out of focus, deformed mess so I was like OHHHH IT'S A DREAM but in that moment everything suddenly got crazy, like there was a kind of roaring sound as the stability faded, like everything was shaking. I looked up from my hand and next to Sasha was a weird demon dog with pitch black, spiky fur that looked like it absorbed light and glowing red eyes, and it roared which added more noise to what was already there and I was like 'WHAT THE FUUUUUU' and then I suddenly woke up panting and really excited at what just happened. The last part after I did the reality check happened in just a couple of seconds, really fast, so it was kind of scary and startling but I wasn't even scared, I just kind of lay in my bed like 'whoaaaa awesome' haha.

      Anyway, that was weird but one of the first really lucid experiences I had, even if it was short... there was one other time where I think I may have managed to perform a WILD, but I quickly lost lucidity (I just remember when I was trying to WILD, suddenly a classroom came into focus.. I was scared temporarily and it faded to blackness because I wasn't sure I was ready, but next thing I remember is standing in the kitchen of my house, which was also... a school? Like, my sitting room had been transformed into a classroom full of weird toad men, but that part didn't come in later (I think the toad men are what made me lose lucidity because they were just weird), when the dream first came into focus I was just like 'OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING' and I just... walked up to this wooden drawer unit and felt the wood like 'wow, it feels so real...' then I tried to open a door telling myself a fictional character I wanted to hang out with was there, but it turned out he wasn't, so I was disappointed, and then I walked to the sitting room to see the toad men, and the dream blurred into a really weird, non-lucid but wild ride involving guns, an aeroplane and a beautiful love story.) But wow sorry for straying off the original topic there I just have never written this all down yet and I got carried away. Dreams are a pretty awesome thing... they're so unpredictable, but there's nothing quite like them. They always leave me with a feeling I can never describe, that never really occurs in real life... a feeling of imagination and freedom or something? I don't know.

      Anyway, I really want to try WILDING again sometime, I've still not had many lucid dreams at all and the ones I have had can hardly even be called that because they were so short...

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      Anytime you wake up in a dream, that dream is a false awakening. Congrats on the lucid dream!

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