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      I had my first lucid dream! (Very Short)

      Hey guys, I decided I would make an account on here because I've been trying to learn how to lucid dream for the past couple of weeks, I woke up about 50 minutes ago from my first lucid dream!

      First Lucid Dream at 1:10 am July 6th, 2015:
      I don't know where I was, but I feel like as soon as I tried looking around, I instantly knew I was dreaming, so I looked at my hands, and yelled
      "I'm dreaming!" because they were distorted, I felt my dream becoming unstable and then I just told myself to relax and it worked. I tried levitating off the ground and I did I little bit, when I stopped, I tried going somewhere else using the spinning technique that I read about. I started spinning and said "When I stop spinning I will be at the school" but I woke up.

      I think I woke up because I forgot to anchor myself.

      (The whole dream wasn`t very vivid or detailed)
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      Congrats on your first lucid!

      I recommend checking out the intro course here! It can be really useful!

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