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    Thread: First lucid dream was a bad one

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      First lucid dream was a bad one

      I've been practising remembering my dreams by keeping a dream journal; this is working well and I've recorded a lot of non-lucid dreams, all with pretty obvious wish-fulfilment type symbolism. I was trying to perfect my dream recall before attempting lucidity.

      Then this morning I had a horrible dream: we were searching the house for a snake, and we all distrusted each other because any one of us might have been the snake (like the plot of the movie "The Thing"). I suddenly realized that I was the snake, and I also realized that I was dreaming this. As I was the snake, I then went on to kill everyone else.

      That wasn't what I wanted at all! Can I have a nice dream next time, please? If I carry on practising, will I be able to control things so that I don't get dreams like this?

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      To me, looks like you have attained lucidity but after a moment you've lost it..
      "I'll wait here by your side
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      Sweet Dreams!

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      It looks like stabilizing your dream appears to be a problem. I've had lucid dreams where I lose lucidity mid-dream, but now it isn't much of a nuisance for me. If you haven't already, check out these tutorials:


      Continue practicing and your lucid dreams will progressively increase in quality. The Tutorials and Dream Control forum are some good places to pick up tips if you need any more. Be sure not to let experiences like this deter you from lucid dreaming, as that won't help you whatsoever. I've had a few weak or negative lucid dreams but I didn't let that get in the way.
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