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      Does this count?


      So i've been really keen and into the thought of LDing. For a week or so i've been lurking and doing random reality checks throughout my day, particularly when i see things that make me go hmmmm.

      Anyway, i fell asleep one night and, can't remember details (i havent been recalling), but there was a strange 'atmosphere' about this dream where I felt that I was trying to accomplish something? Quite odd, the dream was a pretty normal one with all the strange goings-on, except this strange feeling of "im sure i'm trying to do something".

      I was quite enthusiastic the day after, as I felt i was getting somewhere - I've never had a feeling like that in a dream before. To get to the point...

      The other night I decided to listen to "binaural beats" (?) and fell asleep doing so. The only thing I remember about the dream I had was this: I remember that feeling was around again. I was sat on a pub garden like bench, can't really remember where exactly but it was next to a rather large mansion of quite old theme. It was here that i remember almost 'forcing' myself to say "is this a dream? I must be dreaming i've never seen this place before" (its hard to explain the 'forcing' - lack of a better phrase). After I said this I woke up instantly...

      Did I have a lucid that night? I'd just like to know if i'm on the right track, and yes, i'm starting a recall diary - pen and paper by the bed ready!


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      The second dream was a lucid dream, since you realized that you were dreaming.

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      Though you were real close, it sounds like you never quite came to the conclusion that you were dreaming. You must be completely sure you're dreaming for it to be a lucid dream. In the process of concluding something, you might think "Is it? It might be. It must be. It is." It sounds like you didn't get to the "It is." part of the conclusion process. So, I would say it's non-lucid.

      Try listening to those binaural beats again!

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