Okay, this was quite the strange, yet interesting lucid. Basically, I was in a bar that was within a sort of fair-like environment. The overall mood of the dream was somewhat upbeat, but the whole place was just a little weird.... like typical dream weirdness but nothing I can put a finger on exactly. Basically, after becoming lucid, I walked up to a bar with the intention to just get as drunk as I could. Instead of going for beer, I'd just chug a whole bottle of straight liquor..... since I could given that I was in a dream. So, I did it..... I picked up a nearly full bottle of rum and just started guzzling away. Oddly enough, it tasted more like a slightly alcoholic version of iced tea than rum. I was acting drunk in the lucid dream, but I didn't really feel it that much.... it was more just kind of that I was so fucked up I didn't even know I was fucked up kind of feeling. Then, I walked up to the bar..... and ordered tripping mushrooms. The bartender gave me what appeared to be some..... but the taste was different. They didn't taste like shrooms at all (I've done them in real life, so I know what they taste like). They tasted kind of like pretzels or something.... when I told the DC about it he didn't really answer me. At this point, I woke up..... but I went back to sleep into the same dream. I was extremely drunk, but semi lucid. This guy said he wanted to walk with me to meet up with my family a ways away. He was saying that I seemed to fucked up to be walking around alone..... since I chugged that whole bottle of rum earlier . I figured that since it was a dream, I could just ditch the drunkenness right away since it was impairing me. I lost lucidity for a while..... and I was in a sort of concourse area of the fair with my parents and my brother. There was a sort of "ride" where you would hang on to umbrellas attached to a line and go over a huge drop off. In real life, it would be quite dangerous. However, people were doing it, including my Mom who is actually terrified of heights. Anyways, when I looked for the thing to use.... I couldn't find it. So, instead I just figured.... fuck it I may as well have some drinks. I went to a stand where this guy had basically any beer you could get. I was getting sort of half lucid at this point. I ordered something.... then I ordered something else.... then I ordered something and he handed me this beer that was very good but doesn't exist in real life. I'll say that it was seriously good enough that if it did exist in real life...... I'd probably drink it every day Then, later on I walked around some more..... and eventually woke up.