I was playing a game on my computer and a character started following me around. The character didn't feel right so I teleported away from it. But it found me and started to chase me. As I was running away from it my computer screen started to crack and become a blinding white light. I shouted NO! because my character was about to is but then I realized I was dreaming. I started to try to stabilize the dream but before I could I got pulled inside the computer. A second later I found myself laying on my bed and I couldn't move. I could see a shadow on the wall of creepy demonic hands grabbing at me. I couldn't feel it though and I was not afraid because I knew it wasn't real. Though I did feel uncomfortable and wasn't exactly enjoying the experience. As I decided I wanted to wake up a hole opened up and I could see my room inside it. Like a hole to reality. I threw myself through it and then I woke up.

It was a partial dream control lucid dream. I couldn't physically move but I was able to will things to happen. I didn't even physically attempt to jump through the hole to reality. It was more that I mentally picked myself up and threw myself through it.