So I'd like to start off by explaining last night's dream. I opened my eyes to see my bedroom, it's dark (as it would be at this time). I see my comforter lift and pull towards me. I remember hearing someone saying something but can't remember what they said. I notice a transparent (with enough reflection to it to be able to make it out) figure slip into the bed with me. I guess I assumed it was some sort of ghost but to reassure myself that it was there I tried to push it out of my bed. Although nothing was visible beside me, my covers were lifted as if someone were there and when I went to push, I was touching something solid. Next thing I knew it had lifted on top of me pinning me down. I tried fighting it off but it was very strong. I noticed its eyes occasionally, glowing green from time to time. I began praying to make it stop, to make it go away, and to wake up. The next thing I knew, I was waking up. My body was tense. It was still dark out. I had to shine my light around my room to make sure it wasn't still in there. It all felt so real! I have dreams like this often. Taking place right in front of me, where I am sleeping, and I am typically paralyzed and unable to do anything. They're almost always nightmarish. What's wrong with me? Is this lucid dreaming? Any suggestions to make them go away besides prayer?