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    Thread: Finally lucid again

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      Finally lucid again

      So a couple of nights ago I finally had a lucid dream again.. that is.. one where I could control .. well.. anything.

      I was standig on a balcony... probably a thousand meters above the ground. Aware of that I was dreaming, I decided to jump off of the balcony, just to see if it would wake me up.

      It didn't, and it was an adrenalin rush like no other. I fell through the roof of a circular building, and straight through the entire house. Ended up in the ocean, in a cave below the building.
      So I figured I was gonna swim under water, trying to breath under water..
      Was no problem at all. At this point I was so amazed that I was afraid I would wake myself up. But I kept swimming, and reached the open ocean. And I started singing.. under water.. and the whole idea was so weird that I started laughing.. and woke myself up in the process.. damn..

      But.. Being hopefull that it won't be long before I have my next experience
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      Congrats! Sounds like a lot of fun. I had my first induced lucid dream in moths last night. Its a good feeling to be back, isn't it?!

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      Great experience, girl! I can 'hear' the excitement from the tone of your message. I hope I'd get to have an exhilirating dream like yours. What was it like? What did it do to your senses? Or does it have anything to do with that at all?

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