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      Have tried to lucid dream for 2 years and finally became lucid!! but then i woke up


      For the past 2 years ive tried all sorts of methods to attain lucidity.. over the past few weeks I realized that my dream recall vanishes about 5 min after I wake up so I've been setting my alarm for a few hours before I am supposed to get up. the idea being that i fall asleep in 10 seconds but keep my mind awake..

      today I woke up at 6 30 and told myself that i will be dreaming and to look out for anything unusual..well had a dream about playing a video game and when I woke up i realized id been dreaming.. i tried to WILD but my heart started racing and i got scared and stopped. then finally i fell aseep and dreamt that i lived in some some house that talked to me.. I became lucid and i woke up immediately.. it went like : oh wait this is a dream *boom* what?? now im awake??

      how can i stay lucid

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      The common causes of waking up right after realizing you're dreaming are...

      1. You became too excited to maintain yourself in the dream, thus jolting yourself awake.
      2. You began to think of your physical body, lying in bed, and disconnected from the dream state.

      To maintain yourself, I suggest looking at your palms and rubbing them together. Don't think of yourself in bed; instead, look around your dream world and repeat to yourself that you're dreaming. Helps for me to stabilize the dream, although I've never really awoken from a lucid dream because of either reason.

      Once you ground yourself by doing those things, take a deep breath and then say or shout 'increase clarity' to sharpen the outlines of objects in your dream.

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      Yes! This is great news! I am also a slow learner, in that I learned of Lucid Dreaming nearly a year ago and have very limited success. Good to hear that things like this happen.


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