Today was my first lucid. I had enough control to pass my thumb through my hand and to glide off my bed, as well as to fight creepy guys that appeared in my dream. However, I would consistently tell them to go away, and they would not leave. I kept trying to summon a specific person form my life, but they weren't appearing no matter how much I was expecting them to.
Immediately, I have a false awakening. People are telling me that they're disappointed I try to summon this dream character. It all feels like real life, until I realize it's not. I feel the purest sense of tiredness ever that I have to go through it again. I keep trying to summon this DC but eventually my dad comes in to take me to kill me. Luckily, I know I have the power to fight this despite how scared my dream sister is. I kick the machete out of his hand twice. Fighting off scary things, putting my thumb through my hand, and gliding a few inches off the ground seems to be the only thing I can do in a lucid dream.
Some guys mentioned that it was 1990 and 2004, so I asked them what year it was. They said they couldn't reveal that info, because the Spanish police would get them. I said that's bogus, but they insisted.
Lucid dreams don't feel all that real, simply like a strange version of reality. I felt myself roll over in real life and felt the dream weaken. It's false awakenings that really crush you. I'm not sure why I wasn't to complete all my wanted tasks, however. Maybe with time I'll get better at lucidity. I consistently had my head in the dream and was trying to perform tasks like turning on the lights by shouting 'Lights!' but it wasn't happening.
These both took place in my house.
I used WBTB for this. IWL I heard my sister waking up to go to school, but I didn't have school. This let me fall asleep into my dream