Last night I finally experienced the type of lucid dream with full control that I have desired for the last 10+ years. As a little background I have been experiencing lucidity for quite a while now. Typically my lucidity will stem from sleep paralysis and will involve me rolling out of my body into "blackness" where I will float. I have never had much luck in controlling my experience beyond this, try as I might. The other experiences where I have actually been able to control my dreams were very hazy and I guess you would say they were not very vivid dreams. I have also never encountered another "character" of any kind in dreams I go lucid. In fact I am always totally alone.

Last night was the one exception and was a freak occurrence I believe was triggered because of two supplements which I take. I frequently consume Harmala Extract (purchased online and is derived from Syrian Rue) which is a natural MAOI and gives a good natural energy as well as puts me in a good mood and relaxes me. Typically I will take this when I need a quick burst of energy and I am tired. I also take Adrafinil from time to time when I am sleepy but want to stay awake or when I have a lot of work to get done. Adrafinil is a nootropic wakefulness promoting agent which is the legal and OTC version of Modafini.

Last night as was feeling quite tired pretty early even though I had slept a lot the night before so I decided to take 300mg of Adrafinil and 60mg of Harmala extract to help perk me up. This failed to wake me up & I ended up deciding to go to bed about an hour or two later.

That night I experienced a lucid dream so vivid that I really can't believe it. While I can't remember exactly everything from this dream I do remember a few things well..

1. I had very rough sex in the dream with my wife and we did some things that were unusual for us.
2. I did have a conversation with my wife in a lucid state and was able to ask her those questions that I have always wanted to ask a character in a dream. I told her that she wasn't real and she responded back "Yes I am". Then I told her that she was a just a dream and she responded back "I am your dream". The entire conversation was very strange but cool at the same time.
3. I did some illegal activity, I can't remember what but I do know the police were chasing me. I was actually shooting fireballs at them with my hands (I distinctly remember deciding that since it was a dream I could do what I wanted and I wanted to shoot fireballs). I also kind of flew for a moment. At some point after that I was about to have sex with another character who was not my wife (it's a dream so why not?) and this character is someone I've always wanted to get dirty with, so I think the excitement of that woke me up.
4. I remember actually looking around and consciously thinking how insanely vivid it was. Like this dream looked just like real life and that was really crazy remarkable to me at the time.

Anyway I really want to replicate this experience and I am wondering if Adrafinil or Harmala may have caused it? I am thinking maybe the Adrafinil was just enough to keep me in REM sleep rather than falling into deeper sleep and since Syrian Rue is technically psychedelic at higher doses that enhanced the experience? I hope to try again with the same combination but I think it will be difficult to do because if I am not extremely tired already they will just keep me awake.