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      Men in Black and the Ghostly Water

      Date: 23/03/2021
      Bedtime: 2am
      Awakening: 7.45am
      Return to bed: 7.55am
      Awakening: 9.45am
      Method: indirect
      Attempt: successful
      Phase: men in black and the ghostly water


      I'm in a library and I pick a book on human anatomy. Suddenly, the environment is a theme park structured like the inside of a human body and I occasionally obtain a bird's-eye view of the full anatomy. I finally feel like I'm overseeing a giant with an open torso, and end up poking his heart before stabbing it with a metal rod. Subsequently, I oversee what I perceive to be a quantum gun; as though having X-ray vision, I see many possibilities depicted inside its intricate cannon in the shape of open-ended stars alluding to multiple, superimposed bullet trajectories. The gun is now the bird's-eye view of a warship.


      Upon awakening without movement, I attempt separation from the body, finding that it is hard to escape from the bed without getting pulled back. I feel trapped in the sleeping position and can hear myself breathing, but I notice that my arm appears to hang unnaturally off the bed. I phantom-wiggle it and yank myself up from the edge of the bed; as I stand, I know I'm in the phase because I'm blind whilst having a sense of where the bed is, so I walk around it and start deepening by rubbing hands. The door of a bedroom replica emerges in my field of vision and I choose to open it, rather than pass through it, by squeezing and pulling its metal handle—imagining an angel waiting for me in the hallway. To my dismay, there is nobody around in an environment defined by vibrant colours, but I discover a massive mirror where my youngest son's bedroom door should be.

      I notice holographic stickers on the mirror frame. As I rub the surface of the wooden frame and follow my hand with my gaze, I can see that the shapes of the stickers are visually incoherent. In the mirror I find a distorted reflection of myself with an enlarged head, no eyes, and pouting lips. I go through the mirror expecting to meet an angel inside, but encounter great resistance as I gradually pass through it, lose vision, and foul.

      Back in bed and eyes shut, I start rubbing hands and simultaneously sit up. It feels like I've just uncovered my wife but I'm blind when I try to open my eyes, so I know it's the phase state and not the real world. I make out curtains in front of the balcony door and pass through them to find myself looking at a pale sky and an intricately vivid neighbourhood below. I jump off the balcony and experience a breeze, as I fall slower than I would have done in the real world, to land on the nextdoor neighbour's silver car parked in her driveway. I dash to her front door and open it, wishing to find an angel inside, but there is nobody around, only a staircase surrounded by rust-coloured brick walls. 'Angel! Where are you?' I shout, hearing my voice echo. I go up the stairs and lose consciousness after opening a grey door with access to an upper floor.


      Me and a couple of men sit around a wide desk and one of them wears distinctly square-shaped sunglasses. The sombre room we are in appears to be defined by candlelight and I'm being interrogated on some past performance that I'm having trouble recalling. 'Where do you think you go wrong?'—they ask me. 'Why do you keep fouling?' I get the sense the men in black are trying to help me remember something and finally the penny drops as the word 'fouling' resonates in my lucid head.


      'I'm dreaming!' I exclaim, simultaneously rising from the desk in front of me and studying the environment that is increasingly resembling my bedroom in dim light. I set my gaze on a chest of drawers with a lampshade radiating orange light. Upon closer inspection I see three glasses of water next to the glowing object, as though my subconscious mind had decided to manifest part of Project Elijah's task. I pick up the nearest glass and, as I pour the liquid down my gullet, something odd happens; I cannot feel it! It is as though the water vanishes as it enters my mouth, and yet, my hand holds an empty glass after the act. I drink from the other glasses and observe the same odd phenomenon. I realise that meeting an angel should take precedence over drinking water and wonder if the insubstantial drinking phenomenon was my subconscious mind's funny way of showing me that.

      I feel grateful for the men in black having guided me in the right direction and, when I look back at the desk in curiosity, I see two dark figures turning into swirling black holes before disappearing into thin air. I exit the room through a doorway, looking for an angel, but run into a gloomy, deserted swimming pool hall. 'Angel! Where are you?' My voice reverberates around the place. In frustration, I hesitate as I think about taking a dive in a swimming pool.

      I foul and perceive myself to be on the wrong side of the bed; I can hear male voices in the bedroom and sense a presence. I sit up and open my eyes to find the men in black pacing up and down an inaccurate replica of my bedroom and talking unintelligibly. I realise I'm still in the phase, but something is wrong: I'm terribly constricted and believe I must pretend to not know I'm dreaming in front of these men or they will render me unconscious and end the experience. With some effort, I escape the bed and attempt to sneak out of the room as I see that they are not taking any notice of me. Alas, I wake up with movement and it's time to get up.


      I've done a similar experiment in summoning an angel for Michael Raduga before and succeeded (in encountering a hooded figure with wings) but this time I simply couldn't find one in the phase. It might also be a good idea to start using a second bed for lucid dreaming just to make sure fouls are not being caused by my partner moving in her sleep.
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      THE PHASE = waking consciousness during sleep hybridisation at 40Hz of brainwave activity conducive to lucid dreaming and autoscopy.

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