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      Uzai, the Shapeshifting Dream Character


      RESULT (Let us know whether an animate object in the phase state replied to your questions; if so, let us know exactly what it replied)

      Yes. To the first question, 'What is your name?' it replied, 'Uzai.' To the second question, 'What are you doing here?' it replied after shapeshifting and growling, 'There's a land waiting for you far, far away.'

      DESCRIBE YOUR PHASE ENTRY (time and techniques)

      Date: 17/04/2021
      Method: dream consciousness
      Bedtime: 4am
      Awakening: 11.11am
      Attempt: successful
      Phase experience: Uzai, the Shapeshifting Lucid Dream Character


      There are people walking around an indoor swimming pool. An anaconda emerges from the water, opens its mouth and a white lotus flower blooms instantaneously; however, I deem the creature to be a threat and warn people away from it. I feel the flower is a ticking time bomb about to unleash something poisonous, and in that moment, someone approaches it in curiosity and gets impaled by a fencing sword-like spike which emerges from within. The poison oozes from every orifice of the victim.

      I'm the observer of a botched robbery in a depot. An alarm sounds and the police arrive as the criminals make a dash for the door. They leave behind a bag of money and, as a participant, I pick it up with a feeling that I can keep it for myself and get away with it. I walk out of a Homebase store with Lizzie Burrowes —an acquaintance from my university days—apparently having been shopping there. A bald man resembling the actor Scott Adkins approaches me in a confrontational manner; I take him to be one of the robbers wanting the fruits of his spoils so I decide to swing for him in a bid to knock him out. I find that he is quite agile in dodging my fists and raises his. The fisticuffs is a challenge and Lizzie, who stands nearby, is visibly worried.

      No sign of Lizzie and the aggressive robber. I am apparently walking home from Homebase under a crepuscular sky but the road ahead is long, unknown and mostly defined by rows of well-groomed trees on either side. 'If this were a dream I would simply wish to be at the end of this road and it would happen instantly,' I think to myself and on further reflection, 'Hold on ... I AM dreaming!'

      DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE (experiment, realism, events, and duration)


      I rub my fingers together and achieve greater environmental realism (100%), before excitedly leaping to the uppermost part of the nearest tree. I see other vivid green treetops ahead and use them as platforms to land on. As I overlook the road below, I see a tall and slender black man wearing a dark overcoat walking on the pavement and remember my Project Elijah task of initiating a conversation. I immediately descend onto the pavement and, seeing that the man continues to walk ahead, I holler, 'Hey, you ... Stop!'

      The man turns around and starts walking towards me. As he approaches, he gradually dwindles in size and begins to resemble a schoolboy. His face reveals huge round eyes that look so unnatural as to match the psychedelic nature of the lucid dream. 'What is your name?' I ask him. 'Uzai.' He replies as I notice his lips moving. (Sounds like 'use-eye' but I instantly think of spelling it as I did.)

      The character shrinks further and morphs into a dwarf-sized squirrel, but I still refer to it by the name I was given: 'Uzai, what are you doing here?' The form is now transmuting into a dark brown canine, its shape reminiscent of a fox pup that begins to snarl in a threatening manner. I feel briefly apprehensive about being bitten, but remind myself that it is a dream and decide to integrate with the snarly being—thinking that it must be a part of me—so I gently place my hand inside its mouth. As soon as I do this, the creature's growl turns into an 'Aha!'

      Surprised, I withdraw my hand, feeling that Uzai is about to impart some wisdom. He's becoming more human but retains his huge psychedelic eyes. Gazing at me, he points to the sky and, with a soft childlike voice, says: 'There's a land waiting for you far, far away.'

      Realism achieved: 100%
      Duration: 45 seconds


      I am so surprised and excited about this interesting result that I deliberately cause the scene to fade in order to wake up and record the experience in detail.


      WAKING STATE: Deliberating over the phase experience, I wonder if the name 'Uzai' is a subconscious amalgamation of 'You use I' (as in, 'Use me for Project Elijah's experiment!') but there is no certain way to discern the roots of the character's response. I also note that the statement about a far-away land is not so much a proper reply to my second question about Uzai's purpose as it is an enigmatic announcement. I did not expect to become conscious while dreaming this morning as I went to bed really late. It is also worth pointing out that the next step in my plan of action would have been to visit the moon—it was as if Uzai was pointing to it like a real dream guide!
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      THE PHASE = waking consciousness during sleep hybridisation at 40Hz of brainwave activity conducive to lucid dreaming and autoscopy.

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