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      That crazy falling/floating feeling

      I have this lucid dream for a while now and it happens a lot.
      I hate LDing ... well the ones I have.

      I'm always floating into nothingness or just somewhere pitch black. Automactically I realise i'm dreaming... since I hate these dreams I always wake myself up, by saying "woah WAKE UP." When I wake up my whole body twicthes (hate that feeling) and I gasp for a breath of air. It feels like I just feel onto my bed or I just woke up from a nightmare... it's either I get a very odd dream or I get this LD.

      Anyone know why I get this LD? x_X

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      Maybe it has to do with sleep paralysis. I used to have a dream where I had a VERY odd feeling, and I would just be lying somewhere doing nothing, not moving. Then one day I was trying to WILD and I went into sleep paralysis, and that's what the odd feeling from my dream was. Maybe your body twitches because you're coming out of sleep paralysis.
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