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      Met LaBerge in a Dream

      I've been writing down my dreams in a dream journal for a couple days, and I had this really wierd dream. I remember taking this summer class with my cousin that lasted for about a week- thats what I had thought in my mind anyway. At the end of the course our teacher was handing out snacks and then he told everybody they were dismissed. Then after everybody left I was still eating my snack with my cousin, and he came up to me and said, "Guess who I am?" and then he goes, "LaBerge," and I was like Wow! your LaBerge the famous dream scientist, "Your LaBerge," the dream ended faded off then and I was kind off mad because I hadn't even realized it was a dream but was still excited. and then the next day I had a lucid after only 3 days training! wahoo...

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      ehm wow..i bet ur really happy..

      i dont think its him though..its just ur emazment of his work..and wishing to mean him ..got reflected in your dream...kinda like the one where a playboy model told me hey this is me wanna have sex..i was like no shit
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      If I met LaBerge I would call him a greedy capitalist bastard for over pricing the Nova Dreamer!!!! Then I would ask him for his autograph
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