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    Thread: Semi-Lucid?

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      The other night I had a really weird experience. I've had multiple lucid dreams, and experienced SP and WILD multiple times as well.

      Anyways, I was in my room in my dream...and I knew I was dreaming, but for some reason in probably 50% of all my dreams I find it hard to open my eyes, I get the feeling like one gets when they just wake up and the room is really bright. So I'm stumbling around, but I can't move very much, and I can feel my physical body in sleep paralysis. I keep drifting in and out of the dream, and at some points I am able to move more than others, but I eventually just pulled myself out of SP on purpose. As a kid I used to wake up in SP all the time, and I would just force myself out of it by a weird, strong, jerking movement of my arms or chest. I wish I wouldn't have, but I wasn't really sure what my options were.

      Any ideas in case I experience this again?


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      Sounds a little like what I have had more then once (since I was a child). When I was little it would freak me out that I could not move thus making me try to force the movement making me wake up fully (I also did this because I knew if I would force it I would wake up. I had a lot of nightmares as I child so I tried to wake my self up a lot lol). I have come to know this feeling as not being fully asleep, but not yet fully in the dream. I have had this feeling in my last few lucids.

      Anyways what I have been doing is just trying to relax and not trying to force more movement that I need to at the time so the dream does not slip. Then I try to look at my hand or hands. This sounds a bit silly, but being able to look at my hand has helped my 'fall' fully into the dream and then I am able to move in full range.

      However it is a bit hard to know when this has worked and you can move. With me when I have this feeling of not being able to move too well I feel heavy, like a great weight is on my body. After I look/stare at my hand(s) for a bit my dream takes on the familiar feeling of being liquid like most of my dreams.

      Anyways what I am getting at is try to relax and look at your hand. If you can not get your eyes to open remember that you are dreaming and you are not seeing through your own eyes. These are your dream eyes so you are able to see through your eye lids and such. Also try a few things on your own. It is not until recently I have learned to deal with this feeling my self. I tell myself to do things in my dreams most of the time when I am trying something I have not done before and it always seems to help me, so if you find you do this same thing try to listen to your self. Remember only you can know what is best for you.

      Hope this helps you a bit.



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