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      Thumbs up First lucid today!!!

      Hey guys,

      I'm a regular college guy. 21 years old. I watched the movie "waking life" and was intrigued. I searched online about lucid dreaming and came across this site. It was a great resource for me. I wanted to reach lucidity and had been trying for 3 days. I wasn't trying hard. I was too lazy to keep a journal or anything because frankly, i figured it wouldn't happen to me.

      I'm a horrible sleeper and never remember my dreams. I took melatonin for a jump start because I know that usually produces very vivid dreams. I couldn't reach lucidity so I stopped taking it. Last night I had a lot of dreams (very unusual when not on melatonin for me). My last dream I reached lucidity. It was amazing. I can't wait to get further into this and really take control. I need to read more of the pages because I only read about 10 of them.

      my dream

      I was at my friends house (a friend I spend a lot of time around and know his [white] family very well). The thing was, his dad was black in my dream. I kept saying to myself, "this isn't his dad". Why are they acting so normal? Other than that it was like a normal visit. Afterward I got in the car and out of nowhere it started storming and immediately flooded the roads. I didn't believe that either. I said "stop raining." and it lightened up. I yelled "STOP RAINING" and it completely stopped. This is where I knew I had reached lucidity. I didn't know what to do so I pinched myself. After a few seconds of gray I woke up.

      Seriously, this was a very cool experience and I'm so thankful to all of you on dreamviews.com and all the forum posters helping out the community.


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      Congrats on your first lucid dream! Well done on reaching lucidity so quickly after starting to work for it. I do recommend you to keep a dream journal, as it helps your dream recall, and is a great tool for attaining lucidity.

      May you have many more.

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      Congratulations on the first lucid dream, cool that you stopped the rain.


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