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    The world of Lyseno

    There is a new beggining, and this time the new world I set myself at will have no more restrictions or duties.

    1. Flesh king!

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:49 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 23rd 2019

      Spiral world, here I come!

      I am walking on a grass field and become lucid. Once I am lucid start to wonder where the birds from last night are at and try to look out for them but before I can find them, remember I have goals!

      Now, I know that there are goals to be accomplished but… just… can’t remember them for my life! Try to think hard about them and only come up with a shitty goal of eating. Which is always my goal anyway, if I don’t eat normal food will eat my enemies so… end up waking up without accomplishing anything.

      Back to sleep.

      I am on top of a mountain. Or am I? RC while going down and remember the size of the place, but then again I am human so it is as big as a mountain to me.

      While going down see another bird, this time it is normal sized for the planet. So much in fact that I can feel its gravitational pull and it seems me as food also. I just kill it with a giant meteor and look at it fall to the ground, become in a corpse much bigger than any of the mountains that where there before.

      I try not to think too much about it when I feel something hit me from behind! Yes, the damn goal! I have to use the vortex and see where it takes me to, but then I also want to see what happens with the body because there seems to be creatures living on its feathers, so just observe for a while until I wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am walking around a fluffy black space. Become lucid while walking around and realize that I am actually where the bird was at before… well, was alive.

      I jump down but only get to another body part, so teleport away and remember about my goal! Oh right, so quickly fly to the sky and then make the giant vortex in the sky, go through it and end up falling… backwards? It seems like it did nothing but I am at a different location and the vortex is bringing up things from the waking world? I can see a subway that ends up above ground, I can see a kiosk, a mountain range, a canyon like the Grand Canyon and pebbles from this world still eclipse it.

      How fun.

      I go down the sky and see some of the birds from before but… different? There is an army of the black ones!

      I quickly teleport down and start fighting them, get the upper hand until I realize there is more coming and find it difficult to just fight them physically… fine. Raise my hand and bring down a meteor big enough to darken the sky, but that isn’t big enough for this place? I make it bigger, at least as big as our sun.

      Before I know it, something has jumped from the ground up to it and breaks it apart, another bird, this one is bigger than human but smaller than other creatures, maybe two or three times the size of a human.

      I teleport instantly to it, while the black birds are looking. The sun meteor was not only shattered, but turned to dust! I enhance myself and prepare for battle.

      The bird looks to have feathers made out of leather… no, skin, much like that of humans.

      It prepares to punch me so fight seriously, considering how strong it seems.

      The thing pushes me back and there is an explosion where our fist met. Some part of the ground below us is blown apart and before I know it the thing is throwing me towards the ground.

      Teleport myself above it before crashing to avoid damaging further the ground and then punch it on the back of the head. The thing uses the momentum to turn around and flap its flesh wings then attack me with some kind of black bomb.

      I stop it midair and then absorb it, then make it do an explosion contained within a barrier, we both get some damage and the flesh bird seems to be angry about it.

      It launches at me, we start fighting within the barrier.

      I try to avoid punches and kicks because each time we hit each other the damage could potentially break my barrier and damage the ground. Who is this, and why is it so strong?

      Start to scan around to learn more about this creature. For humans, this is akin to what in our world would be called the demon king or whatever, at least in manga. It seems to be the highest level the birds I had fought the other day can get at, and this one isn’t as strong as others, as it is really old, but seems to be the current boss.

      I make a supernova and the thing absorbs it with that black bomb from before. Try to absorb it but now it makes it blast point blank when I get close enough to absorb it.

      Open my mouth and scream with some magic to dissipate the effect of the bomb, then the thing throws a flesh feather at me that, like the black birds feathers blocks my magic properties.

      So while the scream does cancel out some of the damage it is not what I desired and finally the barrier breaks.

      I start getting mad and excited. Scream again from the ground where I fell at and attack the bird with it, it somehow flies past the sound and down to the ground where I am. But use the soundwaves to draw an invisible magic circle to encage it, then start to attack in quick succession and encage it.

      Its flesh peels itself and feathers start to fly around.

      The spin around its body and become an attack force, I avoid most of them and start eating them. The fallen king has no intention to lose, but I can feel through scan the terror in the hearts of other creatures!

      What are they, where are they? Who are they? The minions, no, the family, the followers of this powerful but old king. He is trying to protect his precious boy who will be the next king.

      I do not dislike him, nor their way of life so I do not mean to kill him, but he is difficult to deal with.

      Eat all of the flesh feathers then when I am about to punch him and deliver a good blow something explodes inside of me… what the hell! The flesh feathers.

      The king jumps at me and starts hitting me, there is an earthquake and I have to dissolve first the flesh feathers then push it out of the way and encage it with a black hole. Quickly try to make a sealing spell but the damn thing is resistant even to the black hole. Stop it and look at the destruction… we have gone too far.

      Teleport in front of it and head-butt it then uses dance and start hitting it while making a new barrier, I am about to win when something enters my barrier, his son and daughter, both flesh birds already! They stop me and prepare to fight.

      From what I saw of the father, I am still not ready to fight them both, not after fighting the father so just teleport away and wake myself up after finding a good place to rest.

      Back to sleep.

      I am resting… feel tired as hell. Become lucid while trying to stand up. Feel too tired to stand up right now so just eat around what I have. Transform a few things into cakes and eat to my hearts content before waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      Talking to someone, become lucid while talking and realize I am in… the subway I summoned with the giant vortex. It is quite different to the ones I am accustomed to, as this one seems more modern and is painted in blue and white.

      Well, realize the main issue, the army of birds are coming to this thing I summoned and will kill all humans, so I get into the first station and leave at the last one. Do see humans are trying to hide in the subway hardest part but I know it will do nothing and just escape because I am still feeling a bit weak.

      While travelling, see the son of the king and decide I want to speak with him… not in human form, scan? I just hide myself and wake up before I get a chance to speak to him.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back into the dream. Somehow am lucid from the beginning and see the son of the king, use Scan and follow his life.

      Apparently the daughter wants to be queen and is stronger all in all, the son is not bad but he is not strong enough yet, it seems his wings been made of flesh are still not working.

      I pretty much help him out to work it out, fix his wings, make them usable and other things while he is travelling.

      He does realize what is happening and that someone is inside of his body but does not mind as I am helping out.

      Though I am sure he does not know that I am actually the one who nearly killed his father who after talking with him, seems to be super upset that he lost a fight, he thinks himself no longer able to be king and not fit either, he wants either son or daughter to take over his role and rule his race.

      Humans who are their primary prey are not as numerous as before and they need to hunt bigger things now that are harder to cook. It seems them are toxic to most and need to be prepared and they like their food raw.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in a puddle of water… or not? Become lucid when standing up and see the son afar. Make myself into scan and finish my work.

      After that the son flies over to the vortex and admires the things I brought fort. All the humans seem to have been captured now.

      He likes the… the kiosk. It has some figures like angels, a lot of metal works in gold and silver and seems to be made out of marble. Really beautiful. The mountain range he explores, a lot of unknown animals to them.

      They don’t touch them, could be poisonous and they are weak, so not a treat.

      He then goes to the canyon where his sister is destroying it. They end up fighting and they finish the father calls for them and tells them to fight during the festival to know who will become king or queen. I wake up after.
    2. Been sick sucks

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:48 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday 22nd 2019

      I didn’t sleep for long due to been super ill, but did manage to explore some more of the big planet, unfortunately, could not find anyone to fight.
    3. I officially like this planet

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:48 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday April 21st 2019

      Nitro! Or looks alike whatever

      I am walking around some plain, or possible just a rock who knows, this place is big as shit.

      Find some place to hide on and then see a bunch of things that look like Nitros from the series Toriko. I am not sure if they really are, so get closer and take a look at them.

      While the things look similar, they are not the same. They ARE birds, so they have feathers and all, their beaks look beautiful and gleam with a black shine. There is also the fact that their arms are not real arms but mostly like some kind of claw that used to be a wing.

      They look pissed that I am here and start to walk towards me, slowly and looking around and circling around myself.

      I try not to mind it too much until they disappear from sight. Turn back and step back while lowering my head to see one claw pass above my head, hit the thing on its stomach and send it flying out then turn and spin towards the ground to avoid the other three and also kick them out of the way then make a spike come out of the ground as my head is hitting the ground, another one comes from nowhere and is about to hit me with its beak when the spike I made sends it flying out of the way.

      I hear a loud scream and then look behind me then block out of instinct and get thrown a few kilometers back… oh who are you!

      Another one of the birds, this one is obviously stronger than the other ones and the black has gone not only to its beak, but all of its body, its beautiful.

      It jumps at me and I block with my arms again, stay my ground then hit it with gravity but something happens with its feathers and my magic attack is blocked?

      I get thrown back a little bit this time and then it continues to attack, I start to get excited but wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting next to a big rock, stand up and realize that I am dreaming.

      Once I know that I am dreaming realize that I am close to the last place so teleport to the plains and right away feel threatened.

      Teleport again and see something go through my after image, the black bird! I jump at it this time and start attacking it.

      It blocks my attacks and counterattacks. I try to use magic a few more times but it keeps blocking them all with the feathers on its body. They shine black. SO much fun.

      I jump again at the little bird and we continue fighting. Finally get a little ahead of it and grab its head, then place it on the ground and look at it trying to claw at me. It can block offensive magic but my defensive magic seems fine, as its claws can not go through me.

      Hug the thing tightly then try to let it go. It is still mad and goes again at me, so grow my claws and go through its body, skewer it and then make it become soil fertilizer for the ground before moving on. When that happens the bystander birds start running and they look both mad and sad, was kinda looking forward to them attacking me together but whatever.

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping next to a… something purple. Wake up and get lucid from the gravity, then decide I should be doing something else, but what?

      I try to not mind my business much and just walk around, but this place is so big that maybe running or flying would be better, but don’t really want to do that and just continue walking until I wake up again.

      Back to sleep.

      Walking around some plains, find out that there is a kind of void? No, it is just a small hole in the ground where a plant is.

      Get lucid while walking over to the small hole and jumping into it, then on top of one of the fruits of the small plant.

      It is purple, and the small fruit is big enough that it contained a big city inside, bigger than the CDMX I go to every day.

      Once I am around the people they ask me if I came from one of the kingdoms outside… uh what? They explain to me a little and I scan the rest.

      Apparently humans are incredibly weak in the food chain and entire armies are needed to fight a small amount of creatures like the ones I fought against before, and they hide in remote places like this one and use weak magic to walk around the planet.

      I try to explain to them but they seem more confused than convinced and stop trying and just start eating from the fruit we are all standing on, which makes them mad! They say I can not eat from the fruit since it is the only thing sustaining our lives, alright?

      Back to sleep.

      Sleeping next to a cathedral. Become lucid when standing and then wonder what should be my next goal. Oh yeah! I need to hunt down more creatures from this planet. I am about to leave when a girl wearing a knight’s armor shows up and stops me.

      She says that I cannot leave as we will be going to war in a few minutes. Why? I ask her if that is my problem and she tries to slap me but stops herself, she says it is everyone’s problem.

      The other warriors tell me how she is super famous for been strong and been able to fight on par with even one of the… uh some weird name for the black bird I fought? I want to tell them I killed one but that is probably the reason why they are coming here and decide to keep that to myself.

      Then she says scouts spotted too, also a red one which seems to specialize in offensive magic and is as powerful as the black one if not stronger.

      I want to fight them so agree to stay and fight. They all still believe I must be a very powerful knight from the kingdom as I do not have any injuries and arrived here on my own and flew down to their fruit.

      I try not to argue with them and help with fighting the brown ones, they want the girl to fight the other ones but want to help also.. how confusing! I just am waiting until they arrive to fight myself and disregard the humans, but wake up before I can go ahead and fight them.

      Back to sleep.

      I am back… but it seems the fight already finished? The whole fruit is in flames, they lost! Stupid weak humans who could not defeat the birds who already left. Try to fly out of the fruits to find the birds and then contemplate that if just the surface of the fruit was as big as CDMX… then the damn fruit itself was as big as half my country, and the three would be as big as the continent, so the hole could hold up probably a planet of earths size. Damn.

      While doing that woke up, which made me mad since I just… didn’t fight the birds.
    4. Me been lazy again

      by , 04-24-2019 at 08:47 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Monday March 25th 2019

      Already behind again, so will journal quickly.

      I was talking with my not friend the wolf. He explained that the war had broke out and asked me to stay out of it… why?

      I asked him the reasoning since he did say I should have been on the war before, but he said that I am an outsider to their world and if anything, he would like to give me a much harder task.

      I get excited and say yes, then he reveals the super secret high difficulty task! Which is only to go ahead and protect all the war refugees.

      I am supposed to make a special location for them, so only those who want to go to war will actually fight. So I make a giant underground maze and set up a few guardians then teleport everyone inside who is not pro war.

      I also find that some places will not allow me to teleport so have to go there manually. Do get a few fights but nothing I would greatly enjoy.

      Tuesday March 26th 2019

      Same thing as Monday. This time I had issues with the refugees because they were children who did not want to leave their parents.

      Not like I cared, basically forced them out of the war zone and for some reason, some of the people I had saved before… well races, decided to go along with me and help me with the kids.

      Wednesday March 27th 2019

      I was again protecting the war refugees.

      At some point we got attacked by some group of mages, but I just beat their ass and was chilling there. Some people were happy with me, while I was mostly just doing nothing at all and getting bored.

      Thursday March 28th 2019

      Barely slept at all.

      Only remember making more buildings on my underground maze.

      Friday March 29th 2019

      More remodeling the maze and getting bored, watching the war from the sidelines. Too bad I always keep my word, otherwise would interfere but wondering if they are going to take too long… might as well go and fight them.

      Saturday March 30th 2019

      Still was working with the kids and trying to keep them secure, but my impatience was growing larger and larger and was getting annoyed at just waiting. I think a few people agreed with me but wanted protection for the kids more than anything.

      Sunday March 31st 2019


      A lot of dreams but not enough time!
      Basically, finally had it with taking care of the kids and decided I would actively participate in the war.
      Remember first teleporting to my not friend wolf who wanted to tell me it was the wrong idea but I told him that since this was not my war I would just fight however I deemed needed to be fought and he just agreed when he saw I was not going to back down.

      I finally teleport to the front lines of each race and start to fight them.

      The first one I visit is the humans with their weird technology, who start to shot me as soon as I appear.

      This time since I do not want to delay the fight, just start by teleporting to the robots, they detect the missing shots and try to adjust but already compressing the robots with gravity before moving on to the next target. I think they were in the middle of battle because I can see beastmen behind.

      I kind of like beast men so don’t kill them, just knock them out and then instruct them to pull back before teleporting to the next place.

      This time arrive at some kind of temple, and a lake. I don’t know what is going on but see a lot of fireballs and water towers here and there. Seems like a fight between mages and the beast men… wait what, did the humans and the mages make an alliance?

      I didn’t know anything about it.

      Go into the fight and start taking out the mages. The ones who are casting I bind them down with water and then encase them in ice while the ones healing on the back get dig down on the now swamp environment at their feet.

      Before I know it the night is over and I stopped several fights, which is good but I wanted to continue fighting.

      Monday April 1st 2019

      I was again at the lake with the temple, but there were not only mages but also dead beast men… did I not stop this fight last night?

      I try to find a solution and end up taking over the body of one of the dead soldiers.

      First of all, it seems like they deemed me to be their ally, well the beast men.

      Second, they deem me to be one of the secret weapons so they take out theirs too and the fight becomes more violent and third… someone has been watching this place the entire time?

      Someone jumps atop the soldier I am possessing and tries to kill him again. I just take over their body and then another mage comes over to try and kill the new body.

      I take my own body and then some smoke comes out from them and tries to bind me. I absorb it and then attack them with it.

      They seem surprised and prepare to attack again when I take over one of them, kill him from inside and force him to fight his companion before having to wake up for work.

      Tuesday April 2nd 2019

      I was in the facility with the kids, played a little bit then saw the other adults wanting to fight since I went myself.

      I went to check on the fights and saw several of the super big machines from the humans, ended up destroying one before having to go to work.

      Wednesday April 3rd 2019

      More fighting for the war, this time took out some archemages. But also spent a lot of time travelling in one forest I found which caught my eye…

      Thursday April 4th 2019

      Don’t remember anymore, as I barely slept.

      Friday April 5th 2019

      Too much work at the bakery with husband, no real sleep.

      Did have a lucid in public transportation, fell asleep and was looking through a weird glass.

      Saturday April 6th 2019

      AP attempt (WILD)

      I was tired and could feel myself drifting off quickly
      So just got in a comfortable position and waited to get into partial paralysis
      Then when I felt paralyzed started to let it spread, closed my eyes and let the HH begin
      It took a few tries since I haven't done it in a while
      But finally got to a point where I could dissasociate at least my hands
      Then when I was trying to pull myself, this black thing grabbed my head and suddenly I was next to myself but tied down by a dark aura coming from that thing
      I tried talking to it, but it didn't say anything and proceeded to slowly start biting "something" on my body in bed

      Also did some some fighting again in dreams.

      Sunday April 7th 2019 – April 12th 2019

      Finished the war, but it was so long ago don’t remember properly. Do remember however that I managed to destroy all of the powerhouses, ie the black thing and also the phoenix from the beastmen.

      I also remember talking with my not friend from the beastmen several times, he was always angry about me intervening like I did during the war, so I just scolded him because that prevented thousands of unneeded deaths and also prevented the leveling of zones where a lot of flora and fauna was alive at.

      He did ask me what my next goal would be, told him that I would be going to another world and he agreed, but would like if I could stay for a bit longer or come visit every so often. I just thought that was stupid and ended up going to a lonely location by myself before waking up.

      April 13th 2019

      I remember training some since I was done with the war, in between that tried to do the highest I could go for destruction at the time after activating time compression, I was able to make a supernova with ease and pocket dimensions where I could hide myself.

      April 14th – April 20th

      Finally moved to a new planet, this time I was kinda disappointed because there seemed to be nothing new on this planet.

      That is until on Saturday (The 20th) finally realized that I was just in a small portion of the planet.

      Started flying outside of the place where I was located at and then found something quite interesting.

      While I was in a “big” place, as big as the state where I live at, it was but a small puddle in the middle of a mountain range, which was as small as the trail of fangs left by some creature that passed casually through.

      I went higher and higher until I found out that it was just such a big planet, that most creatures here were big as hell, even though a good deal of the strongest ones are as small as humans and the other ones were just big.

      Did find a few big ones as strong as the small ones, if not stronger, obviously that lead to me going to search for said creatures, starting with the smaller ones.
    5. Helping my not friend

      by , 03-24-2019 at 10:14 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday March 24th 2019

      War is about to break out and I do nothing… gah.

      I was in this weird center, just lying on the ground… got up and realized that it was actually a dream due to my weight, then went about to learn a little bit more about this place.

      Still not sure how last night went through on me leaving Lyseno and ending back home or in DW, not sure. Anyway while walking find myself back in the beast men place and it seems this center is also part of it.

      I do get to talk to a few creatures and they ask me how comes I don’t know of this place. But also assume I must be another refugee from the war.

      Apparently a lot of humans flee over here and try to stay away from war since this nation is a bit more peaceful than the other ones. They also seem to have a lot of historic records about the world before the war began, much like how when magic and beast men were found everything went crazy.

      Back to sleep.

      I’m walking around in the street, having trouble moving and getting lucid. I remember about the historical records and want to find out more about it. Talk to a few people… cat people, or dog? I don’t know. They tell me about this museum close to the middle of the city, it is a blue building so I go there.

      Obviously, me been me get lost along the way and keep asking for directions for a LONG time. But never truly find the place and eventually feel like waking up, also feel a bit stupid because I could have just used Scan to reach there, but whatever.

      Back to sleep.

      Talking to someone in a corner, they are telling me about all the crazy things they do for a living and how much money they make a cycle. I try to not mind much the conversation and get lucid not long after.

      I ask the guy about the museum and he tells me the direction, but remember I always get lost… so just use scan and find my way towards the place.

      Once I am there, see the guy who was with me two nights ago I believe. He greets me and asks me what I am doing there. Tell him about my interest to look into the records and he gets really excited.

      It seems this is an interactive thing that allows you to speak with the people of the past and walk alongside them and maybe change the past if you are good enough, however that has never happened.

      There are three events that he says are key, and they ALWAYS Happen no matter what, and after he saw me fight the dinosaurs he thinks that I might be able to change it if I go inside, so he takes me there,

      Back to sleep.

      When I come back to my senses, sitting in the middle of a very spacious room, the place is elegant and cold, stand up and become lucid then wonder why I am waiting here.

      I look in front and see my… companion. I don’t want him to be a friend or will miss the guy and he could die like the grandma so don’t mind it much.

      After talking to staff I am allowed inside, where he shows me a bunch of rooms and then takes me to a central room. This one is completely different from the other rooms.

      So far, the whole museum has been a place painted in blue and white with cute lighting everywhere that makes it feel somewhat cold, white light.

      This room however, is on a whole different dimension. It feels oppressive, painted in dark colors, there is a black light glowing and yellow lights atop the room. Can only see three small paintings in the place which seem to be really old.

      He explains to me that each one is a representation of the beginning of time of the three great current races, mages and cyborgs and beast men.

      It seems, a few centuries ago (Not sure how long at the time) the ever growing human population found out about some small population of really powerful mages and when they did, they disclosed to them magic and the existence of the small beast men population.

      That made them want to study through force and submission, which quickly lead to an all-out war between all three destroying what was once known as humanity and leading to humans to fuse with their machines in order to survive the war and be able to fight back, after they had pretty much self-destructed by started the war.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting in a corner of a round room… so dark. Stand up and get lucid, then see someone come in with a glass of water not long after. Oh you!

      He gives me the water and says I just out of nowhere fell. Explain to him something about been ill and what not, he believes me and we move on to the center of the room.

      He tells me to grab onto the little statue in the center and look at one of the paintings, so do that and look at the one right in front of me that seems to be a robed person.

      I am looking now inside of the painting, I have been transferred to the past with a lot of people in robes. They are afraid of me and say humans are not allowed him. Ask them if we are a different specie and they seem to think so.

      We talk for a bit and they kick me out, then I see that the war begins with them using magic spells to disable nuclear weapons as well as some things falling from the sky and other random weapons I don’t know much about.

      They start to bombard humanity with large area of effect spells and I stop them then wonder what is the meaning behind this. They seem surprised I can also use magic and attack, so I start to subdue them slowly and then teleport to the outskirts of their land, where I see human armies coming and massacring everyone

      I stop all the bullets and shot them back at the humans, then teleport around and take out the heads of different countries until there is nobody left and then go back, make a mirror spell that will protect them and they all seem content now… they apologize for trying to exterminate another race, as that is not their original teaching and suddenly I feel weird…

      Back to sleep.

      I am touching a statue, someone asks me how it had gone and then I look at him confused, get lucid due to my body been so heavy but still feel disoriented.

      He says that I changed the past, then makes me look at the painting and says it ejected me, as I was messing with the past and changing its course from the arche mage side. I feel confused when he makes me turn towards the humans and I get transported to an expedition… something about them finding the mages was bad, basically one of the explorers wanted to use them for his own purposes while another one wanted to leave them alone.

      They fight and are about to kill each other, I am still feeling all weird and foggy, so walk over to their fight and kill the one who wants to take advantage of it along with most of the crew, only letting the other human stay alive. He goes back.

      The dream shifts and somehow others found out about it. I am more nauseous than before. Try to think of something and then figure I can fake to have a ball that shows the future, so show humanity through internet that they will face extinction if they fight against them, but nothing seems to change. The scene keeps changing and then I am in the middle of the war, pissed off now due to feeling bad.

      Raise my hand to one of the warriors, who is now pissed that I am not fighting the other races. I proceed to kill him and everyone in the division, then proceed to kill as many soldiers as possible and deactivate all their weapons and destroy technology for humanity then get ejected again…?

      Back to sleep.

      I am still feeling nauseous so puke a bit… blood!? I get a bit concerned so stand straight and try to explore my own body, become lucid while doing this with my hands been super light and then wonder what happened.

      The other guy says he saw what happened, apparently I can still change the future but still do it through destruction so the past attacks me back. I get ejected because I am currently weaker, however for someone who changes the past the backslash should kill them.

      Ask him why he brought me here if it was this dangerous and he says he has fought me before, then starts to transform. The werewolf!

      I finally see that he is the one I fought at the time, he seems to think that I am just a random traveler from somewhere else and asks if I am even human. I tell him that in this body, I am but a self created organic being. He seems confused so I explain to the best of my abilities to explain.

      He says that what really brought down humanity was one of his elders, who after going berserk had destroyed more than 50% of humanity alone and that forced them to create their new cyborg technology and go into hiding. He seems to regret the decision of the elder and so does his people.

      He also asks me what my connection with this timeline is, as someone who can survive changing time, I either come from a different time or I must be able to use time magic, so show him. He is not impressed and asks me to go to the last place.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting in a grass field. I am not sure what is happening but feel somewhat ill… wait! Remember about before and assume I am dreaming, but just to be sure do my RC like normal and yep, dreaming.

      So start moving when I realize there is a huge war going on, a lot of scared families and a lot of destruction.

      I try to hide from all that but people are afraid of me since they do not recognize me and point at me, making the soldiers come for me.

      I run a little and jump over a small cliff, falling next to a road and then see more military coming from up front… damn! They start to shot, so jump over to them and grab their guns, then make them shot each other out before teleporting atop the mountain I see in the distance.

      From there, can see the world. Why is this one different? It feels more packed with information, is it that they have more information of their own history? Maybe so.

      Can see in the distance, the building I saw in the central city in the future but a lot more destroyed.

      Teleport to that place and find two old looking creatures.

      The first one seems like a wolf, but he is actually a tall bird, was just looking the wrong angle? He seems to have arms like a human but otherwise is a bird. Only the wings have feathers like that of a normal bird and everywhere else, it’s like a penguin with fur-like feathers.

      He looks at me, and asks me what is going on with my race. I shrug and look at his friend, he seems much weaker, this one IS some kind of family member to dogs.

      We talk for a bit, I learn that he has come to try and make a treaty with the humans and failing, he sends me to the humans and tries to get me to befriend a random student that seems to be related to the current head of the war expedition general? Or whatever his rank is, but I wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I find myself in a mall. Walk around and see… skins, ugh. Become lucid and decide I do not want to be here when I realize that this is where the other guy sent me to, the bird thing.

      I try to find the human he asks me for, but can only find a lot of skins the humans took off the conquered race of beast men. They even boast about it which leads to me fighting some of the guys in there and beating them pretty hard.

      It seems that instead of making him my friend, the guy becomes agitated and gets me in trouble with the military, so I teleport outside.

      Forget we have technology… so everyone knows my face. I end up fighting military guys, teleporting behind them and killing them, blowing up their machines, their tanks, the airplanes and other things. I keep getting angrier as they just don’t get the idea.

      It quickly becomes night and I end up having to go to the mall again for food. While eating, some more humans spot me and get scared, I go to the other place with the bird guy and then find him screaming.

      It seems one of the humans killed his companion and he is going crazy. Try to stop him, he is flying all around the place and I keep chasing behind him. Finally stop him and we talk, we go through pretty much every hall and tell him he should calm down before a disaster happens.

      He says the humans killed him over and over, I try to calm him down and finally get him to at least talk normally to me. He explains that he had come to fight but he wants the war to stop, asks me how it went and tell him how badly it went…

      He finally tells me we should go give a good grave to his friend and we go. We are coming from a hall that leads directly to the center of the place, where I found him weeping over his friend.

      The center is also how to go up several floors through stairs, and we seem to be on the third floor and going towards a balcony so will have to fly down. When we reach the balcony however he stops and then a giant wave of energy goes around him, pushing me down and making me fall… what?

      Go quickly over to the balcony and see his friend had been skinned by a now terrified looking human, he points at the bird and me and I find that is the stupid son of the other guy, the bird flies down, takes the skin off the hands of the human along with his arms and goes to the dead body, calmly places the skin over his friend and then turns to the human, he stops screaming and is now crying.

      I allow the bird to take his sweet time killing him and then realize this is the disaster. His energy is growing and he suddenly shots onto the sky. I follow suit and recognize his despair to be the thing birthing the power.

      He finally snaps and the energy is about to start the destruction. I stop him by dissipating all his despair and then anger onto the sky as red snow, then tell him to calm down. I am a human to some degree, so I will stop their stupidity. He tries to protest when he detects I am using huge amounts of condensed hate myself and says nothing, I thank him for helping me to create an old power again and move to the front lines and obliterate once more, all of humanities forces.

      When I feel the ejection, force it closed and take myself out of the painting. The other guy seems to be pleased and says it would have been great had I been at the war centuries ago.

      He points to the front and says the statue we saw at the beginning is a memento of his great, great grandfather who had died over 700 years ago during the first war. He also says there is a second war coming right about now and I look outside but wake up…

      Back to sleep.

      I am against a balcony. Get lucid while playing there and then hop outside. Find the wolf from before and he says we are about to go to war. I tell him that I Won’t be of much help.

      He says it is ok, this is his family duty to stop this war.

      They seem to be fine until the humans use a bomb that is instead of a normal bomb, a biological weapon. Both other races can stop the damage, but only if they are strong. And unlike normal weapons they can’t stop the explosion as it moves along with air and stopping the current of air would be also disastrous.

      They are not sure what to do, but stop the normal attacks.

      I want to stay for the war and help out, but will be waking up soon. I just know it! Quickly teleport to the frontlines and grab onto the biological weapon. My body is about to splurt blood but I manage to decode the virus, stop it inside of me and then kill every single part of the virus in the air before it moves out and also destroy all the data and other bombs like this one the cyborgs have on their end, teleport back to the wolf after that and let him know I will be leaving now. He agrees and says that was more than enough, they would take care of the rest.
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    6. Re-starting, a DJ

      by , 03-24-2019 at 06:43 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      It´s been since forever since the last time I journal anything. However, I kind of want to get back into it.

      Sunday March 3rd 2019

      Oh why hello there. Can you hide me for a little bit?

      I am walking around a weird neighborhood with a lot of people just sitting on the street. Become lucid while walking due to the weird weight I have and then wonder why people are looking like that.

      Try to remember how I ended up here last night but can’t remember, only know I was killing some sort of big guy when I felt the presence of one of the guardians I had created and teleported out of the way onto another planet, don’t want to fight them yet considering they would pulverize me and somehow ended here?

      I start walking around and then notice that some people are looking up onto the sky. It seems that there are strata of cities one after another in the sky. I try to think of ways to get there without flight or teleportation but then decide against that and am about to start flying when some of the people on the ground suddenly jump on top of me! I end up getting dragged down by them and they ask me to take them up, no idea why. Try to talk to them when I wake up…

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting on the ground. The place is filled with mushrooms and is very humid, pick up one of the mushrooms and smell it and then realize that the little thing is super heavy, look around and get lucid.

      Remember what happened in last dream when trying to go up and then just try to think of other ways to move around. Don’t really know what I should be doing right now so just prepare to fly again when I see people looking at me expectant. Look at them back and force them down with gravity before taking flight.

      When I am midway a girl comes and attacks me with a blade. Since the people were looking bad didn’t add too much force to gravity but still! This girl was obviously different from the others.

      She was mad that I was about to leave without talking to them first, since they were some kind of guardians for this place. We got to talk about the place and they seemed angry with the higher ups, since they were taking all of the upside for themselves, and she wanted to get there but could not, they were about to try again and wanted me to come along so agreed to it but woke up before departure.

      Back to sleep.

      Remember been inside of a building, there was some kind of mist and I was about to move when I just couldn’t lift a finger… asleep dang!

      Quickly get up and prepare to go outside and then get dragged by some people to hurry up. I am somewhere in a kind of tower, in the middle of a staircase and we are going upwards. They say it is weird there are no more reinforcements.

      I try to make small chat with these guys but they all also seem wary of me. Try using scan and find out that they are wary because why would someone be in a lower strata when they can simply fly and evade all of the guardians.

      Try to ask the girl why she asked me to come over but she ignores it, I can feel the pressure everyone has built up and to some degree that they are feeling to jump in for the kill at any second and would be glad I was not there.

      See a window and I feel like going outside since it seems they are waiting for me to leave at any second. However when I move over to the window realize that we are upside down… gravity is reversed! Try to ask the girl but they are already moving and can’t catch up to them.

      Back to sleep.

      I am just sitting next to a small bench in a tower like place. Wonder what happened when I hear screams… quickly get up and worried about the scream I just heard and wondering if I should go towards it or against it.

      After much debating decide I must go see what is happening and depending on what is going on right now will make my next move, this seems like the best option so far. When I am moving towards the place nothing feels odd, however it does when I start going up the stairs and then get lucid, remember the dream and hurry faster.

      I have to go up a while before I see that they are been attacked by a faceless thing, it is all white and has some blood stains. I teleport next to them and punch the thing out then throw it down. Am about to go out to fight more but they say it should be dying from this height.

      Proceed to heal the remaining team members and then they all say sorry… what for? They say they did not trust me but that is something I already knew, and was planning on killing them anyways, so there should be no problem at all.

      Keep going with them and the girl becomes way more talkative, to the point I stop paying attention to what she says. There is one guy however, a magician that is still very wary of me, even more so than before because of the abilities I displayed earlier. We end up going another strata before I wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am just resting inside a log house, outside I can see a lot of people arguing and talking loudly but can’t quite make out what they are saying. Go out with them and become lucid in my way out.

      My memory goes a bit hazy but I also had a short argument with the guys. Eventually that lead to an all-out fight and me subduing them, letting them know that if I meant to hurt them could do it at any given time and that finally shut them up, but didn’t help me at all in getting their trust. Getting back to the house just to pout alone.

      Back to sleep.

      I am just on bed, roll for a bit and then wonder if I should stand up. Feel frozen and immediately think about SP and think of ways to get over it.

      Try to get off the bed but it is not working as expected. For some reason it feels worse every time I try to move and I Start to feel a little bit strangled… what the hell is going on! I try to stand up again and nothing, when I try to move it does not work. Eventually realize that this is not my room… wait, what?

      Get lucid and then break free from the spell then head outside and realize one of the guys with the party did this to me. We still have to go up two strata and they are leaving without me, apparently they are mad that I intentionally hurt them, but no matter.

      I decide to fly myself one strata above and then encounter a lot of attacks from the place itself? Why! I end up evading most of them and stopping some others and also realize that light does not come down as well as it should have.

      Is that the reason why there are only mushrooms at the lowest level, since there is no sun? Or why there is only grass on here? It does seem somewhat dull. I try not to mind it too much and when I am at the top see that people are fighting over some food. I go and look at it and then feel kind of bad for them, so make some more without them noticing and the fight ends. Just walk around and find that there are some monsters I could be fighting, but wait on that since I feel like I will be waking up soon.

      Back to sleep.

      I am talking to someone on the street. Become lucid while speaking to this person and decide I want to go fight the monsters from before! Wait… fighting, what about Sensei! I need to fight him also, but don’t know how to teleport to him.

      Try a few times and fail, try to think of other goals but just can’t wrap my head around it. While I am thinking see that the people have run away and then see that a monster has indeed come.

      When the monster gets too close just shot it up with an earth spike and see it fall, then see people behind it… oh the guys from my party? Tell them hi and don’t worry too much about it then just continue walking since I will be going upstairs to the next strata.

      They try to stop me and tell me that if I go up there will be a huge army to fight me back. I tell them not to worry about me and continue but they just keep going like nothing ever happened. I try not to mind them and keep going and eventually just wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am falling… so of course get a little bit crazy about it and then realize I am dreaming so stop midair and try to think about the last time I was here… go inside of the tower then fall up… forgot the place was in reverse.

      I find myself going up as quickly as possible, running even. When I come about to the exterior see that the place is much more beautiful! It is like a completely different place from the other strata.

      I start to wonder why is it that they keep it up here however, considering that I can see several islands and the best option would be to just destroy them and allow all of the land to have enough sunlight, also think that this is damaging other species and the monster species are getting bigger and taking out the weaker ones, which kind of pisses me off.

      I look around a bit more and still can’t comprehend how it is that only the top islands get to have anything green in them that actually gives out food. Though the mushrooms seemed good enough for eating I still want to destroy the island I am currently on. Take my time to go around the tower and play around with some of the animals on the place.

      I am playing around with the few species that I can spot when suddenly the grass moves violently due to a gust of wind and then the little… uh… lemur like thingy I am with seems to be scared. I of course get angry and stand up, expecting the little thing to run away from me considering my bad habit of having negative energy pour out, but it just cowers behind me. Why exactly, is it so traumatized that it decided I was safer? Walk over to where the wind came from and then can hear some noise, explosions?

      Start to pick up my pace and eventually start running to reach faster. Not long after spot a very big manor with a lot of people inside arguing and then see the team I was with fighting against one older guy with blue hair.

      He has a very weird clothing style all in white. The man looks my way and then shots at me. I grab the wind bullet with my hand and dissipate it then see that the others take this chance to fight him and start to push back the man a little bit. The people from the inside of the Manor come out finally and ask the other man if he needs help.

      He says no but he is clearly been pushed back. The girl seems to be the best one suited for magic and she keeps cancelling the attacks from the man. He tries an area of effect spell and casts a whirlwind that just pushes everything down but they used that chance to throw up some swords that came flying down.

      I don’t get their fighting style, it seems like they are ready to sacrifice themselves in order to kill the man with the white clothes and don’t care about the others, but that would make it useless right? I try to think of ways for them to win but they seem to be struggling too much.

      The man manages to dodge and then continues to counterattack, they are currently weaker due to the fact that the whirlwind keeps pushing them down so I Finally step in.

      Tell the girl to go ahead and attack the center of his magic, she does it out of desperation it seems and the attack stops. Then tell the others to attack, try to coordinate them. The bigger guy who is supposed to be the main warrior gets to the front lines while the girl just cancels out magic attacks from the guy. He seems annoyed that I am getting in the way since now he has to evade and is on the defensive when the other two guys use the same thing about throwing blades but without having to worry about been pushed back.

      The guy was about to be stabbed when I saw a tendril of clothes come out from the manor and stop completely the blades then the people from inside came out. One of them was throwing down a giant fireball at the team while the other 5 made a cage for them and that was about it for my… uh, team.

      I swap places with them using teleportation and stop the fireball then redirect it at the clothes from the other guy and see them set on fire. He takes out the fire quickly and a waterfall falls on me. They seem to want to drown me? I quickly push the water aside and dry myself using wind magic then push them. One of them is using earth-based magic to create spikes and throw them at me. At first jump up to avoid getting spiked and jump from spike to spike, cancelling out other powers when I realize they are the ones pretty much destroying the fauna… finally get fed up.

      Teleport down and then stab the earth guy at his hearth, he looks at me while spitting blood and the others finally start getting serious. There is some kind of wind with a lot of humidity and then see that it starts to turn purple… poison! When they let the wave of water-poison out I grab onto it, take out the poison while moving around with the water and then freeze everything within the manors radius.

      They all get stopped, including the people from my team who seem surprised now that I look at them. The white clothed man is about to speak so I cover his face with ice and let him die without oxygen. Then look at the others mad. Let them know I hate the current state of this world and that they should be ashamed.

      The girl demands me to go ahead and liberate them since they are on my same team, so remind them they left me alone and also that I don’t care about them “Told you I could kill you anytime” tell them then feel weird… dang! Guardians!

      I can feel their presence getting closer, so expand the water and make it toxic only to humans, taking out most of the stupid idiots in the islands before having to run. Only managed to destroy half of the islands before they reached on and stopped the destruction and in the meantime I managed to escape to a new world.

      Recall my previous goal about Sensei and prepare to teleport to him but it fails and for some reason can not summon him either, feel a bit sad but can’t do anything about it right now since I am weak.

      Monday March 4th 2019

      Time control NO!

      (Short form) after teleporting last night, end up in a planet with a weird mix between magic, mythical beasts and technology.

      Human technology got really advanced and eventually everyone started to fight for supremacy, with for some reason werewolves at the top for beasts, human cyborgs on humans’ side and a bunch of random weirdoes like myself on the magical side.

      I was mostly playing with time again so I could soon unlock time compression. I kept rewinding time in a fight between the three factions for a while and messing with it for a while, slowing some of the fights down and then speeding up the process.

      At the time, I did not know that they were capable of time manipulation also and when I was resetting everything back to when they were fully powered the mages used their time magic to cancel my time magic, when the others asked who was doing it, somehow the wolves and cyborgs had already located me using different means and before I knew it I was going in an all-out war against all three of them.

      I was mostly impressed by the fact that despite hating each other, the moment a 4th party joined the fray, they all went crazy about it and started to work together. In a very timely and arranged manner, like they were longtime friends. Or enemies who cares.

      I kept getting attacked by the wolves at short range, the mages at long range and the cyborgs at middle range with some kind of laser sword and guns.

      I finally managed to drag them all into an area more to my liking. The wolves were around me, 3 in total. They started by attacking in a triangle-position, one from the front going for the neck, the other two from my back sides, one going for my left side, the other for my right.

      I use water from the river I dragged them into to push them down then try to drown them when it freezes then explodes towards me. Stop the ice shards midway and see the two cyborgs shot at me with their weird guns. Stop the energy and reflect it back to them then the wolves grab my arms… thinking that will help? I push them down with gravity then grab the coming laser swords of the cyborgs before been slowed down by time magic, so also slow down everything else and then teleport next to the mages.

      Start to slaughter them at close range when a wolf comes from nowhere and stabs me on the back, I torn him apart and then toss the other two coming around, healing myself using their leader. The cyborgs decide to run for it so teleport on top of them and kill them as soon as possible. The wolves however did manage to escape, but whatever.

      Tuesday 5th Monday 11th March 2019

      I kept on that world, since my powers did not seem that odd the guardians are not looking for me there and am still able to continue experimenting with time and other powers. Found among other thing giant robots and that the wolves could get super strong at certain times as well as that mages had secrets not yet revealed for war. They were all going all out on secretly increasing their powers.

      Tuesday March 12th 2019


      I was in the base with the mages in this world. Which apparently is named after a legendary creature from the past. Most likely one of the guardians.

      Learn after a while that the mages have archemages who are training in a specific place, it seems all the races are looking for war and will go out of their way for this to create super soldiers so try to investigate but have to go to work.

      Wednesday March 13th 2019


      I was playing inside the world with the three species again, kept with the mages. Found out they had this super big labyrinth with some sort of creature they were trying to defeat.

      The creature apparently is so ancient it dates back to the time when the legendary one came at and defeated it then sealed inside of the labyrinth.

      Only the highest level mages are sent there and of course I go ahead and enter into that place also with them.

      Because of the tight security and me trying to stay hidden it takes a while. Stupid security. Anyways I manage to go inside with the mages and then things go wrong right away.

      The black creature, as big as an argentinosaurus shaped similar to a Gorilla shows a reaction and then just stands up, stops fighting the other creatures and even stops looking for the hiding mages.

      It just stares onto the horizon, I am using Scan so can feel it all. He felt my presence, blocks my scan on itself and then a whole fucking mass of energy looms on my direction before it actually moves. Teleport close to it and then see the mages petrified with fear at the creature looking for a serious fight.

      The mages see us clash, me with a giant earth claw and the creature with its fist, they all start to run. I try to earn them as much time as possible and in the meantime fight the creature. But something feels wrong, awfully wrong.

      The creature is stronger than me, and I can feel an ominous energy coming from it. The stupid archemages are slow and the thing is slowly growing stronger. I can feel its face been drowned in darkness and only see the white of its eyes.

      The thing tosses me to the ground and jumps over me, I stop it by creating mountains to stab it then toss it back, try to use a void bomb but it fails. I tie the thing down with several layers of magic and when I see it will be broken soon teleport to the kids and take them out then disappear into a different faction since my cover has been blown.

      Thursday March 14th 2019


      I am with the cyborgs this time. They don’t have much to show me other than technology I don’t like since I can do that already, but do steal some things in case they will be useful in the future.

      Friday March 15th 2019.

      Cyborgs and… uh, that thing.

      Pretty much the only thing I learned is that they created a perpetual energy thing that powers up a giant machine like a… I don’t know, many things to name. But it’s a big robot, I don’t like it so let it go and just explore the town.

      Saturday March 16th 2019.

      Technological terror of food!

      I discovered in the mechanical place, that the robots could actually make food. And then found one that was solely created for that, so I spent all the night with that one studying it.

      Sunday March 17th 2019

      More time training.

      Since I was bored with the people in the android robot place, just went over to the country of beastmen.

      I kept going for a while and found a lot of interesting creatures. All throughout my journey kept practicing my time magic and eventually got the hang of stopping and rewinding, was only missing my own personal magic, compression.

      I use the rest of time in the dream trying to master compression for a while, and also spend time talking to the citizens of the country. A lot of them are really happy and not so stressed about the war like in the other places, but they do have a very strong army unit and they seem to also have special warriors and special creatures.

      While I roam, find many humans whom I get to talk with, apparently they don’t care about race. But dislike the war so far. They have a bit of everything and I think their trump card is a mix of everything for the war to finally stop it.

      While been in front of a meat shop, finally get down compression and can make the meat rot away and then decay onto dust in a few seconds!

      I go over to the river where I fought everyone else as it seems to be close to their country. Finally I started the spell on myself and it made me feel tired. SO nearly woke up a few times and had to ground myself also, when I Finally got things down, I felt tired right away and getting over to a dry place was enough to make me exhausted, woke up shortly after.

      Monday March 18th 2019

      I am basically fighting against been tired all the time, kind of regret the new power but also know it is very important to keep it up. In just a few hours it will pay off so stop worrying and babying myself.

      Tuesday March 19th 2019


      Most of the night I spent walking around with people again. This time I found the beast men have something similar to the black thing with the Arche mages.

      I found that interesting and wanted to take a look, so one of the warriors took me to the place and I saw a nest of, dinosaurs? It seems they were not as aggressive, as you could pass by at certain times. It was just at the feeding time that they would go in a frenzy.

      I asked the guy who took me there when that was going to be and he said we were still within feeding time and they would attack if we were to get close.

      I of course wanted to get close, and could tell that they were kind of dangerous like the black thing, but not so bad. And not as bad as the giant creatures planet where I had trouble fighting the Rex, but they were still strong.

      Since they were on a similar level to the black thing wanted to try how much I had gone with time compression and went inside.

      My magic was super weak, since I could not muster it properly at the beginning. Which lead to me just running away and hiding in a tree, then on the tree, then on top of the tree.

      The dinosaurs finally started to move and I started to practice magic. When I got the basics down again, jumped back down and then used it to strengthen myself. Turns out, I could withstand their attacks with just normal strength! I even got to fight them back nicely until there were too many of them.

      I was pretty happy with the results so made myself dissipate into the dream and remade my body in front where my partner was waiting, thanked him profusely and went on our way through a bridge before waking up.

      Wednesday March 20th 2019

      Surprisingly I was still with my travel partner from last night. So that helped with getting lucid pretty quickly a lot of the time.

      He was amazed that I had fought the dinosaurs… and I was amazed he managed to watch without getting attacked, He explained a bit but I think he was hiding a lot of information and I was too focused.

      He kept on pressing the matter of my magic usage and how weird it was, and he basically wanted to learn more about it. So tried to teach him how to use the magic I had and he was pretty good at it.

      Just to clarify, this guy was a cat-person. We kept talking for a long time and I eventually had to leave to train some more, but I’m pretty sure he was following me around for a while.

      Ended up waking up after mastering most of my normal powers again after it had gone through the scope of time compression.

      Thursday March 21st 2019

      Didn’t sleep much, but had a lot of fun exploring the world of the beast men from above while flying, also found some people flying so it was fun talking to them.

      Friday March 22nd 2019.

      I was mostly relaxing in a house I found in the middle of a plains field, it seemed to be abandoned so didn’t mind much and was there, knowing I would have to wake up sooner or later.

      Saturday March 23rd 2019

      House, really?

      At the beginning of the dream I was actually in Lyseno, no trouble there at all.

      Somehow later on I ended up in a… uh, flea market, nothing too uncommon, even more so because I saw many in the planet I was at with the beast men. Except they all seemed familiar faces and also because I spotted family.

      Eventually saw all my family members and they wanted to talk with me. Me been lucid declined but I kept going back to that place non lucid on the next dream and having to leave when I realized, it was rather annoying.
    7. Spirit world - Day 28

      by , 04-28-2018 at 10:19 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday April 28th 2018

      Been a while since I saw earth creatures!

      A lot of dreams tonight, so just jounraling the end.

      After searching again for a password, got taken towards a small town with a lot of small buildings and a lot of people. Couldn't find what I was saerching for in there but instead found that there was some creature here who hosted the spirits in here to grow stronger in power.

      It was some kind of witch that would make the people or spirits in miserable to the point of making them cry, then she would absorb those negative thoughts and tears and become stronger, while the desire to die and fear would be absrobed by her mate or in this case the clown from "It" both were apparently born from the sadness of a single spirit and they took conciousness of their own and then used the spirits to stay alive.

      I start to make the other spirits happy and they realize this and start to search for the one in fault of liberating spirits. I count their feeding on just one spirit at a time and also find that they are already strong enough with just that.

      It feels weird having to fight like this, the world seems real similar but it works differently. Try not to think too deep about the whole situation and instead start summoning a few meds to take off the effects of depression from the other spirits. The witch is the one searching around for me and I end up getting discovered while injecting the medicine to one of the creatures, I mean spirits...

      I have to run and she starts to chase me and orders everyone to find me, make sure I can actually function like I used to and then start to absorb the illness from one of the spirits, which does give me that negative strenght I used to have before, FINALLY!

      Quickly run to the main garden and everyone starts to surround me. The witch appears and she commands them to hunt me down. When the first man comes next to me I grab him and start to eat his ill energy, he starts to lose his human signals and becomes a white-shaped shadow, I let him fall down and tell her I am not just any kind of food, but rather a hunter too.

      She gets mad and orders them to move away then she casts something and makes lightning strike down. I manage to evade and then trap her inside of a magic circle, then prepare to eat her when the other one who looks like "It" comes forth and tries to bite off my arm. Make my arm catch on fire and he lets go, then they start to absorb everyone themselves.

      THey finish absorbing everyone and then jump at me. I grab a hold of the energy and shoot everyone down with the building itself then jump on top of IT and then bite off its arm. Its head turns towards me and he bites at me so I vomit fire inside his mouth and then feel trapped. There is ice all around me. Make myself catch on fire again and it starts to melt, then take control of the water and shot ice spikes outwards like a porcupine.

      The witch stops it and thinks they won't be able to defeat me this way, so instead they absorb each other and then come at me. I jump high onto the sky and then make the clouds next to us come to my aid, they make them turn black and I make the ice trap them, they make it go by manipulating all energy around and then grab a hold of me, they hug me tightly and I can't move.

      I start to struggle and then see them opening up their mouth so I take my chance and start to absorb their negative energy, they stop and toss me to the ground then remembering about how I used such energy to my benefit before allow all of my depression to come forth and then use it as a kind of spell. THey let down more lightning and I let up a wall of earth then start to chant to myself and the lightning goes to them.

      They teleport elsewhere and I fly towards them, shot them with a giant fireball and then make the buildings come to me and use htem as a shield when they are close enough, then create giant mouts to try and eat them. THey manage to evade the attack and then find themselves trapped inside of a giant wall of flames which they try to put out just to find themselves in a place void of everything. THey form a small coccoon that I then eat and just fly down, quite content with myself.
    8. Spirit world - Day 27

      by , 04-28-2018 at 09:54 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday April 27th 2018

      All of them are there to protect, it seems?

      The first thing I remember is been at home. I hate been at home... prefer so much more to be elsewhere. There were a lot of people outside so go up the stairs and figure I should go somewhere else. Try to teleport and it kind of works but it isn't the teleportation I enjoy so much.

      Talk to some people about food and end up making them the food, eat before leaving and then find a good place in top of a mountain where I'm flying towards, but wake up before arriving.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something on the house... get lucid and go over to the bathroom. Not sure what to do now. I remember my goal of talking to someone... no, it was something different. Teleport with that goal and the person in my head and end up in a big area full of grass, nothing else can be seen in the horizon.

      When looking around remember about hte goal to get the password and then raise my hand, use the spirit energy of the dream and force it to show me what the password is. Two enormous buildings start to come from within the grassfields and things start to feel weird, a quaking comes forth and once the two buildings finish coming through, they start to sprout feathers like crazy.

      At some point the feathers start to fall down as if they were snow towards the ground, I quickly make a wind-blade and cut the buildings in two to see if the password is inside, however there is nothing in there. All I can see is a hollow shell of feathers from the inside too, what is the password then? End up waking up without been able to find anything about it.

      Back to sleep.

      I am reading inside my home again... put it down and realize the weight is wrong. Stand up and go to the kitchen to eat something, once I am done go to the bathroom and then think about hte dream from before.

      I have to go ahead and search for head, but where to? I try to teleport to him again and to figure out the meaning of the password at the same time. When I arrive find myself in front of a giant waterfall and nothing else is there.

      What does this mean? A persons aura shows up but there is nothing in there. Why. Start searching around but there is only the waterfall. At some point it starts to fill something and once its filled I can see fish start to show up and swim around, salmon? They look normal and the aura gets stronger, then the fish start to become flashy, their scales! From the inside they have nothing like the buildings but the scales are shiny like the feathers... why? I try to think of something but can't really get anything down. Just keep playing with the fish until it is time to wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in the bathroom. Get lucid while in the water but then realize I am not in the bathrom, but rather I am in the waterfall from before and then it leads me towards a city? I am in the top of a building and then see something on the distance.

      The fishes were gone, so assume this is a third tip towards the password. When I continue walking find the sphere hides itself, it was flying and unlike the other two this one had movement? ALRIGHT! Fly towards it before it can completely conceal itself and then find it in a supermarket.

      The thing starts to fly when I spot it and tries to get away, so I pursue and end up chasing it all the way down to a cristal made building, where I manage to grab it and crush it down against the place, but the thing as well as the other 3 was void, GAH!
    9. Spirit world - Day 7 - 26

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:59 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday April 7th 2018 - Thursday 26th 2018

      Didn't do much during that time other than explore and try to get stronger.
      Found some place far away from the gate with some mountain range and next to it a small city, settled down there and now whenever I go to sleep find myself in there at the first dream of the night, seems useful at least.
    10. Spirit world - Day 6

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:52 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday 6th April 2018

      After much practice, figured I needed to try with more materialistic worlds from the other vengeful spirits that leaved outside my area.

      And so went back to the place with the gate, asked hte person in charge and she said that if I could go back through the trial she would let me go back to my previous life, but she did not understand such a decision.

      I took the trial when she saw that the other people were coming here to get rid of me, or in other words to destroy my soul. Finished the trial as quickly as possible and once it was done took my sweet time creating much better weapons and shooting everyone down with ice spikes, then using the leeches by controlling my own energy and making them suck on their energy then shooting them upwards, making their bodies explode to try and open up a hole so that I could leave the spirit place.

      That did not work properly, since I ended up getting back down and oculd not maintain the door for long enough to leave. Whatever.
    11. Spirit world - Day 5

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:44 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday 5th April 2018

      I did a lot of experiments to try and make a new body for me and leave this place, but they were all too weak. I wanted to make something strong enough to take my revenge on the elven kid and the ferdinand idiot as well as travel to the new world I had wanted t ogo to first of all.

      Things became complicated, because the quality of living beings was so low that I needed an incredible amount of power to make something like what I wanted, power I did not yet have. Decided instead to just train.
    12. Spirit World - Day 4

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:39 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday APril 4th 2018

      So much to do! Ended up having a lot of issues with the people again, fighting them and having to make a house for myself. My control got much better of the spirit energy and I could make a stalemate but they kept on getting more and more numbers which made it difficult for me to work with it.

      Also made some experiments with the whole situation and learnt how to condense spirit energy to such a degree, mix it in with my revenge as they call it and make it into solid matter from the other realm. It does dissapear as it gets sent back to the normal world but there isn't an issue with that. Woke up while experimenting
    13. Spirit World - Day 3

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:36 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 3rd 2018

      In this one, I was mostly fighting the guys who already stablished themselves in the spirit energy area who wanted to make me leave since I was dangeorus. They were much stronger than me in controlling the energy and I learned that outside it was much like physical reality because of creatures like me who refused to let go of their revenge.

      I agreed that I should leave, but didn't know how and kept on fighting them for the rest of hte night.
    14. Spirit world - Day 2

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:30 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Tuesday April 2nd 2018

      I was getting bored, since I could get food and water easily and was mostly just doing nothing.
      Started training a bit and found out that I could do simple magic by manipulating the spirit force present within me, but it was so slight and so meaningless that it was like I got back to square one.

      At the very least, I could use basic magic and basic elemental manipulation. Kept working on that and discovered that in this world the framing of matter was based off of thoughts from the spirits themselves and where I was at was basically an area of just energy and that is why I had such a hard time manipulating elements.

      Got to process the energy and what not, but that made others come closer, woke up before they got anything out of me thouhg
    15. Spirit world - Day 1

      by , 04-28-2018 at 07:23 PM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday April 1st 2018

      It was a difficult thing to get to the spirit world.

      To begin with, I was dropped somewhere in front of a giant gate. The gate was kind of beatiful with brown sculptures at the top, small ones but sculptures none the less.

      I tried to go back where I came from but had lost a lot of the powers I had gained from the adventures with the elven kid which made things complicated. Eventually found that after the gate I could talk to someone who was in charge of the spirit world and wanted me to enter some kind of "resting" area for spirits so we would lose our revengeful self. I had to go there in order to stay well since this place had no food and I was not a spirit per se.

      Had to go through some stupid trial where I got attacked by some weird leech specimen and it was disgusting... there was a pond also. Had to stay in a weird pond place and hunt my own food.
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