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    1. Happy Birthday!
    2. Happy Birthday!
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      Oh, I hope your SO is ok! And hopefully the robbers got caught! And I'll keep you in mind when I get something testable in VR, it might be a while since working full time and my long commute don't leave me much time to work on it. Free cakes would be awesome! I hope you're doing well.
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      Hi! I would probably be at your shop a lot if I lived near you, baked goods and chocolates... yum! It's been a while so I just thought I'd say hi and how's it going? I've been busy between work and an online class dealing with making virtual reality games. I'm just at the beginning of it. Do you have an android or ios phone and like creepy games? I'm not even close yet, but my goal is to make a virtual reality game for mobile devices, and I want to make a creepy one with several ways you can choose to play it to get different endings. If that sounds like something you would like I can keep you in mind for when it's ready to be tested. Well I hope things are going good for you. Lucid dreams to you.
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      Hey Hukif! Life is well but pretty busy. It's been keeping me distracted from dream life lol.
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      Yeah, it’s a great paying job doing what I always wanted, or close to it. Programmer, but not game designer. But I’ll keep at game design on my own and maybe get my own business going. That’s cool that you have your own business. What do you do? And even better that you’re expanding.
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      Hi! Not much going on with me, been busy with work a lot, and a long commute, trying to keep up with some dreams. I'm glad you made it through those earthquakes ok. How are things going with you?
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      Happy birthdayyyyy ^^
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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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    What the hell, I want it!

    by Hukif on 09-17-2019 at 05:46 AM
    Saturday September 14th 2019

    I am working on sleeping, it is difficult and it is already late, I feel like I am tired even in the dream so the next thing I know is that I am trying to go ahead and dilate time in a normal early night dream, which leads to resting a lot and eating randomly.

    Back to sleep.

    I am back onto… some place, it is dark and I don’t bother, become lucid while walking and then fly out onto space. Want to know what exactly I want to know, what to do and who to contact. I have so many goals and never have enough time. Think about it for a moment and then remember that I need to go ahead and read a book! But I forgot the name? What was it?

    Teleport back onto a random planet and try to ask the DCs, but they like normal give me a WTF look and go about their life. They don’t know what I am talking about and some even ask me if I am ok. I try not to bother too much with them when I see something in the distance. Some kind of missile?

    When I look at it, the thing is about to fall down so stop it and then teleport back to space. Try to meditate to think about the dream but just don’t get it right.

    Back to sleep.

    I am talking to someone in a dorm. She tells me that there is something important going on at the plaza about some kind of weapon being used against civilians but that a weird creature took it off? Oh, isn’t that like last dream…

    RC and become lucid. Ok, thank you lady! I tell her thanks and then depart to the sky, outside of the planet and then remember that despite not knowing anything about the book, I still had memories from it.

    So the next thing I know, is I am picturing the book from within the dream, and then materialize it in front of me in the middle of the void of space. Make a bubble around me so I can read it. Touch the book and then look at it, weird book. Start to think about what I can get from it and then start to Scan it.

    The information flows onto me as I flow onto the book. Suddenly I see the image of a girl in an older looking house. She is in her mid 35-40s, the owner? Bulky, does she work out? She is writing on the book and her fingers are like a pale pink colour. I try to see what the meaning is, and understand the owner while scanning too.

    The words… they seem to be half real words and half words that she made? She was unsure on how to use language then? Or was she not taught the full amount? Why would she use only half of the language? What language was it?

    Then I arrive at one of the pictures… this lady, this girl. She is talking to someone, but there is nobody next to her? What is this, a spirit? A guide? Is she crazy, schizophrenic? This being she is talking to in her head, is the one helping with the information in regards to women in general. I try to understand more when I see the images fade and my being is pulled out of the book.

    I see the lady in front of me now, she is wearing some blue dress, dark blue. She is a little bit taller than me and has short, curly, blonde hair. She is looking intently at me, her eyes are not brown, why? She is mad, she is also scared and aggravated, I can see that much into her eyes.

    Plan to reach out to her and scan her directly when I feel something push me aside and then see myself fall on the floor of my room. What!?

    I see someone look at me from above the roof, in a hole in between space/time. Another woman, this one is different and she seems strong, she is shielding the one I was about to touch as if she were a little kid. Which she technically is, only being 35-40 but anyways. I get up and prepare to go up there when the woman speaks.

    She has a voice that resounds within the room and actually dares to tell me not to read the book. Or more specifically “Human, do not interfere in the affairs of others. It is not your place to read this book and its contents, you are forbidden from learning them” she says.

    I of course get mad and then look atop me, where she is located as she closes the door. The next thing she knows is I flew to it, scanned the coordinates and teleported back, grabbing the woman by the head and smashing her against a telekinetic wall I created below her then toss her aside.

    The woman is now scared, and clutches on the book strongly. I am about to reach her when I feel the pull again.

    This time create a black hole around myself and then see a light shine upon it that destroys it. When I look again after the light is gone there is another woman, who has not encaged the girl inside a light bubble and the other two are glaring at me.

    “Be gone, human!” “This is not for you, you are forbidden to be here!” she says. “HA!” is my reply to them before jumping at both.

    Chains come from both of their hands and I try to electrocute them, but the chains are magical, no electricity flows through them. The chains wrap around both my arms and legs and then I see them chanting something. More chains? This is nothing compared to Edat!

    I stop their chanting by devouring their silly chains and then smash them both in the face. Go for the girl when a third one appears… GOSH. Leave me alone. Take out claws and stab the one on the stomach but there is no damage.

    The other two chain me again so this time absorb the chains and shot them back at them, then start doing a spell myself. Make a flare strong enough to dispel the cage and create a supernova. Try to reach the lady when she is teleported away by one of the woman while another contains my flare and the third one starts another chant.

    I start screaming myself and cancel her chant, then get stabbed with a sword made of light? A wave of light pulsates from within my stomach and throughout my body. I absorb the light then make it unstable enough that it blows up, making a small dent on the sword that is about to restore itself.

    Quickly grab the sword and infect it with my energy, making it explode again and me eating that energy then start shooting at the others.

    While fighting them one looks at me annoyed “Are you really human?” “I am a monster human!” I reply to her when setting a spell to absorb their energy from them.

    They stop me and one of them looks me in the face. Prepare to bite her face off so she punches me out of the way. I fly about for a long time but have already deployed more of my abilities. Am Scanning the world. One of them stops Scan and then creates a huge cage around me “Shall we destroy him; can we fight him?” asks the first woman I had encountered “NO!” scream the other two as if they can not interfere with me.

    As they get distracted with this, use DT and teleport next to one of them, eating her arm myself then infecting her. The other two are about to stop me, so stab them with my hair spikes then slash at them with vibrating claws and then create voids around them to absorb their energy. The damaged one had said no, but she seems intent on fighting me properly this time.

    She deploys some wings and makes an instant chanting which envelops me in light which starts to stab me. I start laughing because of this and then use the stabs to create a magic pattern that breaks me free then teleport on top of her and smash on her when another stops me “STOP IT” she says, stab her too and then use the stabbing spell on her with my own energy. She screams and her scream makes everything stop around us, including movement of the other two.

    I break free just as quickly as the other two and then a fourth one appears, kicks me back to my room and says we can not continue. She says they are forbidden from fighting against a human like me and points at my body. I am confused, they start screaming at each other “That is no human!” one of them says “I must take my revenge” the other fights on grabbing her regenerated arm that is now covered in dark scars, I laugh and prepare to go at then when I hear my cat.

    The last one who showed up finally tells the other three to shut up, that I am about to wake up and closes the portal. Sure enough my cat Coffees wakes me up, GAH!

    That was unexpectedly annoying

    by Hukif on 07-04-2019 at 05:08 AM
    Tuesday July 2nd 2019

    Nothing done, since I didn’t get to sleep.
    Tuesday July 3rd 2019

    Oh, nightmares!

    For some reason, I only had two nightmares. Despite waking up just got back to the same dream, though that made it easy to be lucid.

    The first nightmare, I was home and there was this sense of dread. I felt this right after feeling the presence of Scott. First thought that finally, he had decided to show up since I was naggin him a lot and trying to reach him.

    However he never showed up and instead just had this weird thing without face show around. I was getting pissed since it was just running away and suddenly it attacked family members saying they would kill them.

    I teleport next to the girl holding someone and rip her apart, the other guy kills the family member and prepares to attack when I munch his face… his faceless face out then continue with his body, do they seriously believe I would fall for that? Did feel scared throughout the dream, but was also annoyed I was looked down at like that.

    Go meet family members who apparently didn’t even die… whatever, who cares. Talked to them about the dream and how we were all dreaming before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    For the second nightmare I keep getting calls. Why am I even in my house… anyway I am lucid so don’t bother with the cellphone until it rings after I destroy it.

    Apparently it is my… ex? What, when… what? I look to the side as instructed by the voice on the other end and see the idiot there waving at me, so I go smash him against the wall and toss him out the house.

    Apparently his idea is to make me break up? But… this is a dream, it won’t work? I still feel pissed off though about the nightmare. So when I am out slam him gently against the floor several times, face front to tear his stupid teeth off, break them.

    He keeps talking like its no big deal so smash him a bit harder and he finally tells me to stop when a girl comes by, apparently afraid of the sight.

    He is no longer the same person and now looks like a woman… the girl’s sister from what I scan off of her. She is pleading for help so I tell her this is NOT her sister. She does not believe me of course and prepares to make a scene, so glare down at him and ask him “What is your name” she hesitates and I tell the girl this is such a shitty attempt he doesn’t even knows his own name or the name of her sister.

    So I keep slamming his head against things when someone tries to stop me, fine! I take him to his hosue and then get followed by someone else, whom I force to look after him. When I look the idiot, slam him some more, get pissed at the stupid nightmare, then get pissed at me losing time… so make sure that I take it out on someone and make some infections much needed before waking myself up, still angry.

    Been tired sucks

    by Hukif on 07-04-2019 at 05:07 AM
    Monday July 1st 2019

    So tired…

    I was walking around, my arms and legs hurt a little bit. Became lucid while walking. Some kind of desert? No, hiding in a different planet may not be the best idea, plus I already paid for the apartment so teleport back there.

    When I arrive see a lot of people. What happened? Apparently there is some kind of party going on, I just go somewhere else then, teleport to another part of the planet and stay there resting; what shall I be doing now?

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around the place, become lucid while walking. Do not know what exactly to do, so just jump down where I am and feel a bit of pain. Still hurting? This should have healed a long time ago!

    I’m not sure what to do so just keep playing around, go to eat at one plaze with the flesh king and then go back to my apartment to lay around for a bit.

    Pinoccio my kid!

    by Hukif on 07-01-2019 at 05:47 AM
    Sunday June 30th 2019

    Yo Pino, tell the others to get ready to receive me next week.

    I’m talking to someone on the street, become lucid and decide I want to do something fun.

    Teleport in the middle of an underground maze I find using scan and start to fight right there with anything that comes my way.

    It doesn’t take long for me to find that there are no longer any creatures following me and try to find them myself but wake up after a short while.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m in some weird cave- Become lucid when standing up due to the weird gravity.

    Talk to the wall and ask it about the place but it seems I was the one who came over to this place in the last dream. Go over to the exit when I hear something follow behind.

    Look back and see some weird creature, like a big scorpion I believe. The thing is coming at me. Use scan and see that it feels angry because I beat the other creatures inside.

    Try to tell it that nobody was killed and there should be no problems but it is taking none of it and continues to attack.

    I am just dodging the attacks, it tries to claw me and sting me several times so just evade until it pisses me off and throw it down then hold it with TK and tell it to leave me alone before moving forward but wake up soon after due to my cat meowing loudly.

    Back to sleep.

    I am reading something, it is night time and no idea why I am here and not reading something in the computer instead? Oh wait, the weight of everything is off!

    Quickly jump out of the way and then start flying. Where, do I want to go?

    Last time when I had just arrived to this planet, something made me feel weird. There was this creature I knew was stronger than the rest that made me feel scared.

    Use scan in the whole planet and then get blocked by something.

    Teleport to where I had been blocked and see a giant… oh no, that was a mountain. The thing is attacking from behind. Hold it down with TK then slam it to the ground.

    The ground shatters and then erupts up to me, for some reason despite it been normal rocks it feels like they are hurting me? Stop them with TK and then the thing teleports above me. Use a giant fireball and shot it up the sky outside the planet.

    The thing comes back down and then some shadow-like things encircle me and try to trap me down. Is this what I felt last time? Stop the things and then eat them, while they make you feel scared that is not exactly a bad thing for me.

    Quickly go into rage mode due to the fear and start taking bites of the thing, then it breaks down. The shadow that was there before shows a smaller thing, like an Elephant come out and with the shape of a gator.

    It hisses and then shots a beam of energy. I stop it and then crush it underneath me, he is scary but not stronger than the flesh king.

    Think about it and teleport to the flesh king’s palace. He is no longer in the throne and neither is the daughter who despite been stronger seems to have given the option to the brother?

    They recognize me instantly and are about to attack when the previous king stops them. We communicate using Scan since I cannot speak their language.

    The next thing I know is that the king knew I could have killed him and fought against his sons at the time but didn’t so he believes that I just am a human fighter and not a human conqueror.

    I tell them that yes, I am just playing around cause I like fighting. The king mentions how his girl is just like that and that this is the reason that she was not given the position as queen as she could try to overthrow other species and then to create a huge war again, and so the son who is more down to earth was a better choice as king.

    We talk for a while and I learn about their civilization. They do seem to eat humans but that is not a problem, since in their lands humans can’t survive. I wonder how in the world then they got such a big supply… but then remember the guys trying to invade. The king is wise and I like him very much.

    Also ask them to let me touch their flesh feathers, which feel weird since they pulsate, enjoy my stay there very much but feel myself about to wake up and go back to the human land.

    Back to sleep.

    This time I am walking a very lively plaza. Become lucid while walking and start to wonder what I should be doing… oh, maybe get a house?

    I think about living here for a few days then give up on the idea since I need to get stronger, get out of Lyseno and move on with my goals.

    Still find a good place to rent and move over to once everything is said and done so just keep walking through the plaza and ask around.

    People tell me about a rather cheap place so I go and fly over there.

    When I arrive, see a lot of people outside, it is still in the middle of the afternoon and the sun has yet to set so that may be why it’s so lively. A lot of kids roaming the streets, people looking around and purchasing things in the small shops owned by people renting here.

    I ask for the landlady and request one of the houses, she shows me around and says she will give me one small room… no I want one of the houses.

    She starts to argue with me until I make diamonds out of nowhere and other things I saw sold for this planet and give them to her, she quickly hides the stuff and tells me to accompany her, get myself a one floor, 7 room place. The bathroom is super big and has 3 sections, 2 for actually been used and another for taking a shower.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m checking something in bed, well not mine. Do become lucid at some point while checking and remember this is the place I just rented. Gave enough to the lady for at least 10 years so don’t worry too much about it and go look around.

    What will happen if I am absent for too long though? Try to think of a solution so teleport my husband here and let him roam free.

    When I do that remember all my other goals! Obviously the next step is to try and summon some of the people from overseas to try and DS with them. So I go ahead and do that… but first will go with him and show him around and give him information on how to survive on this world so he can keep this house occupied. Also make a clone of myself to live with him whenever I’m not around.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m playing some kind of game, become lucid while playing and decide to enter into the game… terrible idea. The game was a Tetris game so it was super boring after a while and ended up waking myself.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m walking around a very rowdy street. While walking become lucid due to the weird gravity and then think back… oh still here!

    First go to the bathroom and eat a bit with husband, since why not?

    Once we are done go outside again and decide to start summoning people.

    I try with the group from the gateway, since I cannot go out right now.

    Two people arrive, one is a rather tall lady and the other one a slightly smaller guy? I’m not sure and don’t really care. They came down on the street and are looking around, minding their own business.

    I try to talk to the lady thinking she is Becky? No? Well whatever already summoned people. Start to wonder if I even got them right, since I don’t know anything like their genders or the like.

    I remember sending a doll… when I am back to myself and out of my thoughts they are gone so teleport to the closest one, which is the lady.

    I try to tell her that I am Hukif and that I sent her something made of Clay not too long ago in a dream. Ask her if she recognizes me at all. She looks at me and says nothing so we move on, I take out a phone and ask her to show me something I do not know.

    She looks around the phone and shows me a convo, twice I see that someone was mentioned, maybe me? I can’t read the text because it’s an image and it’s a little bit too small for me.

    Right below the two mentions which are relatively long, there are at least 6 rows of short text. I try to ask her what it says but no response is given. Ask her if she liked the clay work pot I sent but apparently it did not even arrive?

    At this point the sun has already set and its night time already. I try to gather more information, the only thing I can get is that Becky likes clay… so I was right? Can’t get anything else before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m with myself… where did everyone go? Everything feels super heavy so get lucid from that and try to remember my goals. I have to summon people… no, something else!

    Can’t remember so go back to the house and just rest there, trying to think of my goal.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m back… to the house but at the top? No I need something else.

    Fly above the sky and think, yes! I have only one desire and goal right now, and that is to break free from Lyseno.

    I had already guessed due to scan before and saw it already in my body last time. They divided Lyseno by sections and each one of them is taking care of a place, it also seems they all came to greet me rather than fight last time but if I want to leave will have to defeat them, and I will do it.

    Start to call for the robot. He is by all intents and purposes the one who holds this place under control and takes care of any warriors too strong for their own world who are causing trouble.

    Possibly the reason why I kept having to teleport randomly whenever trouble was there, so he could make sure that there was no issue with me.

    By the time he arrives I am already outside of the planet, on that star system waiting.

    He comes flying from afar, as to show no hostility towards me and he just stands there in the void of space. He makes signs which I don’t get so communicate through Scan, much easier and this way he will understand me, can’t use words here after all.

    He responds and we talk for a minute or two. He will not allow me to leave as that is his purpose. I try to talk to him and tell him he was not named when this world was created, but I will now give him a name, his new name will be Pinoccio like the first puppet, as he is as far as I am concerned the ultimate puppet robot, the master of himself. Plus, its cookie cutter enough.

    He snorts, too bad I can’t hear him. He also laughs in his mind and then conveys the next thing to me “Name me only after you prove your worth, you weak being” maybe he does not recognize me? I was the one who created this place… wait, yeah, my rules and myself should have changed that, fine then, let me show you just how strong I am!

    He shots at me with a beam like thingy, I stop it midway and then he comes from the side.

    We are too close to things so I fly way past the edge of this universe, Pino follows suit. I do wonder if he realizes that to some degree I am his father… oh well whatever.

    We finally arrive to a secure place in a few seconds and he thanks me for thinking of the world. He asks me how long I have been training for this. Wonder what he means, just jump to attack him.

    When I am about to attack he is nowhere to be seen, but already deployed Scan and can sense him already. Make four big stars to attack behind me where he should be at. Before he gets struck some kind of saw goes through, absorbs the light and then makes the stars explode.

    I absorb the force of the stars on the palm of my hand and teleport in front of him “I was…” he says, I finish the phrase “Expecting this?” attack and when he is about to block use a tune from waking life, my Cat meowing as an extra to his calculations.

    The extra throws him off guard and I connect the hit, then continue hitting him from all sides. He then switches to a faster mode and starts to counter so I just go faster too and start to play a song through Scan just at the same speed and use that little psychological trick to make him slower.

    He slowly but surely gets slower then realizes what happened and slows down all time around us, I get affected by it and he punches me in the face then some things appear next to his arm as he is punching me in the face and beams of energy come out.

    I absorb it by creating a black hole around us that dispels near instantly, he says that if several stars could do nothing, a black hole had no place here. I use again my power of randomness and hit him with ducks then create a giant black hole, the size of a galaxy around us.

    It seems to take him by surprise and then there is a huge explosion. The black hole flattens and something comes out from there. This puppet, Pinoccio my little boy made a machine out of his own body big enough to rival the meteor I was about to launch at him.

    I look at the damn machine dissecting and collecting the rocks of the meteor I had just created away, slowly like it was kids play. He then proceeds to close his eyes, I know he can read the future through math calculations and yet feel somewhat taken back by the fact he will now be stronger, just by concentrating on mathematical input rather than pure input.

    I switch over to nightmare mode and spread my cells all over the place then start dancing with him.

    The next thing I see when going towards him is a gun materialize, way bigger than me below me and shot a ray, try to stop it then use all my energy to make a shield around it to make it explode. Where in the world did he learn to use this kind of blaster? That shit had enough force to shake a small universe like my own!

    He continues to shot this kind of thing casually and I am mostly evading when out of the blue he comes at me again, I get thrown back and when I am about to stop another of those shots comes from behind.

    I look through Scan and realize that they are not materializing, they are already there and been controlled skillfully through the giant planet sized machine that he has made. I try to use speed to outrun the process of mathematical calculation of his and the machine but the machine moves around us only and he can move at the same speed I use, dang!

    How can I not defeat him yet! I try to calm down and then make a layered barrier around me. When he attacks I teleport at random then create again the random spell. Cannot win just by sheer force or speed or intelligence, he can outmatch me in the later so badly that I will be just a random sitting duck for him.

    Teleport again and clap, hundreds of waves of water come out from my hands. He blocks them and another shot comes down from me, the shot is stopped amidst the sea of water that was created so he uses the machine, makes it dry and shots again, this time it is stopped by time then by a construction of a world in between us.

    The machine suddenly stops and he is in front of me throwing me down, see another shot from my side so absorb it then explode myself when he is closer, maybe he was expecting it? I see he go through the exploring with nearly no damage then more machines appear and they keep shooting at me at incredible speeds.

    At this point we are already moving at about the same speed we used to get here and I keep losing slowly but surely. It seems like he is already aware of his win! GAH!

    Teleport some weapons around me and try to fight him back, the explosions, the gunshots, everything is way too fast for me to keep up with it, he is using more than I can take. Start using my clothes to create tentacles and transform my hands into claws then start to teleport among the cells I have that are all around.

    He keeps pinpointing them all and eventually gets a blade in through my stomach, he then looks down to realize his arm has been absorbed. He is about to deflect when I spit blood on him and start analyzing and absorbing him.

    He then uses the damn machine again, I stop the machine midair “Pure energy, plus self recoiled energy?” he looks surprised but continues to attack. At this time I am using also noise from waking to throw him off since he can’t calculate it, as it is random to him.

    Start devouring slowly all the parts of the machine he has created so far, has been analyzing it so far so know he will make another one at any given time and when he does eat all of it down then get punched down with a saw coming from his arm, the damn thing goes through my jaw and then he tries to go for my head.

    Behind me, a giant mass blocking my way. How heavy is that thing and when did he construct it? I absorb it and shot that energy towards him to block the saw then get slammed against another construction? When did that happen…

    I am starting to bleed profusely, so decide to start teleporting not only myself but other cells around. The blood gets all around in his machines and I eat away at it then block him in place by stopping all matter, but he breaks free right away.

    The guy comes for me, and is shooting more of those damn things while making matter and reality be distorted. I stop it by connecting to the machines and reversing it on him, he finally stops and I manage to hit him finally, he cuts off my leg and use that leg to eat his arm and eat part of his core myself.

    Push him down, stop the core since I have analyzed it now and then dissect his connecting with the world, I know he will get it back soon enough and make another perma-energy thing, unlimited power for his machines and all that.

    But in the meantime, stop all his movements, deplete his energy source and manage to block him again. Once he is all out of energy and will be unable to reload himself before resting.

    I stop, compose myself, heal and then look at him. He asks me when I will kill him “Guardian of this world, my son, now you have a name” tell him, he seems frustrated so tell him I will leave. Before doing so however tell him to gather his brothers and sisters, as I will come back and fight them all at the same time before leaving this world they so closely protect. He says I won’t be able to, giving how badly he had damaged me during this one fight. I kept getting shot, sliced and slammed against things, he tries to provoke me, he says that it will be easier if I take him out right there.

    Tell him again to talk to his brothers once he is back on his feet, he is right. I might as well just give up right now considering how badly he managed to hurt me, I got shot so many times by those damn blasters. I couldn’t even try to use big crunch or bang on him, given how fast we were fighting, but that does not mean I will fight tomorrow. Tell him again to relay the message before teleporting to another planet, and I liked the previous one so much…

    No title

    by Hukif on 06-30-2019 at 09:03 PM
    June 25th 2019

    This time I took care of the humans.

    They had made some giant machines to advance and destroy. Which to some degree was ok until they decided to just kill anything on sight.

    Teleport in front of the machine and stop it. I see some small human look on the machine at me and then tell the others to shot me down.

    Make a barrier around myself and then use my clothes to create spears that go through the machine destroying it completely.

    Back to sleep.

    After destroying their machines I needed to take out their resources, so what I did next was go to their plants and destroy them.

    Back to sleep.

    Was with someone who looked similar to a family member in waking, asked them about their funder and what they were using as fuel so then teleported to their military base, took out all soldiers and then proceeded to move over to the fuel plant, destroying every single bit of it at once.

    June 26th 2019

    Slept more, but had a lot more work and eventually forgot everything.

    June 27th 2019

    Actually had good recall, but some big event happened in waking that upset my recall… meh.

    June 28th 2019

    I was still mad at what had happened yesterday so most of the dream I spent walking around, annoyed and just exploring the cities after I had taken out their fuels.

    Most people were ok with it, the only ones who were mad were the ones who wanted to explore further and destroy the treat of other species. But from what I could gather of what people told me while exploring, each zone is different.

    Apparently, this was a safe zone for humans and that is why they were able to thrive like this. And according to the people I spent my time with, most of the public wanted to not advance considering that the creature (Apparently, they were told it was a non human who attacked) that did this, is not the only one out there. They were aware that if they upset the wrong species, a whole army of them would come to this safe zone and probably kill them all.

    Back to sleep.

    I was talking to more people and gathering information, eventually recalled about my goals and tried to teleport to someone but was stopped by the guardians.

    So instead sent a single jar made of clay to someone, but didn’t know who to send it to. Was just hoping for the best.

    Back to sleep.

    I was again looking around. This time recalled about my other goal with Scott, so tried to summon him and failed. Tried to go to him but then was interrupted by some kind of explosion.

    Went to explore and found the humans terrified, apparently there was some kind of creature coming out of the underground?

    Went down there and found a snake… lots of snakes lately. The snake tried to strangle me and bite my neck, which ended in my eating it and leaving nothing behind. The people were happy and scared at the same time that the advancement of the other people destroyed the safe zone.

    Saturday June 29th 2019

    Didn’t do much in regards to goals, but learnt a whole lot.

    Was talking to someone in a busy street, became lucid due to the weird gravity and decided to do some goals. Except I couldn’t remember them?

    I looked up onto the sky and saw that the world had a blue like light, asked around and found 4 moons were present in this planet.

    This zone with the blue moon was the most peaceful and where normally civilizations thrived.

    Where I was at before, where everything was big was a normal moon, a large rock. Apparently since that moon had no special effect creatures were always in a constant match for power.

    Among them, the race of birds that I fought before were one of the strongest species known. While lizards were especially proliferous where the “Giant Moon” was at, for some reason due to the gravitational pull of this giant planet and its star, the moons do not move but they are overshadowed during the morning because of the star and shine brightly themselves during night.

    Back to sleep.

    I was in a library, still talking to the person from before. Got lucid due to the person and gravity and we continued talking for a while.

    I tried to ask about the race of lizards and he told me about big lizards that are similar to what other species call dragons. He told me about how terrifying they were and how they normally travel around the planet once they are strong enough.

    The only reason they can’t reach there is because the King of the birds normally kills them or fights them off, so they don’t mind the civilizations and just go straight there to test their own power.

    I asked him if he referred to the flesh king and told him about how I had met him, he laughed it off and told me about what he knew from exploration marks done by mankind.

    I confirmed many things with him and then left somewhere else.