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      Oh, I hope your SO is ok! And hopefully the robbers got caught! And I'll keep you in mind when I get something testable in VR, it might be a while since working full time and my long commute don't leave me much time to work on it. Free cakes would be awesome! I hope you're doing well.
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      Hi! I would probably be at your shop a lot if I lived near you, baked goods and chocolates... yum! It's been a while so I just thought I'd say hi and how's it going? I've been busy between work and an online class dealing with making virtual reality games. I'm just at the beginning of it. Do you have an android or ios phone and like creepy games? I'm not even close yet, but my goal is to make a virtual reality game for mobile devices, and I want to make a creepy one with several ways you can choose to play it to get different endings. If that sounds like something you would like I can keep you in mind for when it's ready to be tested. Well I hope things are going good for you. Lucid dreams to you.
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      Hey Hukif! Life is well but pretty busy. It's been keeping me distracted from dream life lol.
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      Yeah, itís a great paying job doing what I always wanted, or close to it. Programmer, but not game designer. But Iíll keep at game design on my own and maybe get my own business going. Thatís cool that you have your own business. What do you do? And even better that youíre expanding.
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      Hi! Not much going on with me, been busy with work a lot, and a long commute, trying to keep up with some dreams. I'm glad you made it through those earthquakes ok. How are things going with you?
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      Happy birthdayyyyy ^^
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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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      Check Skype
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      It's been quite a while.
      Are you still hanging around here?
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    Creating a new persistent realm, claiming it and breaking the last seal I made back in the beggining of my journey are my goals right now


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    Recent Entries

    Comp Day 8 - 13 SO sad

    by Hukif on 04-02-2018 at 05:07 AM
    Not been able to sleep for such a long time, was time wasting. On the bright side might be a good start to a great job, on the bad side couldn't do much and the elven kid started to get more and more ideas as time went on in regards to my origins.

    Can't tell he was wrong, to some degree in the current dream body I am nothing more than a spirit or soul, and he thought ofm e as a kind of soul that was lost and was jumping from body to body searching for something. But whatever.

    From 24th to 29th march 2018

    Comp Day 7 - Of curses and angels

    by Hukif on 03-30-2018 at 04:59 PM
    Friday March 23rd 2018

    I was walking around the street, became lucid while walking and it seemed like the kid was about to buy something when he realized that I was there and told me the boss was looking for me.

    He started by saying something about a curse that we had to cure in an important building, I was bored by the history and wasn't that happy at all, so just told him I would be going soon and woke up.

    Back to sleep.

    Sitting in front of a desk, someone passes me over something that is heavy and become lucid because of that... ok? The boss says she already realized that I get stronger when something heavy comes my way so that is why she passed it over. oh well damn how clever of her!

    So she is saying that we have this new job about protecting a super ancient structure of a weird religious cult and make sure that nothing bad happens to it.

    I am forced into the building and nothing is done for a long time. All I do is phase through the walls and people in order to scare them thinking I am some kind of evil spirit and that's about it.

    Back to sleep.

    Waiting for something to happen, become lucid while waiting and... oh, damn. Get bored right away and someone walks from the outside and throws something at us. I stop it with TK and place it down to which they answer that this place is really cursed.

    I hear some music from outside so try to phase and suddenly the angel statues start moving and attacking me! I grab them and kick them some, but for some reason my powers are blocked? Destroy one of the statues then fly outside and find that they are doing some kind of ritual with a doll.

    Go over to them, grab the doll, break it and scream at them for making me angry then phase back to the building and apparently I can use all my powers again yay!... no wait, destroyed one of the statues myself. So get it all together again using TK and then paste it with earht bending powers and pretend nothing ever happened before waking up and letting all the blame fall on the elven kid yes.

    Comp Day 6 - No jobs today

    by Hukif on 03-30-2018 at 04:28 PM
    Thursday March 22nd

    I was home with the elven kid, became lucid while he was trying to cook. Spend most of the time in the dreams with the kid trying to cook something decent but he really does suck at it.

    Eventually took over AGAIN and taught him how to cook at least some rice and eggs, then gave him the food to taste and ate with him, we were taking turns on using the body. I think he appriciated that, asked if there was anything the boss told him to do but it seemed that no, there was no job for us today.

    Day 5 Comp - Cause I hate you

    by Hukif on 03-23-2018 at 04:42 PM
    Wednesday March 21st 2018

    It was a short night, but still fun.

    Walking around a park, seems to be a day off? Become lucid midway and ask the kid why he is in a park, he seems to be super depressed about last night. He is sad that I was frustrated about his weakness and wants to become stronger, he also believes I hate him.

    Explain to him that I do not hate him and then ask him if he knows how to read. Take him to a library and he seems to be able to read just fine, so we choose something from there that can be read quickly since I will be waking up.

    He chooses a manga about vampires oddly similar to Noblesse and I find that super cute, so tell him I will give him something special today because I hate him.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading a manga, become lucid while flipping the pages due to the weight; once I am lucid tell the kid which character he liked the most and then we teleport inside of the manga using the power I stole from the guy at the lab the other day.

    Once inside, he gets hyper and does not realize that we are right now playing the role of a powerless creature so we end up going in circles and getting tired...

    Back to sleep.

    Going up some stairs, I feel super afraid for some reason and have to go back down. Become lucid once I'm at the bottom and then realize that the character is afraid of heights. The kid is still having fun.

    We get attacked by some people and we punch them, then move to another location and the kid starts explaining to me that in a few minutes a vampire will come and bite us, oh how fun! I in the meantime tell him will wake up and take off the alarm.

    Back to sleep.

    Looking at a pond, become lucid while standing up. The vampire does come and bites us, then he sends 3 dogs to attack us. We are supposed to wait for one of hte good vampires to come and save the day but I like fighting too much.

    Make a bow and arrow with magic and shot one dog, jump to the left and stab another with the bow then shot the last one with my bow again on the head and done, the other vampire is scared because the good guy arrived.

    In the meantime let the kid take control and use my new vampire powers to create another limb to stop the vampire blood from advancing further into their body so he now has two hearts. Everyone seems to be amazed by that and I just lay low and let the kid have fun, because I hate him.

    Day 4 Comp - I could do much better than this

    by Hukif on 03-23-2018 at 04:33 PM
    Tuesday 20th March 2018

    (Was meaning to journal more in detail, but it seems it won't do)

    Was checking something out in a weird neighbor and became lucid midway, the elven kid seems to have gotten used to the new place and was walking out, from what I have right now it is night time and we need some supplies. Go to the store and talk a bit with the store owner, get some food and go back home, the elven kid wants to learn how to cook... so wait, he does not know how to cook?

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something on a sofa, become lucid while changing the pages and... he is waiting for me. The kid asks me how it is that we cook something. Go with him to the kitchen and prepare to turn on the oven but then it isn't working, ask him if he already bought the gas but he is confused about it.

    The house also has electricity but he has nothing to make it work. Set up a fire on top of my head and then start to teach him the basics. Since I don't want to be bothered to go for gas tell him he needs to purchase it and install it and just start cooking using my own fire and then cool the food using wind magic.

    The kid also has some trouble sweeping and the room seems to be a mess, so teach him how to change the gravity of things and make them float around the room so that he can clean easily, he seems to be super happy.

    Back to sleep.

    Watching TV, get out and become lucid on the way, the kid wanted to watch more TV.... he also tells me about something the manager gave him that is giving him some trouble and we get back home, it seems he was given a cellphone and does not know how to use it.

    We have somewhere around 59 lost calls and 1 message that says that someone is coming to pursue us, apparently the difficult part of the job finally paid off! The kid had to be taught everything about the damn cellphone and I was there wasting my time, since there is someone coming for us I tell him that we better leave the house or it could be destroyed, we end up at the corner of the street but I wake up before anything can be done.

    Back to sleep.

    We are outside, become lucid while walking around in circles and ask the kid if anything happened. He says that no, the only weird thing is a band of thugs at the other side who don't move and someone already passed by several times.

    I send some rain the way of the thugs and they leave, the other person passes again and we jump at them, they quickly turn around and shot at us but we phase through him and his weapons.

    The person quickly turns around and starts crushing down on us with very strong TK. I use my Hypno in order to make it not affect us and then I make him lighter, shooting him up into the sky, he stops himself with TK.

    I believe this person feels similar to the guy I killed the other day? Oh well, when he gets himself back down tell the kiddo I will teach him something interesting. Cover ourselves in a shield made of TK and shot us with anti-gravity to the exosphere, where he can watch space. Then using TK and a gravity link between me and earth, try to pull down a meteor as big as the moon.

    We come back crashing onto earth and then a meteor follows. The other guy screams and when I look up I scream too... the meteor is so small! It is no bigger than a house! I keep using TK to bring it down and kill the guy but feel so dissapointed, I could bring down meteors the size of stars and this thing isn't even a house!? My TK is so weak...

    There is really no explosion since the other guy stops the meteor with his TK himself, but do manage to splat his body using the meteors natural force, gravity and my TK, still feel dissapointed as hell.