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      Nightmare, not really sure if it was lucid.

      It's kind of fragmented, but I think moving some parts to footnotes helped. You don't necessarily have to read it, but it could help with context.
      Spoiler for Dream:

      All through it, I knew it couldn't be real, but I never actually thought the word "dream." It felt like my dreams do when they're either really, really lucid, or completely nonlucid, except in the complete nonlucids I just assume the world works that way, and have no idea that nothing is real. I knew it was all "like" a dream, though like I said, I never actually thought the word dream, so I could have known it was actually a dream instead of thinking it was similar to a dream- does this need clarification? If so, how?
      Anyway, even though it was pretty nonlucid for the first part, after about (lucid here 1?) or possibly (lucid here 2?) (the 1 and 2 indicate how likely it was that the change to lucidity occured, not merely chronological order), it was exactly like a lucid dream. Except, of course, that I never thought the word dream. People have explained "dreaming about being lucid" (and I hate that phrase, because it's just wrong) as thinking "it's a dream," but not knowing it's a dream, and this was sort of the inverse of that.
      Can anyone help?
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      Isn't it that if you know your in a dream, then you're lucid? I don't see the need for you to say it or think it as long as you know it, so... I say you were lucid, and in a cool one at that, I want a duplication room, would solve my money problems XD
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