I know I seem to be new here, but I was a lurker about a year ago and can't remember my log in. I don't think my old account exists anymore, so I created a new one.

Last night, I had an actual lucid dream. I thought I had before, but it kept falling apart on me. This one did not. I don't remember much about the dream before I went lucid, but what I remember is I was at the edge of a parking lot and there was a car in a spot. Inside the car was Miley and Jackson Stewart (from Hannah Montana TV show). I greeted them warmly.

"Miley, Jackson! I haven't seen you since the last time you came into my dreams." I said to them. Knowing I was dreaming, I turned around, back to them. I found myself infront of my daughter's crib. I leapt into the air, knowing I can fly. After flying around the room, which had an incredibly high ceiling, I found myself driving down the road between the towns I grew up in and the town I currently live in. I was following someone down this road, and decided I can go faster than driving. I climbed out the window (or something like that) and flew, taking a shortcut to the house I grew up in. I got close and nose-dived into the yard. I decided I didn't do that right, so I went up again, then down again. That was fun, so I did it again.

When I woke up, I knew I'd had a lucid dream. Knowing I was dreaming and controlling it. And this time, it didn't fall apart like my other lucid had.