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      Entering a dream

      ive always liked reading about this part of WILD'ing (i think). can someone tell me some experiences they had during the transition to a dream?
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      Hey nooooob, you know that name is gunna bother you once your not noobalicious anymore.....

      I too love hearing about the conscious transition into a dream, its my favorite part, here are my experiences....

      1- I saw the back of my eye lids and then saw swirls, one of the swirls became a bright red apple and I knew I was begining to dream, then the apple sucked me in and I entered a dream scene fully aware...

      2- There wasn't much of a transition, I went back to sleep thinking lucid thoughts, then I felt a wierd cold feeling, then tingling and then I "woke up", looked around my room and it looked hazy, I knew I was dreaming, so I got out of bed and explored my dream apartment.....

      3-I woke up with sleep paralysis and tried to not fight it, I laid still (obviously) and thought I wll be dreaming soon, then I felt myself falling backwards, it felt like I fell through my bed. Then I was on the floor of my room, I got up, did a nose pinch and flew out my apartment

      How about you - any wild experiences?

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      I'm also interested in some of the WILD experiences, having never fully experienced SP and only the pre stage which involved mostly heaviness, numbness and some vibrations which ranged from small to medium intensity
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      It wasn't quite a WILD, but a DEILD that I was aware of and was still a conscious transition into a dream so i guess this still counts. After waking up from a lucid, I concentrated on going back into one and I 'felt' my body stand up and as I slowly turned round the dream scene unfolded around me. The strange thing is that there was this woman's voice telling me to "be careful" as I was turning!


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