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      Last night's lucid dream, utilising different techniques

      I have had quite a few lucid dreams before last night, but last night was the most amount of LDs I have had in one night, and for the longest time. Combined it must have been way over 10 mins. I attribute that to the tutorials and people's suggestions on this fantastic forum! Thanks guys

      One thing that did work for me to prolong my lucidity (I can't remember where I read it), was pushing my tongue into the roof of my mouth at certain stages that I could remember. I think if I could keep that going through the entire dream, I would be able to keep control for longer periods.

      However I did read a users suggestion of blinking eyes really quickly, but for me, that just ended up with them getting stuck together and almost waking me up, so I didn't try that again

      Before I went to sleep, I had been reading about reality checks, and this was important in first realising I was sleeping. I had just got off the toilet, and I thought I might be dreaming, but wanted to make sure before I started doing stupid things. I went in different rooms of my house and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Even pressing my finger into my hand and that didn't seem out of the ordinary. Luckily though, in my room the window is broken, so when I could open it without it falling of, it started my lucid dream spell

      By this time it had been the third of the night (the others can not be mentioned) and I wanted to prolong the dream, so I adopted the spin technique. I've used this technique before but this time I made sure I was physically spinning, which led me to performing some kind of pirouette.

      As I was doing the pirouette - realising that I would be able to control the dream - the whole thing turned into a kind of musical. It was a Grecian sea side scene, with me being at the top of a cobbled street, looking down it to the sun setting over the horizon.

      It was an overcast day but as a musical tune in the background started kicking in, and I was making my dream do things I wanted, I ended each action (and priouette) with "I am Goooood (God)!". So I made the clouds disappear (I am Goood), I made fountains of water jump up all along the costal wall of the beach (I am Gooood) and made them stop on demand, ultimately proving to the people around me that (I am Goooood).

      I wouldn't mind, but I don't really like musicals.

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      Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun last night xD Keep it up. I've yet to make my clouds disappear in a lucid dream (or even try for that matter), so thank you for giving me something else to add to my list. Keep up the god work.
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      Sounds awesome! Remember to have confidence and keep trying!
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