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      I am Gladiator

      We were lined up under the Coliseum, waiting to go into the arena. I was essentially in the place of Russel Crowe in Gladiator. We were picking up swords, shields, armor, I remember that I needed to hide my face from the Emperor.
      Someone was instructing us to say '"We who are about to die salute you!" to the Emperor. If you've seen the movie, you know what the emperor did to my family. I looked for a helmet and face shield to hide my identity.
      All the equipment was made of modern materals, not crude metal. The helmets were like the motocross ones. I choose a white and green one, with a full face shield.
      We marched out into the modern arena, everyone stood, saluted and recited the pledge, except me. But there was no combat, no emperor, no arena, we were now in a large conference room, the announcer was advertising the "Roman Gladiator Experience". We were only putting on a show for the public.
      I fought with incredible skill, leaping, countering, knocking my opponents down in mock combat. The crowds were cheering me along.
      Then realized that this is a dream, and a long one with a lot more time left. There were many DC's everywhere, almost as in a shopping center. I decided to have some fun and float around to see if anyone would notice me. I slowly glided up over the people, taking my time.
      I hovered above a young blonde girl, she looked up at me, I landed near her and asked if she was a DC. She smiled and told someone that I was flying, no one believed her.
      I asked her if she wanted a ride, she smiled as I easily lifted her and took her up over the crowds. her long blonde hair teased my face, I could feel her body next to mine. I contemplated my next move, should I fly away with her?
      We landed and she laughed at the experience. I walked back towards the arena, I awoke and wrote this LD down.
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      That is FFing awesome. I absolutely love that movie. That's funny how in the dream you thought you were actually in the storyline of the movie and then it turned out to be fake; fake for the dream world anyway. IDK I haven't had too many lucids, but most of the time when I become lucid, there's nobody around and I fly around and stuff and sometimes never run into people. Others, there are so many people it's ridiculous and they all seem to try and distract me from my goals.


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