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    Thread: Kiwis can FLY!!

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      Kiwis can FLY!!

      I registered with this site about 4 days ago which was the 7th Dec. Before this date I had counted 12 days/nights in a row that I have had LD's roughly 1 day/night non LD then the next night another LD.

      After relating one of my LD's that I have had, a friend told me about DV and I was amazed at how many people LD. I have always been able 2 LD since an early age...about 7 yrs old.

      The amount of times I would have them were quite random, usually once a month maybe twice. Then there would be patches where id have 3 to 4 a week. There would be the odd time Id have none for awhile, very rare though

      At an early age I always thought everyone could LD but when I told some of my school friends about them I was instantly labled a wierdo, freak was the other name id be called. Even my family would give me these looks like "ok are you high or something" lol. So I kept it 2 myself for a very long time.

      I never really researched the topic nor did I know of the term Lucid dreaming, I would just call it dream control. But I was convinced somewhere on this planet there were people who have had them.

      Once I found this site through my friend I have been addicted 2 it. Its hard 2 explain but its such a great relief.

      Now about these LD's ive been having lately im still not sure how they are happening. Ever since the first one I had til now as soon as I reach a dream state I will just say 2 myself "oh im dreaming" and then bam im there.

      Ive been looking at some of the tutorials and posts to get an idea of what maybe causing them. I am thinking maybe some of the things I see that arent logical could be a trigger. Maybe something im doing differently in my home life. Still not sure.

      Just 2 give you a back ground of what I can do while I LD.. Flying-very easy, learnt how 2 control it at 10-Shooting things like energy etc from my hands easy but not as easy as flying-and making people appear in front of me so I can have my way with them...lol especially people who pissed me off muahahaha. lol Thats basically it. There are other random things ive done like opened the ground 2 swallow a a scary man monster thingy. But the best thing ive done that Ive always cosidered my favorite LD was that I brought forth every single memory and I mean everything and had them placed on to these tables. Things like the girly white rollerskates i was given when I was 9...had totally 4got about these lol....and heaps more... and I was able 2 see evrything,every memory all at once.

      I dont want 2 sound like a blowarse but I do have a couple of talents that maybe factors. I am able to memorise a deck of playing cards and im not 2 shabby with a pencil and pad...my profile picture of the Blue Tit, I drew with Faber Castell colouring pencils so you be the judge. Im just chucking things in so that someone here might be able help me know what level of ability I have and what help can be offered.

      I definately know there is much more 2 learn and I am eager 2 do so

      Ive never had WILD's but im practicing using the techniques ive looked up on DV and I have had 1 outerbody experience.

      Please forgive my rammbling but I do appreciate the time you have spent reading this novel.

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      Cool! You are a natural! Welcome aboard. (You are indeed also a talented artist--your profile drawing is lovely.) It sounds like maybe you don't need to worry too much about how to become lucid, or how others do it, because that seems to come to you naturally (which is really great!). I wonder if your artistic abilities ARE helpful--the ability to see things clearly and to visualize things. Anyway, sounds like you are in for a lot of fun improving your dream control.

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      Lucky you! I wish I realised I was dreaming that easily! Maybe it is something to do with being more observant, taking loads of things in- like with the deck of cards you mentioned.


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