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      Hate when this happens.

      I had a dream that I was in some hotel, with my art teacher (ew), and a few other girls in my class. We were supposed to bake something that we liked to eat, and I chose strata (a potato casserole thing). I looked on the computer for recipies, but there was only a 'microwaveable strata' recipie, which didn't get me lucid. As well as this, the location changed completely - I decided to go to home depot and get cheese, potatoes, and other stuff! What the hell?

      Then, my mom called me and I told her, 'do I really have to talk to you? I'm dreaming, after all, so if I hung up, it wouldn't piss you off in real life. Oh, and by the way, I'm busy. I gotta buy supplies for baking'. She replied something I forget, and hung up. When I got to the store, which is supposed to be a home reno store in real life, I didn't find the 'right kind' of cheese. There were different cheeses with different percentages of fat (like 90% fat), etc. I couldn't find the kind I was looking for. The bag of potatos I picked up was forty dollars. xD

      *Facepalm* I was kicking myself when I woke up. It was a lucid dream in a very non-lucid sort of way, but...

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      Heh, In my case, DCs just come and tell me stuff like: "Hey, I can do whatever I want, you should try too..." while summoning cats or something And, when I wake up I'm eating my pillow xD


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