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      Dry Spell ended :)

      I was having a dream last night in which I was in my bedroom. Something looked odd though, the desk was in a different position or something. I thought "What the hell, I know I'm not dreaming because it feels too real, but I'll do a reality check" I plugged my nose and BAM, what do you know?? I'M DREAMING!
      The first thing I thought was "YES DRY SPELL IS OVER, BITCH "
      So I walk through my door (THROUGH the door, didn't open it, for some reason I do this in all my LD's) and went outside of my house, then I started waking up because I thought of my dreaming body, but I started spinning around and rubbing my hands and managed to stay in my dream. I decided to stabilize my dream (I do it in a funny way, I look at my hands, but put them at a distance so I can see the background, and then I start thinking of the background getting brighter and sharper, and kinda raise my hands to "adjust it"), and it looked more real than reality itself. I think, OK I HAVE to go to Pandora, so I looked at the sky and started flying, I got to space and could see Pandora getting closer and closer, but then I either lost lucidity or my dream ended, don't remember what happened next.

      So, my dry spell is over , last time I had a lucid dream, before last night, was December 27th, I'm glad its over
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