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    AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures

    1. Nepal

      by , 02-12-2017 at 06:20 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 40 minutes. During my WBTB I went ot the washroom, drank some water, and browsed FB and instagram for most of it. I went back to bed and tried to encubate my dream about going to Everest. I think I tried MILD.

      At some point I fell into SP. I couldn't move and heard buzzing and saw flashes. I reminded myself to stay calm even if I saw scary stuff. I slowly broke away from SP and plugged my nose.
      At first it felt like it failed, I tried again.

      This time air clearly went through. I stood up and walked to my bedroom door. I was going to open it and then changed my mind. Decided to exit through the window instead. I was trying to lift the curtains but they kept falling down. It was a bit bright outside. I jumped through and started flying. I flew around the neighbourhood, over the freshly snow-powdered roofs and across the white field. I reminded myself to feel the cool breeze on my face and then descended. Landing on a patch of frozen grass, I sat down and touched the ground around me. It was cold, but not freezing, it felt nice. I reminded myself of my objective and took off again. I lost a bit of stability and worried about having FAs, which to my surprise it didn't happen.

      Instead, there was a change in scene in which I found myself in a temple in Nepal. I walked around in what seemed to be the inside of the temple. There were lots of people walking around. I stumbled upon a giant golden statue of Zenyatta (overwatch), which depicted him sitting in the mediation position, while moving several orbs in a big circle, something criss-crossing one another.

      At this point I lost most lucidity and wandered around the place. I entered a room in which I was getting shot at and I was using Reaper's shotguns to defend myself. I saw the Himalayas far away and wanted to fly towards them. I ended up getting on a train and the dream shifted in a different direction.

      I hadn't had a legit WILD in a long time, and I wonder if it is because I hadn't spent much time up during my WBTBs. It is also odd that I lost lucidity during the WILD, as I find that more common with DILDs.
    2. Defeating Frieza

      by , 01-14-2017 at 06:15 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I'm walking through a city in ruins. There's chaos everywhere. I'm being chased by something. I know I can't die, people depend on me. I turn around. It's Frieza who has been causing chaos and chasing me.I realize I'm dreaming. I plug my nose to make sure. I jump in the air and fly above him. I charge a Kamekameha and throw it at him. There's a big explosion.
      I'm in my room now. I walk towards the door and keeping my eyes open and phase through it. I think of what the next step is and it destabilizes.

      I lose lucidity and find myself playing Super Smash
      Tags: dbz, dild, frieza
    3. Tonka and Guitar

      by , 12-25-2016 at 05:31 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 30 minutes, went back to sleep. Kept repeating "I will realize I'm dreaming".

      At some point I notice I'm sitting in bed. I decide to do a RC. I'm dreaming. I get out of bed and walk downstairs. I go outside and stabilize by sitting on the ground and touching the grass. It is night time. There's a weird, skinny, white cat in my front yard. I decide I want to see Tonka. I look away and look back to where the cat was, and Tonka is lying there. I lie down with him and hug him. He kisses me. His fur and smell are so real. I tell him we miss him and he just wags his tail at me. There's an acoustic guitar playing in the background, it's really soothing.

      I have a FA, I do a RC and stabilize. I go outside and start walking around. It's night time still. I think of making it day time using the Ocarina but decide not to afraid it might de-stabilize the dream. I grab a car and start driving somewhere, my mom is in the car and she's scared we just stole a car. I tell her it is all happening in my mind, it's ok.
      Tags: mild, short dream
    4. Cayo de Agua

      by , 12-24-2016 at 04:51 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      Cayo de Agua is the residential complex I used to live in back in Venezuela, before I moved to Canada 10 years ago (when I was 14). I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up about 50 minutes. I went back to sleep and kept repeating "I will realize I'm dreaming".
      I was waking up from a dream and held still. I felt SP and HIs.

      I stood up from bed and did a RC. I was dreaming. The room was different, I was in my Cayo de Agua bedroom. I stepped outside and descended the spiral staircase. It was dark. I went outside, it was gloomy, about to rain. I realized I hadn't stabilized. I sat on the ground and felt the floor. It felt so real. It started raining and I was getting cold. I decided to yell "STOP RAINING", my voice was deep and loud, like Gandalf's. It was accompanied by thunders and an explosion follored by a fire in a house, but it worked. I decided to start singing, making up the song as I went. My voice was once again deep and loud, but I had a great singing voice (unlike waking life).

      I had a FA/Woke up and held still. I thought I had lost it but did a RC.

      I was still dreaming. I repeated the steps, stabilized before exiting, and was greeted by a strange DC outside. He was in a blue subaru and was telling me about his upcoming camping trip with his gf.

      I kept having FAs (probably about 10 total). They all started in my Cayo de Agua bedroom. Not sure in which order, but the following were the key events

      I met my gf downstairs and we had sexy time.

      I didn't have sight in one of the dreams, but I was able to just feel my way around the dream. I kept thinking back to physio and how this would improve my proprioception as I was challenging it.

      I was standing outside at night time with my GF. I held her hand and leaped yowards the sky. We went into space and watched the stars, nebulae, and nearby galaxies. It was a beautiful mix of purple, blue, white, and black. She was dumbfounded by how beautiful it was.

      I was helping my dad BBQing.

      There was a national anchor of a debate between Capriles and Maduro.
    5. Chillin with Tonka

      by , 11-27-2016 at 05:15 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 5.5 hours into my sleep. I stayed up for 35 minutes then went back to bed and tried MILD/WILD. I had a hard time keeping awareness and eventually decided to just try to catch the moment I fall asleep (Catch the Butterfly/Free-Falling WILD, etc.) like I used to 4 years ago. Eventually I fell asleep but didn't retain awareness.

      I was in the dining room with my mom. I got up and walked towards the kitchen. Fiona was wagging her tail, Tonka lifted his head and looked at me. I was a little confused. I then realized Tonka was dead, so this was a dream. I turned around and told my mom I was dreaming! The dream destabilized and I was back in my bedroom. I did a RC and stabilized for a bit by rubbing my hands. I went downstairs, my head felt a bit heavy. I assumed it was night time due to it being dark. I made it a bit brighter and saw Tonka walking towards me. I lied on the the floor with him and he licked my face all over, like when he used to when we hadn't seen each other in a while. I pet him, hugged him, kissed him. His fur was damp and smelled of shampoo as if we had just showered him. He let me know (without talking) that he missed us. I wanted to get to the Deku Tree. I walked to the door and called him, he came over but he didn't want to step out. I tried pushing him but he wouldn't come out of the house.

      I had a few FAs in which I tried to manipulate the dream through a computer program, and was able to communicate with Carolina through telepathy.

      I then had a FA in which my RC failed and I continued on with a non-LD.

      It is nice seeing Tonka in my dreams, and he's starting to be somewhat of an obvious dreamsign for me. When we were putting him to sleep, as I lied next to him hugging him, I whispered in his ear "see you in my dreams", and so far we've been keeping that promise. I wonder why he never wants to leave home; it could be that that's what I remember of him during his last month of life where he preferred to stay home sleeping instead of going out for walks. Or, if you want a more spiritual approach, it could be that his soul is at home and does not want to leave. Either way, I need to start giving more priority to my other goals. I could try to summon him outside of home and see if that works.
      Tags: dog
    6. Tabatha

      by , 11-27-2016 at 12:18 AM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 6 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 25 minutes. I went back to bed and tried WILD/MILD. I kept waking up fully after noticing that I was about to start a dream. Eventually I fell asleep into a non-LD

      I was crying in a corner, I was really sad about something, couldnít remember what it was I was sad about. Scene skips, Iím in a beach. A girl talks to me and tells me to come surfing with her. A huge wave washed her board away. I jump in and start swimming against the waves to recover it, but the waves are too strong. Suddenly I start getting stung by jellyfish. They are everywhere. I swim back to shore, get stung a few more times. The girl is wearing a red bikini, she has a really hot body. She has shoulder length smooth, pitch black hair, dark brown eyes, light skin but with a bit of a tan, beautiful smile, and a small mole on her cheek. I turn around and see a huge wave breaking right behind me, we get pushed towards the shore. The beach is flooding and we are required to leave and go inside a building.

      The building has huge glass panels and sun is shining in. The floors are white marble; people are in a rush. I try looking for this girl, I want to find out more about her.
      Suddenly I remember I am dreaming. I stand against a pillar and watch the DCs walk back and forth as if they are late for work. Everything looks so real. I plug my nose and confirm I am dreaming.I feel like Iím drooling and wake up.
      I stay still for a minute and then stand up
      . I do a RC, I am dreaming. I have no vision, I feel the carpet and make my way to the door, hoping to get vision soon. I wake up again. I stay still, and I feel as if my head is sliding forwards on the bed. I stand up again, do a RC. I am back at the building, looking for her.

      I wake up, look at the time, do a RC, I am awake. I switch positions and go back to sleep.

      I am at a beach with my family. We are on an inflatable deck, drinking. I am with my brother, his wife, my cousin, her boyfriend, a couple of friends, and the girl from the previous dream. Her name isÖ Tabatha?.. my brother gets a few drinks from the swim-up bar. I ask Tabatha if sheíd like a drink and smiles. My brotherís wife says we make a cute couple. Dream skips, I am with Tabatha on shore. We are speaking in Spanish, she has a Venezuelan accent. She has to go back to the hotel soon and get ready as she is grabbing a plane later that day. I am sad she is leaving, but we have fun at the beach. Dream skips. Iím driving her to the airport, I ask her where sheís from. She says the name of a town Iím not familiar with, but it also means something dirty, we laugh. I drop her off and we kiss.

      I'm always amazed by how our brains can make up such a well-rounded character and bring them to life in dreams. I felt a little bad about the fact that it didn't cross my mind once that I have a gf, but then, it was a dream lol. I'm a little frustrated that the past 3 or 4 lucid dreams have all been fairly short, to the point where it feels that I am in a long dry-spell, but I guess that's better than nothing.

    7. Flying with Fiona

      by , 11-21-2016 at 12:13 AM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I kept waking up during the night due to noises outside our room. I think this made me a bit more conscious during the following dream.

      I was home, being taken hostage. There were several people taken hostage as well. We were lead upstairs and lined up in front of a wall. I knew two of the people in front of me; they made me realize they wouldn't shoot me but I had to pretend to be shot. They aimed at us, and shot. I dropped to the ground along with the people next to me. Some were bleeding, I wasn't hit. I stayed still and waited for them to leave.

      I stood up and realized it was all a dream. I pulled out my double helix sword in case they were downstairs, but they were gone. I saw Fiona, and then turned around and got really happy when I saw Tonka. I ran up to him and hugged him. His texture and smell were exactly the same as when he was alive. He looked old, the way he did during his last couple of months of life. I decided to picture him younger. Now there were two Tonkas; one old, one adult. I once again tried to imagine him even younger, and then there were three. Old Tonka, Adult Tonka, and young Adult Tonka. I hugged them all and wished I could take them back with me to the waking world.

      I went outside and Fiona followed me, while Tonka(s) stayed behind. I took off, it was night time with the sky displaying a beautiful tone of purple. Fiona looked at me from the ground. I made her levitate but she didn't know how to control her flight. I grabbed her and started flying around holding her, she was extremely light compared to her 100lbs in waking life. We circled the neighborhood a few times and then came back home. I saw my mom and my brother seated in the backyard. They told me to be careful.

      I lost lucidity and can't remember how the dream continued.
      Tags: dogs, flying
    8. Banff Hotel

      by , 11-21-2016 at 12:12 AM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was staying in the MR Hotel with my gf. I woke up several times during my sleep and was able to fall back asleep right away. At some point I woke up into SP/HIs. I waited a bit and tried to get out of bed.

      I stood up and plugged my nose to confirm I was dreaming. I walked towards the window. Carolina was asleep behind me. I opened up the curtains, it was daytime. I got close to the window and felt the cold air outside. I phased through it and landed outside. I tried to remember what the ToM was but had no clue. I remembered the October one, and put my hand in my pocket as I walked across the street. I pulled out a pink dildo and laughed. I shoved it into some random DC's mouth and found it hilarious. There were dozens of DCs walking around. I walked towards a tent and had a FA.
    9. Seeing Tonka again

      by , 11-12-2016 at 04:43 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up at 4:00am with no dream recall. I stayed in bed for a bit and then went to the washroom. I was extremely drowsy. I saw on my bed and just browsed through FB and Instagram for half an hour. I went back to bed, lied on my back, and tried MILD as well as pay attention to HI's to WILD. A dream formed but I didn't retain consciousness. I woke up briefly and drifted back to sleep.

      I was playing Runscape. Someone had stolen all my gold. I was angry they had increased some of my armor stats and could no longer wear it. I shut it down and Santi was with me. He was bigger, and it was obvious he needed to pee. I took him to the washroom, and tried to hold him up so he could aim at the toilet. He peed everywhere. I realized this was a dream, he was not in Canada anymore. I had a FA, I stood up and plugged my nose. I rubbed my hands, and phased through the door. I had a weid feeling in my neck. I realized I was feeling my pillow against my body. I had to stabilize again. As I walked downstairs, I realized I was not in my house, it was similar in some aspects, but overall different. I knew right away I wanted to see Tonka. It's been two days since we had to put him down and I miss a lot, I've spent about half of my wake time crying. I looked into the hallway that would have been my real home's hallway, where he spent most of the last few months of life lying, and he was there with my other dog Fiona. He lifted his huge head up and wagged his tail at me. I lied down next to them, pet him, and kissed him. He felt real. I told him I missed him.

      I stood up and went to the door. I told him to follow me; Fiona did, but he wanted to stay home. I went outside, it was daytime, seemed like early morning. I was in a wooded area. I wanted to fly somewhere, but the dream started fading. I rubbed my hands and started spinning around.
      After a minute, I found myself in a room with a hot girl. We fooled around for a bit and then had another FA, drifted into a non-LD.

      I told my father about seeing Tonka in a dream, and told him it was a lucid dream. He seemed interested in the topic, even though he has just dismissed it in the past when I bring it up. I'm assuming he hadn't thought of using it for seeing loved ones we've lost.

      I need to be more aware of FAs, especially during DILDs, as it's been common for me lately to simply lose lucidities to FAs (and obvious ones at that). It was nice having this short LD though, because I feel I was in a bit of a dry spell, mostly due to stress with school and with Tonka's worsening this past week. I hope to see him again in my dreams soon.
      Tags: pet dog
    10. Looking for Werewolves in the Woods

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:02 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I stayed still for a few minutes. I had HI's in which I was talking to my late grandmother on the phone. I told her I missed her and hung up. I stood up from bed and plugged my nose. I rubbed my hands to stabilize. I came close to the window and felt the cold breeze coming in. It felt so real I had to do another RC before jumping through the window (phased through it). I descended to the ground and jumped my fence. There were about 5 cars parked close together in the woods entrance. I put my hands up and made them levitate. I threw them all towards a house.
      I walked into the forest and started running. I looked up and it was a full moon. I howled and leaped in the air, transforming into a werewolf. A DC was closeby and ran off screaming.

      I was back in bed, unsure if I was dreaming or in my dream bed. I held still another 20 seconds.

      I stood up, RCd, and stabilized. I went back to the woods. It was really dark. I decided to "astro-form"; I rearranged the starts in the sky to form a path to guide me in the woods, and brought one of them closer and towards the horizon to make it dawn. I entered the woods and it became a bit of a video game. I was killing monsters and at some point tried to make it 1st person again.

      I had a few FAs in which I lost lucidity.
    11. Dress shoes for school

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:01 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was entering my university building, wearing my typical sweat pants and a hoodie. I looked down and my shoe laces had come undone. I bent down to tie them, and realized I was wearing my dress shoes! I was really confused and was trying to think back to why I decided to wear this, but had no recollection of what I had been doing the past half hour. Tevin came in and started laughing at me. I realized I had just fallen asleep during my WBTB and practicing MILD. The dream became distorted. I woke up.
    12. Water Bending in a Water Planet

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:10 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I had a "Fake WILD", a WILD within a dream. This has happened to me before, but I forget if I usually consider it a DILD or a WILD. I think I'll consider it a DILD this time.

      I was in a hotel with my girlfriend. We went to bed and for some reason I knew I would have a lucid dream. I closed my eyes and right away felt SP set in. Vibrations were not as strong as they usually are, but they were there. I waited a few seconds and then sat up in my bed. I was not in my dream bedroom, but rather in the hotel bed. I stood up and did a reality check by plugging my nose and breathing. Air didn't get in as easily as it usually does, but I figured it was just a bit stuffed. I rubbed my hands to stabilize and read something on the wall. I remembered the Task of the Month. I put both my hands in my pockets and pulled out a slingy from my left pocket, and a pair of dice from the right pocket. I laughed and then jumped through the window, I phased through it. I started flying towards space.
      For a second I thought I was in the void, but then I saw stars everywhere. I started flying as fast as I could and they became distorted. I stopped and saw a blue planet, I knew it wasn't Earth. I flew towards it and entered its stratosphere and then decided to take away my flying, see if I could make myself invincible. I was falling fast but could sorta glide using my body position. There were several beautiful green islands before me, scattered in a deep blue ocean. I aimed towards one of them and at this point I was falling so fast that it became bigger and bigger exponentially. I landed on my feet, and there was an empty *POP* sound as I landed. I left a crater at the landing site of about 10 meters in diameter, I was unharmed.
      I walked to the shore, and looked towards the endless ocean, into the horizon. The sky was a mix of blue, and purpleish vanilla. I put my hands stretched out in front of me, and started waterbending. I made swirls in the air, made the shape of a dragon and had it dance in the air. Then I shot a big stream of water straight up in the air and made it explode, it was beautiful. I thought of what I should do next, and had a FA.
      The dream continued non-lucidly.
    13. Short DILD ii

      by , 10-24-2016 at 02:54 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was in the middle of a dream when I felt SP. I didn't quite wake up but I was having HIs within the dream. I saw people posting on DV about me being able to identify others' dreams as dreams but not mine. I plugged my nose and became lucid in my dream. I was still just seeing images. I managed to give myself a body. I was now back where the dream left off. A DC's dog went into a bathroom and locked itself up. The DC asked me for help. I tried opening the door, but had a FA. I didn't realize it was a FA and drifted into a non-lucid dream.

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    14. Weird Shit on a Ship

      by , 10-23-2016 at 07:26 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I was boarding a pirate-like ship in Miami. Daniela had picked me up at the airport and we hooked up on the way to the port. I was Captain of the ship. The tripulation included Tyrion and Jaime Lanister, and my miami friends too. There was a curse though, I had to keep my hands covered at all times or the demon would wake up and come for us. The demon was kinda like Samara from the Ring, although it occasionally changed into a monster. It was sleeping in one of the cabins, and we tried to stay away from it. At one point someone gave me a towel, but it was too small, and the demon woke up and started walking towards us, Samara style.

      Eventually the curse broke and the girl stood up, she was a shy, pretty girl. We are arrived at a port and I told Alejandro I wanted to sleep with Dani. I then realized Dani's sister had heard me. At that point, my gf shows up and I then realized I couldn't sleep with Dani, it would be wrong. I helped my gf get off the boat.

      This was a longer dream but I didn't write about it upon waking up. Although it sounds like a bit of a nightmare, I wasn't really too scared at any point. I love sea and pirate-related things, so just the fact that I was captain of a pirate ship I think made up for the whole being haunted by a demon thing.
      In dreams I often have partial waking-memory, in this case I had totally forgotten I had a gf until she showed up. I used to feel guilty about this upon waking up, but then, there are dreams in which I don't even remember who I am IWL, so I think it is understandable.
      Tags: demon, samara, sea, ship
    15. Werewolf vs Orc

      by , 10-21-2016 at 04:01 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 5hours after going to bed for my WBTB. I read some posts on DV and then watched some Underworld videos (mostly werewolf/lycan transformations). I went to bed and practiced MILD and WILD.

      I fell asleep, had a nonLD, and started waking up. I held still and felt SP.

      I found myself in my bed. I sat up and did a RC. I walked to my door, opened it, and saw Tonka lying on the hallway. I pet him for a bit and then walked downstairs. Tonka was also downstairs, but he looked older and more sick. I rubbed my hands to stabilize my dream. I walked to my backyard door and phased through it. Once again, Tonka was outside, this time he was missing pieces of skin around his paws and looked in pain. I took off but for some reason I started accelerating upwards really fast, and the dream crashed.

      I held still and waited about a minute. I was seeing images from a 3rd person POV. I thought I wouldn't be able to transition into a dream. I kept seeing images and then managed to somehow plug my non-existent nose.

      This gave me a body and sent me to my dream bed. I stood up, walked downstairs, and exited through the front door. It was daytime. I took off and started flying. I wanted to find a Vampire's Mansion; I wanted to fight a Vampire that defeated me years ago in a dream/nightmare, and this time I would bring a Lycan army. I was flying at the speed of light, everything was distorted. I stopped and there was forest on all directions below me. I landed, and was met by Eric. We started running at high speed through the forest, dodging trees, jumping over cliffs, over trees. Suddenly Eric slipped and was impaled by a big branch. I told him I would heal him, but he told me to save my power for the fight. I asked him what I should do and he told me to continue down one path. I was asking him what he thought of Shared Dreaming, but his body vanished.

      I reached a village and was met by a big guy who looked like Khal Drogo. He was blaming me for kidnapping his daughter. The guy transformed into an Orc

      We were in a fighting pit, his tribe came on to watch, cheering for him. I partially transformed into a werewolf. My fingernails grew into sharp claws, and my canines into sharp fangs. My skin turned grey and I grew a lot of body hair. My face and overall shape however, stayed relatively the same. He ran towards me and I leaped over him. He was strong and heavy, but faster than I thought for his size. He grabbed a club and charged towards me once again. I dodged it, rolled towards him, and sliced his hamstring ligaments behind his knee. He screamed in anger and pain and kept charging at me. I kept dodging back and then leaped on him, and bit his neck. I pulled back and ripped open his throat. His tribe started charging towards me and I ran away. They were catching on to me, so I took off and started flying.

      I reached a city, it was night time. I landed on the street behind a gas station. I still needed to find the Vampire's mansion. I thought of the competition and wondered if I had even scored any points.
      Spoiler for Sex :

      I came out of the house and the dream started crashing. I was once again in 3rd person view, and woke up.

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