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    Thread: First lucid with control!

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      First lucid with control!

      his is my favorite lucid yet! I was so surprised in my dream when I could actually change my environment. Awesome experience! Not to mention I got to run around my neighborhood naked!

      The great walk (DILD)


      I found myself in my bed and felt weird, knowing that a minute ago I couldn't sleep. I got up and knew I was lucid. I was inside my house in the living room. I thought "Oh great I'm here again, I'm going to have the same dream." But I then decided that I would make this one better.

      Before I went outside I rubbed my hands together hard to stabilize and it worked. I went outside and the first thing I saw were a bunch of people playing in the back of Lorrin's yard. It almost looked as if it was light outside that way. I ran towards them a bit but then decided to go the opposite way. As I walked that way, I took my boxers off. It felt good to walk around the neighborhood like this.

      I went left and started to walk. As cars kept passing by me, I kept trying to get them to run over me to see what it was like. Every once in a while I would rub my hands and everything would get super clear. When I got to the corner there was a big dog and it followed me around along with a smaller dog. There was also an old man. I said hey as I was running around with the dogs following. As I ran my dick flopped around and the man looked at me oddly because of this. When I walked away from him I told him that he wasn't real. He just stared at me blankly. The dogs then went away somehow and I continued right down the road.

      I then saw a white van go into a garage and close the garage real quick. There was also a wall blocking the garage. It seemed a little conspicuous. I was a little curious but decided not to check it out. As I walked down the road I came to the road that goes right and I could hear a lot of construction trucks down that way. I thought about going down there but decided it was too far. For fun I put my finger through my hand again and sure enough, it worked.

      Then I found this little kid wearing a yellow shirt. I picked him up and threw him toward the sky trying to fling him into the air. It didn't work and he only went up a couple feet falling back down. I ignored him moving on.

      Then I decided it was time to try one of my goals, changing my environment. I wanted to change it right before my eyes, turning the night into day. I looked up at the sky putting my hands up towards it. The few stars in the sky turned into many and they started to get really bright. Then a small light started to appear over the horizon. I felt like I was pulling the light up and then it came. It was like a paper pulling up over the sky that had designs of clouds and a huge sun with bright orange beams shooting off from it. Circus music started to play and a line in front of me of people in black hoods appeared.

      I rubbed my hands together hard to keep the image as long as I could but it was so powerful that it overtook me.
      I woke up with my hands clasped rubbing REALLY HARD.
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      Very nice detail in your dream! I thought it was interesting that you picked up that kid and tried to toss him to the sky and you couldn't do it, I would have thought he would have reached the sun in a lucid dream, I've only had one LD and it was short lived. Thanks for sharing!

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      Nice dream, very... descriptive!


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