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      Confronted by death

      I became lucid in a nap earlier today, and had a deeply disturbing experience. I thought I was awake in my dream and attempted to WILD, and became lucid because of that. I felt absolutely terrible, and couldn't move properly. I got out of the couch and shuffled out of my house. It was actually a pretty big struggle.

      It was a very bleak and dark atmosphere out there. For some reason there was a mirror in a dead garden. I looked in it and saw that my left eye was completely red, and that whole side of my body was unresponsive, which was responsible for the trouble moving.

      I suddenly became 100% convinced that I was having a stroke in real life and that my dream body was trying to tell me that. I tried desperately to wake up. Hit myself in the face, yelled at the top of my lungs, nothing would do it. I figured I was stuck here because my brain wasn't able to be awake anymore, and that I was surely going to die soon.

      A huge wave of depression hit me. I realized how much I still wanted to do, and that this was actually it. I was going to get cut off early. This was the end of the line. I think I sat down and began sobbing for a minute.

      Then I took a step back and took stock of the situation. I figured that dying or not, I'm here now. Hell, maybe this is the afterlife. Or maybe it'll all be gone in 10 seconds. Realistically there was only one thing to do, relax and enjoy whatever time I have left. As soon as that realization hit me, a profound change happened. The weird feeling and trouble moving was gone. I felt completely at peace. It suddenly became obvious that the whole thing was a sadistic mind game my unconscious was playing on me. Or perhaps it was telling me to live my life with this realization.

      I then went on to complete two lucid tasks, until waking up not too long after. It was one of the longest and most vivid lucids I've had yet. For some reason I always get good ones when napping, I'm sure it has to do with a better REM period.

      Has anyone else had morbid mind games like this happen in a dream? It was messed up, but this ended up being one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. Hopefully I'll take something away from it into real life.

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      That was pretty darn cool.

      Well done for overcoming the fear.
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      If I oversleep, I begin to have scary sleep paralysis

      I can see my room as it is, but my mirror has always got some obscure scene in it, its almost like im hallucinating as my room is exactly the same except for my mirror, a common one is my boxing dummy, comming to life, in my mirrors reflection,.
      I cant move my body at all, and any movement, is as if im moving through mud.
      wich usually freaks me out to the point of forcing myself awake,
      so props to you for facing the fear,
      I know what it is and I have used it to go lucid before, but its freaky and I dont like it.
      I guess i should just, face it, and not force myself out of it. My mirror seems to be acting as a doorway into the dreamworld. I need to detach this negative energy im attaching to the mirror in my room, I think thats what my subconcious is doing.

      It kinda reminds me of a mario 64 type situation, I guess I should stop being a wimp and jump through it

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      Nicely done, Speesh! I firmly believe lucid dreams are a great tool for spiritual enlightenment, even if you're a rationalist. I've had the non-working half-body before, but for me it's always just been a hallmark of a very short and unstable LD.

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      I'd say that my signature quote is appropriate here :p

      "I feel my heart glow
      with enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven; for nothing contributes so much to tranquillise the mind as a steady purpose--a point
      on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye."
      Victor Frankenstein

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      There is an enormous fear of death in our society, when death is truly a great ally.
      I think you did great to detach and let go to take in the moment.
      Great job. I think you left that dream with a new expanded awareness.

      on a side note: When you take a nap, you are ten times more likely to remember your dreams, and get lucid.
      Also 90% of my statistics are made up on the spot.
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