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      Ever wanted to take a break from lucid dreaming?

      I only ask because I must've had a good 2 year gap where I just wanted to move away from conscious dreaming, and I really wanted to re-embrace the a-typical unconscious dream state. The idea itself seemed like a novel one as I'd never heard of anyone wanting to go uh 'backwards'.

      I seem to relate it to an experience of say:

      Learning to play guitar. Play guitar for 10 years.
      Purpoesfully give it up. Then what?

      Possibly reconnect at a later date. Approach it in a new/novel way.

      I can't say for sure why I wanted to turn around -
      it may have been a want for a simple break from lucidity...

      Anyone know that feeling?

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      i have never had that feeling but i sure do see where you are coming from.

      You can get bored of lucid dreaming or maybe just want your brain to do the wonders it does and automatically create dreams
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      Oh yeah, I've gone through that a few times. Was good to take a break. All this lucid dreaming stuff, keeping a DJ, can be a lot of work. Right now, even though I've having good recall, I've gotten bored up updating my DJ everyday, at least for the dull dreams. But all it takes is one kick ass dream and I'm right back into it.

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      For me now, it is a matter of daily renewal.

      but I know that f e e l i n g ,

      I tend to get involved in many different interests, I must say that I become quite good at some - but then for some unknown reason a day comes and I simply decide to drop the activity.

      I dropped lucid dreaming for a long period of time.

      I now find it hard to ignore the mystery that surrounds us.
      so like I said, it is a matter of daily renewal.
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