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    third lucid, flying over a busy road

    by Alyssa on 08-23-2010 at 11:30 PM
    #1: non-lucid

    I was at a lock on the waterway where my dad works, with a friend of mine. We're sitting on the grass, and she has a tiny turtle that she's feeding pieces of bread. I go with her as she carries the turtle over to the side of the lock and puts it down in the water. She tears off pieces of bread and throws them into the water. The turtle is eating them, and small fish swim up to eat too. More and bigger fish show up, and for a moment I see a piranha. I'm afraid that if she stops throwing bread, the piranha will start eating the other fish or her turtle.
    Even bigger fish start coming up, the water is completely full of them, big bass. My mom shows up, and takes some bread from my friend, and tosses a few pieces onto the concrete beside the water. I ask what she's doing and she says that she needs to get dinner. A huge bass flops up onto the concrete, and starts flipping itself further from the water. There was grass in that direction before, but now there's a long, but shallow, empty swimming pool. It was full of dirt and dead leaves, and the fish landed in it and stopped moving.
    I cross to the other side of the lock, and see a bunch of oyster shells stuck to the side, just above the water and clustered up high, and most of them are empty. The ones that aren't are still open, and I can see the pink skin inside breathing. There's a sign beside them that says "a clam shell contains air and 14 breathing mechanisms."
    I look across the lock at my friend, who has coaxed two sea lions up out of the water, and holding some bread up above on of their heads, trying to get it to reach up its nose to eat

    #2: lucid
    When the dream started, I was going through the mail in my kitchen, and found that I had been mailed a magazine. Inside the front cover was a message that said "if you want to know more, meet me in Vaughn" and there were instructions on which bus I should take, and a finished with "More instructions will follow." It was signed Deb Graves, who was a strange woman that I met(in real life) at a gallery opening recently. I was reading this message while sitting in my living room, and when I looked up my mom was on the couch with me, and I showed her the message.
    She took the magazine from me and seemed to read it, but when she looked back at me, she just started berating me. My mom acting like that is actually a pretty common dream sign for me, and it prompted me to do a reality check. I looked at my hands, and wasn't entirely convinced, so I pinched my nose and I could breathe. I stayed calm through the realization, and immediately started rubbing my hands together and looking around me, which brought the details of the room into focus.
    I didn't want to stay with my dream mom, she was still yelling, so I left the house. It was too bright, I needed to stabilize, so I bent down and ran my hands over the grass, which was wet. My mom had followed me out of the house though, so I started moving down the street. I was trying to will her away, tried to tell her that she wasn't real, I wasn't really sure how to get rid of her, but nothing I tried worked.
    She started trying to convince me that I was actually awake. Specifically, she said, "I know what you dont know. I know that if you looked at your hands right now, they'd look just like my hands."
    I started running from her, and I remembered reading a post on the forums about running really quickly on all fours. I started running on my hands and feet and it felt completely natural and smooth. I kept saying "faster, faster" and every time I did I felt my speed increase. The world was streaking by.
    When I stopped, she was still right behind me. I decided to try to fly. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to lift off the ground, and then it was actually happening. I started to drift upwards, and I was feeling thin and light, like I was transparent. I tried to visualize a forest before I opened my eyes, hoping that I'd be flying over it when I did. Instead I was still over the street, and my mom was clinging to my legs.
    I drifted back down, set her down on the ground, and she let go without struggling. I lifted up higher and higher and started moving forwards. On the horizon, there were billowing swirls of bright yellow and dark blue, and I started moving towards them. The detail faded quickly before I woke up, but it didn't feel abrupt.
    lucid , non-lucid

    my second lucid dream

    by Alyssa on 08-21-2010 at 05:04 PM
    I had my second lucid dream last night, another DILD after WBTB.
    I got up around 4 am, and stayed up for about half an hour. When I went back to bed, I found it really hard to get back to sleep. I kept drifting off and then coming back awake. Then I fell asleep, woke up, and when I rolled over my boyfriend was sleeping beside me. Considering my boyfriend is in an entirely different city right now, I knew that wasn't right, and did an RC. Of course, I was dreaming.

    I got up out of my bed, and was determined to get outside. First I tried to just change my surroundings, but when that wasn't working, I decided to just go up the stairs and out the front door. But when I turned towards the stairs, the entire room was packed with furniture like a barrier. I tried moving it by hand, but everytime I had a piece moved out of the way, when I turned back, it was back where it had started. I tried to move it by telekinesis, but everytime I picked up a piece of furniture, it seemed to be lifting out of an exact replica of itself that stayed in the same place.
    I was getting frustrated and didn't want to ruin the dream, so I just looked for something in the room to entertain myself with. I grabbed my steel bedframe, and started bending it into different patterns. It moved in my hands like playdough, which was a pretty neat experience.
    I still wanted to get outside, so I decided to just climb out the window above my bed. I started walking across my mattress, but before I reached the window, I woke up.

    I dont think I'd consider this one quite as successful as the first one(the first was definitely more fun, if nothing else) but every lucid dream is a step in the right direction!

    Unfortunately my recall the rest of the night was awful. The only other thing I remember is a man finding a dinosaur egg in his basement, and hatching it on his couch.

    dreamed about my cat all night

    by Alyssa on 08-20-2010 at 08:09 PM
    Yesterday I dropped my cat at the vet for an overnight stay. In my dream, I'm with Derp(the cat) in my kitchen right after he got back from the vet. The half of his tail closest to the body is shaved off, and he has no balance. Everytime that he stands and tries to walk, he stumbles and falls over.
    My dad walks into the room and tells me that he wants to go buy cheese. We're in the car, and I have Derp with me, he's asleep in my lap. My dad pulls coins out of the console one by one and hands then to me. In the end I have four bucks. Inside the store, there is a staircase leading around a corner, a desk, and shelves and shelves of nothing but cheese. I see a man with a very small kitten, barely able to walk its so young, by the stairs. The kitten is trying to climb the stairs, but its shaky. I start looking at the cheese, but all the packages have big 9s and 6s on them. I remember that I only have 4 dollars, and cant afford this cheese.
    I pick up Derp(who had apparently followed me in, I dont remember carrying him) and we go outside.

    I'm at my boyfriend's house with our friend Marshall, and his friend Melinda. I've only met her once, and in the dream her features aren't right, and keep shifting. We're all sitting in his bedroom, when a couple a little older than we are come to the door of the room. I'm expecting them to look after Derp for the night, but they tell me that they want their brother to do it. I'm not sure if I trust the brother, the subject is dropped, and the couple leave.
    Mark, Marshall and I go into the spare bedroom to eat. I have a can of soup, but its a squared off can with a key on the bottom. The label beside the key says to turn it to remove all dust and debris or something like that, I cant remember the exact wording. I turn the key and there's a gust of air, and the can is gone and I'm holding a regular soup can in one hand, and a tiny silver can in the other. There is a small label on the top of the can that says "blended beast hides" and I show the guys the can, thinking the its a really strange thing to come with soup. I open it, and what's inside looks like a cross between canned cat food and a fur-and-lard mixture.
    I take the can with me downstairs to look for Derp, and when I find him, I let him eat what's inside.
    The couple and their brother are downstairs too. The brother is sitting on a couch holding a white rat. He looks at me and says, "See, look at how good I am at holding him." I know he's trying to prove to me that he can look after Derp for the night, but I still dont want him to take my cat.

    I'm standing in the bathroom with my mom. We're both using appliances that need to be plugged in, and the plug is at eye level and on the wrong wall. I dont remember what my mom's appliance looked like, only that the cord was spinning very quickly everytime she turned it on, and I was really concerned that it was going to get sucked into the mechanism somehow. I came in to use a straightener, but as I'm trying to use it on my bangs, all my hair starts sticking straight up. I decide that my hair is too greasy, and ask my mom to leave so that I can use the shower.
    After she's gone I notice my reflection in the mirror, but I see the back of myself instead of the front. My hair has gotten longer, curly, and blond-and-orange. It makes me think "my old hairdye must be coming through" and "I cant believe my hair is growing so fast" and these thoughts just repeat and repeat until they dont really mean anything.
    I get in the shower, and although this bathroom is like the one in my parents house, the shower curtain is the same one that was at my boyfriend's old house. It's thin and blue and completely covered in tiny tears from Derp trying to climb it. As well as these tears, in the dream there's a long diagonal slash from top to bottom, and no matter what I do I cant get it to fall closed

    I also made another WILD attempt last night, near dawn. I think it was going well. I was getting serious discomfort in my neck and itches all over my thighs and face, but then I lost sense of my body altogether. It was like I was submerged in a thick liquid, but also not like that at all. I lost track of where my limbs were in relation to each other. It was like my hand was turned backwards and stuck inside my thigh, my left leg was somewhere ten feet from the rest of me, my armpit was behind my head, that kind of thing. I was seeing swirls, but they were built of tone, there was no discernible colours (except from a smudge of pink for a veryvery quick moment). I heard whistles and hums at one point. And then I had a thought, I cant remember what, and I lashed out at it. I felt my arm lift, and strike, and fall back down; but it wasn't my physical arm, that stayed perfectly still at my side. It was like I had a second body laying inside my body in the bed, and that was the one that moved.
    Then, my dad got up for work, and was making noise to wake to the dead, and I gave up. I'll probly try again tonight though.

    snakes by the water

    by Alyssa on 08-19-2010 at 08:01 PM
    Recall was not good last night. I went to bed too late, forgetting that I had to take my cat to the vet way too early. When I got back I gave WILD a try for the first time, and ended up just feeling asleep again for a short time.

    There's a young girl sitting at the edge of a lake with a notebook. I feel like I'm watching from just behind her shoulder, but she doesn't know that I'm there. There are dozens and dozens of tiny snakes in the shallow water, and twisting through the mud on shore. She's watching them and writing in her notebook.
    A pick-up truck pulls up behind us, and the driver pushes open the passenger side door. It's a man, I assume the girl's father. When I look back at the girl, she's coming towards the truck wearing a gauzy white dress(although she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt the last time I looked). She crawls up into the passenger seat and closes the door, and I'm outside looking in the window at them. The man tells her that if she wants to write, he'll take her into town so that she can talk to people. She's excited, and her excitement is contagious, and then I wake up.

    The second dream happened after my failed WILD attempt. It was starting out as a sex dream with my boyfriend but before it got to actual sex, my dream-mom walked into the room and sat down with us. My boyfriend and I each wrapped ourselves in a blanket and the three of us just sat silently. It was generally awkward and uncomfortable until I woke up.

    awesome visuals tonight

    by Alyssa on 08-18-2010 at 07:54 PM
    All of my dreams last night were non-lucid, but at least they were fun! I love dreams with good visuals, the mundane ones I've been having the last couple nights have bored me.

    In my first dream I'm standing in a tunnel at night. The ground is made of uneven cobblestones, and the walls are made of brick. Outside the tunnel I can see rain falling, and the brick walls are dripping. There's a man standing in front of me, and I have the sense that he's dangerous. My dream self knows that I'm a shape shifter, and that if I had any energy left, I'd be able to transform into a crow and escape, but I'm exhausted. The man takes a few slow steps towards me, and drops his shoulders and bends his knees. His shape ripples and suddenly he transforms into a white leopard, and leaps towards me with huge claws out.
    The shock of fear wakes me.

    I'm unaware of my surroundings, but I'm sitting with someone I think of as an instructor, and she is telling me that I need to summon a jug. It seems we sit still for a long time, but she is patient. I close my eyes and when I open them again, there is a large ceramic vase in pale blue sitting on my lap. The instructor tells me, "you must turn it to silicone." I hold the vase in my hands, and then it's not a vase anymore, its a sticky puddle of transparent blue goo in my hands.

    I'm standing beside a man in a room that is really a giant computer. There is no screen, the images project in 3D into the center of the room. The man with me is a repair man. At the right angle, the image projected is a huge, fluffy cloud in brilliant shades of purple and pink, that seem to sparkle and glitter. But when the angle isn't perfect, the image breaks down into geometric shapes. They're hard to explain, I have sketches in my dream journal. They are square and rectangular frame-like shapes, in different sizes. They are arranged in a row, not quite touching, with the open middles forming a tunnel down the center. The size of each frame mimics the contour of the cloud.
    The repair man tries to tell me that this break down is normal, that the image is only meant to be seen from a few sides, but I'm angry and I argue with him. I'm convinced that it must be broken. I don't remember who won that argument, I think I woke before the end of it.

    #4: my favourite dream of the night
    The dream started with a huge party, some kind of club, but my memories of that are nearly non-existent. What I remember is after everyone else was gone, and the room is shadowy and empty, and I'm afraid. I start to walk, hoping I can find the way out.
    I leave the club floor, and walk into a room that is even bigger and darker, and is full of close-together square pillars. There's a woman in the room, wearing all tight black clothes, with black hair slicked back from her face, wearing too much black eye make up. She sneers when she sees me, and some how I know she's not human, and she's going to hurt me. She starts coming towards me, but she's moving slowly. She's wants to play cat and mouse with me, and she's obviously confident that I wont be able to get away. But the pillars make the room like a maze, and I manage to hide from her until I find another door to get out without her noticing.
    I'm in a room that looks like a church now, filled with pews. There's a blond woman standing up on the altar, although there is nothing there to mark it as an altar except that it is raised from the floor. Like the other woman, I know that she's not human, but this one is more obvious. Her hair is knotted and fallen in her face, and she's snarling. She starts towards me as soon as she sees me, and I cant move.
    A huge man steps out in front of me, and the blond's leg explodes in blood. I don't know if he shot her or something else, but she falls to the floor, and throws back her head and roars. The man grabs my wrist, and his hands and fingers are huge, his fist encloses over half of my arm. He drags me between some pews and through another door. I know that I knew him once, but he's different now, he's monstrous like the women were but he's still trying to help me. He's pulling me through dripping tunnels, and in the enclosed space he seems even bigger. He's tall and has wide shoulders. He's wearing a brown leather coat. I don't remember what I want to say to him, but I call him 'Red.' He doesn't say anything.
    The tunnel changes, and we're in a huge chamber, full of rows and rows of seats. There are people in them(real people, not monster people) and they are unconscious, hooked up to tubes and wires. He lets go of my arm but I keep following him as he goes to the end of the room where there is a control panel. The door we came through(although I don't remember going through it) creaks, and I quickly hide behind the man, crouching, peering through the gap under his arm. The woman in black enters, still sneering, and starts a slow saunter down the aisle.
    I don't know what happened with that woman, if there was a confrontation that I just cant remember, but the man starts the controls, and after that I don't see what happens to us anymore. The blond monster woman somehow got to this chamber before us, and when she realized we were coming she dragged herself into wiring inside a wall. Now I can see her, and when the man turns on the machine, she explodes in bright yellow electricity and flame. It is like the entire world is yellow and orange. She is writhing, and it looks almost like dancing. It's caught in flashes and sometimes time turns sluggish, so that her movements are alien. Her mouth is open in a scream, but her voice isn't human and it sounds almost like high pitched, keening music.

    #5: the really weird one
    In my last dream, I'm going to an expensive school on a scholarship. Although I'm thinking of it as a school, its really just a pool. But all the other kids in that pool hate me, because I'm on a scholarship. They keep pulling me under the water and trying to drown me. After this has happened a few times I crawl up out of the water and pout. This dream me is only 12 years old, and it's weird to be so young again.
    A pool guy comes over and asks me if I'd rather swim in the channel, which was a long narrow strip of pool beside the real pool. I know that it's not for swimming in, but since he offered, I accept, and there is no one there to try to hurt me and I'm happy. I want to hug the pool guy, and suddenly he's in the water beside me so that I can.
    I think to myself that I need to thank him properly, and then I'm walking up the driveway to his house. When I go inside, it is small and cluttered and full of people. The pool guy takes me into the backroom to meet his dad, but when we go into the bedroom, there is an old man's head sticking up out of baby swaddles that are held by a nurse. She unrolls the swaddles and the same head is on a tiny baby's body. Then he stands and his body changes into a wrinkled, red skinned old man body. He's swinging the blanket that he was swaddled in, and it's smeared with yellow shit. He starts to yell that living by the pool keeps him young, but then he stops and says very calmly, "I have to poopies" and walks through another door in the room.
    I go back to the living room and then someone knocks at the front door and the pool guy goes to open it. It's the mother of one of the girls who was trying to hurt me at the pool and I'm afraid that if she sees me she'll berate me. The pool guy's younger brother, who is closer to my dream age, asks if I want to leave. I nod and he tells me to just slip out. I do, and no one notices, and I feel better back in the sunshine. I start walking towards home, and details fade, and then I wake up.