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      He's from Magic: The Gathering (the trading card game). He's a black deck that deals in vampire cards and is a pain in the ass to beat.
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    by Ferret on 07-17-2011 at 01:31 AM
    Swamp Guards

    I was walking through an old torn down industrial area. It was quiet, there was nobody around and for some reason I thought I was dreaming. I pinched my nose and it failed. It was the first time the nose pinch had ever failed me! I glanced at my hand quickly and put it back down by my side. I thought something was a little strange and glanced back at my hand to see six fingers! I grew an extra finger out of my hand just to make sure. Yup, I was lucid. I couldnt remember my goal and walked for a little while trying to remember. Then I remembered I wanted to go to Denn! I looked around and there was a forrest only 100 meters away. I ran towards it flat out. The forrest was more of a swap and had large platforms elevated at least 10 meters above the swamp. I started onto the platforms and made my way into the forrest.The swamp looked a lot like this only it had far wider platforms and was higher off the ground.

    It was layed out in what seemed like a large grid. I wanted to memorise the layout I was in so I could draw it when I woke up but I didnt do a good enough job. I ran up a little stairway onto a slightly higher platform and then back down the other side. I ran right past a guard of some sort. He had basic but nice looking leather armor and a long spear. After running past him I ducked down behind a chair. I could see him through a rather large gap in the chair. However he could see me too. He slid his spear towards me. I grabbed it and as he pushed it in for the kill. I adjusted my weight and lifted my feet from the ground. As he pushed the spear in, it simply pushed my body with it. I flew back safely, out of reach of his spear. He came in again and this time I doged it then grabbed the spear again and pulled it in towards me. With his thrust already sending him forwards he came tumbling down infront of me where I kicked him out cold. I turned around the make a stealthy escape but there was another. I easily took care of him, typical guards with no skill at all. After finishing him off I turned around to see two more, one on each side of me. I wasnt worried, they were no threat. As I still didnt have a weapon I used the same technique as the first two, dodging their attacks which was very fun and a lot more interesting with two at the same time. When the opportunity arrived I pulled them both in and kicked them into submission. As I started to make my escape I woke up into an FA.

    Updated 07-17-2011 at 01:44 AM by Ferret



    by Ferret on 07-12-2011 at 12:06 AM
    Dragon Hide Crafters

    I found myself walking through the forrest in the land of Aud. It was a thick forrest and quite dark as the trees didnt let a lot of light onto the forrest floor. The trees were very tall and there was a creepy feeling about. I was with my brother and a guy I didnt know, I dont really remember seeing what my brother looked like but the other guy was short and very solid, I believe he was a dwarf.

    Instead of my customary weapons I had a short bow. It was made out of wood and didnt look anything special. I was holding a bamboo arrow ready at my side. The other guy also had a bow, his was even shorter than mine and barely even resembled a bow. It was more like a slightly bent, thick chunck of wood.

    I took the lead over a small creek and up a slight incline. The track got steeper and at the top were some small coins and other junk. Nothing of any real value. We walked off and very shortly came across a dwarf couple. They were very nice and told us if we could bring them some dragon hide that they could cover our weapons or armor with it to make them far stronger. The other guy said this was not a problem getting the dragon hide but something else was a bigger problem than that, I dont remember what it was. We walked off and the dream slowly faded and I woke up.


    by Ferret on 05-12-2011 at 01:09 AM
    Where Is Denn??

    I was in a large open field. There were about 5 guys around different spots of the field each doing presentations of a computer game or something. They were all dressed in their armor and after I had watched the presentations one approached me. He said he really liked my sword. I had one sword on each hip, one was a special scimitar and the other was a very fine looking but not so special short katana. The man was talking about my katana so I said he could have it if he could beat me in battle. He made his way to me, my view went to third person and I saw a man creeping around from behind. They both came on and took me to the ground, after a bit of a struggle I defeated them both and they disappeared. I picked up my swords from the ground and walked over to a friend. Soon we were in my local city running through busy intersections dodging traffic. We got to the bottom of a long street and I stopped, my friends kept going and then for some reason I realised I was dreaming. I walked over to a lady and asked her what way the town of Denn was. I was still in the middle of the city and she pointed in some direction. I could see trees the way she pointed but not enough for a forrest. I ran as fast as I could towards the trees, I ended up on all fours running flat out. I got to a tree but still in the middle of the city. I thought I should climb the tree and get a better view so I might see Denn. Shortly after climbing the tree I could hear a narrator that sounded a lot like David Attenborough talking about how monkeys were introduced from another planet many years ago. They came from a cloudless planet and didnt like it here because we are destroying the planet. Then I woke up


    by Ferret on 01-30-2011 at 03:41 AM
    Desert Crystals

    I was walking out in the desert with my friends tom and rueben. I kept finding little clusters of random crystals growing out of the sand. They were big crystals and some very amazing ones which I have never seen anything like before, they almost looked like glass blown and cut crystals. I was only choosing one or two of the coolest looking crystals from each cluster but before long I had full pockets and hands. I thought it was strange I had found so many amazing crystals so I did a RC and realised I was dreaming. This is the first time I was sad to become lucid, not overly sad but I knew that the crystals I had found were not going to be their when I woke up. I walked away from what was going on and called out for drizzt and my dream guide but then I woke up.

    RPG World

    I was in an RPG kinda world, everything was like a 3D game, the characters around me were from oldschool RPG's, they were all shorter than me and kinda chubby although this may have just been from the bad graphics! I dont remember how I became lucid but throughout the whole dream I had awareness. One of the characters was a zelda kind of person. I think she wanted me to do a quest or something, she was definatly more important than the other chracters. Just meters away was a small pyramid structure, it wasnt more than 5 meters high and had a large openeing. It was like an entrance to a set of tunnels or something. It was dimly lit inside with flaming torches. I made my way in and saw a man make his way out of the shadows with a long wooden staff. He looked young and fit like a warrior. He was crouched in a defensive pose making his way to me and I asked him not to fight and if he could come out into the sun with me and teach me some contact staff. He agreed and we walked back out of the pyramid, the other characters were still thier but they were more human now and everything didnt look 3D anymore. We both had a play around and he did a few cool tricks that I am trying to learn IWL but I think I need to train with him again as I didnt quite see how to do the trick properly.

    Updated 01-30-2011 at 03:51 AM by Ferret



    by Ferret on 01-30-2011 at 03:27 AM
    Ski Lodge

    I was at a big party going on in a ski lodge. I saw a girl meg who is an amazing contact staff fire spinner. She was playing with my staff but I was too scared to go talk to her. Later I saw a friend who I hadnt seen in a while an I ran up staight to him. The instantly he was gone, i thought instantly that it wasnt possible for him to just disappear so I must be dreaming. I pinched my nose and could breathe. I tried to turn into Drizzt but I didnt transform. I walked around the lodge and found two girls fighting with long sticks. One girl had two and did an amazing contact staff move. I grabbed a stick out of nowhere and started fighting one girl. I took her down easily, then moved onto the next. I also took her down with little effort. Then the last girl I beat down threw a short stick at me, it hit me right in the eye and hurt. The pain felt so real, my eye got quite swollen. I tried to heal it by placing my hand over my eye and focusing energy to that area but it didnt work. For some reason I had a feeling that the girls must help me to heal it. I asked them and they agreed but didnt seem very helpful. We walked outside and they kinda just sat down and did their own thing talking to each other and stuff. I walked back inside, my eye still swollen. I saw my old flatmate luke and started telling him everything I copuld remember from the lucid so far so that I wouldnt forget anything. Just after I had finished I woke up.