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    <font size=3>To dream is to leave your body. Sleep is exercise for the soul as much as it is rest for the body.</font>

    To dream is to leave your body. Sleep is exercise for the soul as much as it is rest for your physicality.


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    Tibetan Knife to chisel an MIB Pigmy given to me by Henry Kissinger

    by DarkoMarco on 01-20-2012 at 12:57 PM
    Okay, so it is 1/20/12 and I had this dream two days ago.

    I dreamt that I walked into a brick and mortar shop with the purpose of forming a basketball league. I was exited about actually playing instead of playing fantasy basketball.
    I then began to notice the older gentlemen sitting behind the counter.
    As I began focusing on one, (he kind of looked like a less malevolant Henry Kissinger) I could see a series of encounters he had with what I can only call MIB, but I could just as easily call them descendents of the Annunaki who I thought lived underground, but in this dream it seemed this folks lived out of sinc with time as we know it. That's why we would never find them if we tried.
    I saw the (henry Kissinger) character in his pursuits to study these folks, he proceded to gather data and attempt to expose them and everytime he got close, one of these beings would step out of time and change something about his time line, thus thwarting his attempts.
    In one of the instances, I became him, the year was 1972, I was in a dark movie theatre and I had information that I knew would expose these folks, but then out of no-where a MIB dressed in a black suite and black fidora walked past me at a blinding speed, knocking me back, distorting time and conveying this message, "we can kill you anytime we want, desist your attempts or we will", it was at this point that the Henry Kissinger character gave up his pursuits of this folks.
    Now I am back in his shop again, disengaged from his life and he walks up to me and states "do you really want to see what they look like"?
    And I saw them as alabaster white figuires whose skin would seem like concrete to us because of the time distortion between us.
    Something about how we move in slow motion in comparison.
    The Henry Kissinger character then showed me what he considered the only way to kill one, and he handed me a knife that seemed to have a tibetan sacrificial slant to it.
    It had threee heads on the hilt all looking away from the center of the knife. It wasn't this, but this is a dead ringer for it. Especially how dull the blade is.

    The actual heads on the knife looked a lot more like the cover of the album 10,000 days by tool. Here is the shot I am thinking about.

    So the Henry Kissinger guy hands me the knife and then shows me a miniture version of one of these Annunaki hybrids who are who knows how old.
    He is in the glass case of the store front and only about a foot long, laying in a state of suspended animation, not really consious.
    But the little guy is like stone and instead of stabbing it, I'm chipping at it.
    I realize the thing is alive, and that even though it is a foot tall it could kill me if it woke up, but it doesn't wake up.
    So I continue to chip away at it.


    This dream sat with me for a while, and I'm writing it down because I think I have an idea what it means.
    I have been ingaged in decalcyfing my pineal gland for a few weeks now.
    Taking iodine, drinking distilled water, and well I think this dream was trying to tell me this stuff is working.
    Also there seems to be a conspiracy theory theme, in the hybrid Annunaki, the MIB, or the Illuminati being the forces responsible for implementing a calcifying effect on our pineal gland in the first place.
    Okay, that is all I have.

    Zombie apocolypse as juliette lewis

    by DarkoMarco on 01-02-2012 at 07:06 AM
    Okay, so I had this dream where I was a woman. This isn't a normal thing for me. Anyway, I wasn't just a woman I was Juliette Lewis, I know weird.

    Anyway, so it is zombie apocolypse, and I am running for my life from these zombies. And at the same time, for some reason I know that I am married and I am concerned for my husbands well being.
    So, I'm running through the city, I'm alone and being chased by zombies. And then one of them catches me and bites me.
    This sucks because then I turn into a zombie.
    But it's cool because I'm kind of a mutant zombie. I for some reason retain my intelligence, but I'm still a zombie. But now I'm being chased by this sherrif and his possey because I'm a zombie.
    So after I'm shot and stabbed and had the crap kicked out of me by these humans I manage to kill them all. (No brain eating though)
    After all of this I am still concerned for my husband, and I finally get to our apartment and find him there.
    I am so happy to see him but he freaks out and starts running from me because I'm a zombie. I'm running after him and explaining that it's still me and I won't hurt him, but he is too scared and he won't stop.
    So I finally catch him, and I bite his ass. He is crying and asking how I could do this to him. And I explain that it's just so lonely being a zombie and that I need some company.
    He then turns into a mutant zombie like me, and we live happily ever after in zombie land.

    Dream of being a Vampire

    by DarkoMarco on 11-30-2010 at 11:00 PM
    God, I'm embarrased to write this down, but I've never had anyother dream like this one.

    The dream started off and I was batman, I was hunting a group of vampires. I then began to infiltrate the group and befriend them. They seemed harmless enough, I even liked them.
    I then gave up the batman thing, or rather forgot about it, I was just me.
    I then began helping the vampires evade thier pursuers, the police for some reason.
    Finally, and I don't know where the transformation happened, I was a vampire.
    And at the encouragement of the group I was to eat this woman.
    And I did it.
    The dream was just so real, I could feel her life coursing out of her.
    I was drinking her blood from her neck, and even squeezing her body, encouraging the flow of the liquid, that part really stuck with me.
    And then the wierd part, I never became lucid, but, I had all these powers.
    The best was flying, I never once stopped and realized I was dreaming, which is really the wierd part, normally I never have abilities like that with out being lucid.
    I began flying, and I even picked up a coven member who couldn't fly and put them on my back.

    This dream is bizarre to me for so many reasons,,,,,,I"m not goth,,,I'm not depressed,,,,I'm not into any vampire movies or literature,,,,,,I just don't get why I would dream this, and so completly be immersed in it.


    by DarkoMarco on 09-16-2010 at 06:34 AM
    There were a group of scientists visiting a remote island outside of Africa in the early 1930's, there were two contingents, a secret contingent and a known anthropoligist contingent.
    The secret contingent found what they were looking for and were told by who was funding the operation to keep this secret at whatever cost, including killing the anthropologists and making it look like the local natives did it.

    The secret contingent didn't want blood on their hands, so, they left the anthropologists on the island with no way of getting off. They were all british by the way.

    The anthropologists with nothing better to do decided to continue with what they had come there for, and to study the local natives, which looked like the folks out of the movie shockazulu.

    There was a married couple, a white male anthropoligist and a female.
    The female fell in love with one of the native higher ups.

    The male anthropologists stiffened at this, they were pretty racists in the 30's, and they disrespected the native tribes man the female anthropoligist was knocking boots with.

    Offended, the shockazulu tribesman banded together his people and they killed all the anthropoligists, except of course the whilte female.

    The perspective of this dream was wierd in the sense that I was rotating from person to person. It was like a movie and i would rotate between all the main characters.

    A dream, a chance meeting, a documented dream and a chance parting.

    by DarkoMarco on 08-21-2010 at 02:26 PM
    What do you call it when you have met someone you have dreamt of and that person has dreamt of you as well???

    Okay, so it's 1991, I'm eighteen years old, I have this dream I'm visiting with this woman I know very well at her apartment with a couple of friends of mine. The dream was very memorable and when I woke up I had the sense that I knew this woman/girl, well. But, I didn't know her at all, not in the waking world.

    So I go to work that night, at the Four Seasons restaurant, Granite City IL, I was a food server and I was working a banquiet party, I was to work this huge banquiet party and I was told a new waitress would be starting that night and she would be working with me, and I was to show here the ropes. When I met her, I was blown away, this was the same girl I had dreamed about the night before. The girl was between 22 and 25, blond hair, pretty, about 5'5.

    As blown away as I am by this, it gets better, and worse. We worked well together, and she was extremely cordial. Very nice manners, and a good hard worker. At no time did I tell her or anyone about my dream, let's face it, no one would have believed me anyway. And we were working all night, so that's that. So it's the end of the night, she hands me this note and tells me not to read it until she leaves. So i do, and I can't believe what it says when I read it. It goes on to say that she knows she just met me, and that she knows it sounds incredible but that she had a dream about me the day before she met me and not to tell anyone! And as short as that is, it was a full page note. I'm dumbfounded, I mean I'm floored, I was just slack jawed. Here I am eighteen years old meeting some one out of one of my dreams, and she is telling me I am out of one of her dreams. This stuff is trully twilight zone esque and I couldn't have been more shocked if a Koala bear had walked into the restaurant and told me I was it's long lost cub.

    Anyway, about twenty five minutes later she comes running back into the restaurant and asks if I had read the note. I told her yes, and that I knew it sounded crazy but that I had had the same thing happen and I had dreamt about her the day before. (Probably not my best move. But I was eighteen and hindsight is 20/20).

    She was doing this fluttering waving thing with her hands and she was obviously high strung about the whole thing. I guess we had our own ways of dealing with the whole thing, I think at this point her way was to decide to pretend it never happened. She asked for the note back. I gave it to her. She told me not to tell anyone. I told her I wouldn't and she didn't have anything to worry about. She wasn't really listening to me, she was rambling to herself, she was beratting herself for having given the note to me. After she secured the note, and my promise I wasn't going to tell anybody, she left. The next day I find out she had been hired as my replacement, the boss (Charlie Hestor, the restaurant was also called Charlies) thought I was too young for the job and that was the last night I worked there, I never saw nor heard from the girl again.

    I gotta say, in retrospect I could have done a few things differently so I could have atleast had a few more communications with the girl. But, hind sight is 20/20, and I was only eighteen at the time, the whole thing felt so kismet, and the town we lived in so small, I thought for sure I would see her again. It turns out I soon moved to St.louis and then Phoenix and that was not meant to be. Was fate toying with me? Should I have taken the bulls by the horn? I don't like to admit it, but I regret not knowing this girl.