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      Bom saber que ainda andas por aqui, espero que essas entradas tenham sido boas
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      Thank you for accepting my friend request Mayatara. Truly an honor, to be your friend.
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      Reparei que fazes parte dos "shared LDs". Como é que isso funciona? Nunca percebi muito bem. Obrigada
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      Olá (: Sempre bom ver portugueses aqui. Vou dar uma olhadela pelo teu profile para ver que tipo de LDer és :b Let's keep in touch (:
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      Entao que técnicas practicas ou que tens practicado?
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      Boas! É sempre bom ver um tuga por aqui!
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      Um oneironauta postou isto aqui no DV, no Ponto 4 fala muito sobre POLYPHASIC SLEEP e pelo o que li no teu DJ é algo que estás decidida a exprimentar. Espero que esteja a correr bem e que o artigo seja de algum interesse
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      Oi mayatara. Nunca nos chegamos a cruzar no dreamshell penso ^^ Eu nunca reparo nas bandeiras aqui
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      You were in my dream.... read my dream journal please.
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    12 Jan: Moving to my mom's house and alien creatures

    by Mayatara on 01-12-2019 at 10:39 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    With mom and some other family members, walking in Vila Franca. Mom notices the stationery shop run by a lady we know, is liquidating everything and going to close. My mom talks to the lady owner and starts crying while hugging her. The lady feels awkward. Says she will keep the place, she is just transforming the business and turning it into a post office. But my mom still feels emotional as she has lots of memories from this little shop.
    Then we all go home to my mom's, but she doesn't live there, I do. I am just moving and my family members try to help me unpacking things, but they just leave a bigger mess. Then they have to leave in a hurry, they gotta take a plane or something. I am in the kitchen sorting produce for the fridge and I hear noise. My front door ain't well shut, and some guy with furniture on the hallway tries to come in when I open the door. He thought that was his home. He is also moving next door. I explain to him he got the wrong door, he goes to the right place. But now my door doesn't close. I think I have go to the carpentry.
    It is not far, I just have to cross a short path through a wild patch of land and cross a bridge over a very small river, when I spot a strange animal with the body of a kiwi and the beak of a platypus. He looks intelligent but fearful when I approach. He keeps jumping around and I follow him and try to attract him. But although he is enjoying the interaction, he disappears behind some bushes. I go around and now I see another animal. Same type of black greyish fur, but a body type like an antelope and a creepy head like a skull with two black round eyes. When I look in his eyes I recognize the same animal. And I keep following him. He then returns again to a smaller blob like shape and escapes over some emergency staircase on the back of a building, to join two other similar beings, that I understand to be his parents. They look surprised at me. They move on to a populated area but other people don't seem to see them. They keep morphing and looking all sorts of alien and no one even blinks. I was not supposed to see them either, but I do, so when they stop on top of some beams in a covered pathway, I wave at them so they are sure I can see them and they look really puzzled. Meanwhile, I call my friends ghostbusters and they join me soon after. They to catch a glimpse of the creatures, so I am not the only one who can see them.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    11 Jan: High school and fighting a demon while lucid

    by Mayatara on 01-11-2019 at 10:01 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    In high school but with adults. Gym class is a contest of push ups in the yard, two teams against each other. The other team wins, but we are all in great shape. We take a shower and dress to attend next classes. I have a funny t-shirt with some nerdy sayings. I notice a guy looking at it and it is Markl (a nerdy comedian). We have a new class together, I think it's arts and crafts. I don't say anything to him because everyone is treating him like everyone else. But later on our way to with no nerdy messages and he is still looking at me with interest. I decide to send him later a message on Instagram to break the ice. Then on my way to english class, some colleagues are behaving like teenagers and a guy kisses one of my friend in the lips. Then some other guy to my side comments that I looked at it with jealousy and looks like I am needing some action. I feel embarrassed and get out of the group and cut through to the class. Teacher is sitting at her desk waiting for everybody and looking upset. I say sorry for delay but see no tables for the students. She points to a line of chairs against a wall, but they are all taken. I go outside look for more and warn my colleagues to bring some along but all we can find are some stools.

    At my mom's home. I am by the window and I see the sky getting darker with storm clouds and pink lightnings. I am drawn to it and I fly through the window. Getting closer to it,
    I get lucid. First I consider diving on the ground but why not stay here instead? While I am touching the ground, I grab some dirt and call for the guidance of Guru Rinpoche and from the dirt comes a mini bronze statue of him. The darkness becomes nastier, like a blanket starts covering the whole sky and I also summon my teacher. He appears behind me, touches my shoulder and says something incomprehensible. I ask him to repeat but he is on the move and sounds like talking from very far away. I understand something about seeing him / meeting him at eleven, but where and how? Then he disappears and from the dark clouds a scary face appears and many arms stretch out and grab those in the way. I decide to fight it and I shoot light from my hands. It hardly affects it. He sends two human like beings to attack me. I get a knife somehow and stab one, but no blood, no wounds, he is not human. It grabs the knife and threatens me with it. I kinda surrender, but when he thinks I am defeated I find a way to break through the kind of spell this demonic being is putting on other people. I see a bunch of people locked inside some tiny house made of illusions they were tricked into believing were real. Once I show them the illusion, walls and doors start to crumble and they realize they can come out as they were never really imprisoned to begin with. This caused way more damage to the demon, who loses power and goes away.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    10 Jan: Barbarians invade my kingdom

    by Mayatara on 01-10-2019 at 09:52 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    At a magical realm, where I am part of the nobility of a kingdom and I am also like Wonder Woman. We are invaded by hords of barbarians. When they strike, I am outside the fortress city with the peasants that care for the lands. Some of my warrior friends manage their way back, but I am shut down outside. I get some Japanese swords to fight, but the invaders are just too many. I realize I can't survive a fight with them all, so I opt out to dwell in the underground maze of artisans shops and their homes because there is a way to access the fortress through some underground tunnels that connect with this place.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    9 Jan: Magical island with spirit animals

    by Mayatara on 01-09-2019 at 09:31 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    With a friend, we are going to denounce some corruption in the police. There is a conspiracy and they do what they can to stop us. A traffic policewoman doesn't want to let us drive away in our car, we understand she is looking for reasons to detain us, so we run away. We are followed, we split. I enter the internal affairs or something like it and I meet the detective that already is expecting us. I sign a letter with my testimony. Even in there he has to do some tricks to protect the statement and the evidences from corrupt colleagues.

    With some boys, having some classes on metallurgy, learning to make some instruments and later applying to some competition.

    With mom, arriving to a house at the very edge of the woods. We spot 5 kids coming out of the house, all fired up over something. They get on a boat at a nearby peer and we keep watching their journey as if watching a movie. They sail the sea and face sea monsters and are almost swallowed by a whale. They end up on the shore of some dream island and welcomed by some Greek goddess. People live there in peace, away from the human world, protected by this magical monsters that live around and in the island.

    I go down to the beach and meet these amazing black shiny horses that jump on the ocean and they swim to the shores of the idyllic island. I follow them there. Nothing happens on the way. Once on land, I learn the island is full of wild animal spirits. The population here stays indoors after sunset and keeps the fire burning for protection, because the evil spirits attack at night. But the fire extinguishes and we are attacked by a spirit in the form of a black puma. When he is about to attack me, he stops but still hurts me with its claws. Wants me to follow him to his cave. Zilla is there to and tries to hit him with something, so I can run. I don't want to hurt the puma, so I use the chance to escape and he gives up and goes away. Later, a demonic boar is attacking a lady and I also have to beat it until the spirit leaves.

    Updated 01-19-2019 at 09:52 PM by Mayatara

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    7 Jan: Kidnapped by giant and secret room in fireplace

    by Mayatara on 01-07-2019 at 08:25 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I have some friends from circus, a girl acrobat and some other guy who is big and brute. We get magically sent from the circus backstage to the top of the EU commission building. We find a way down, which leads us to the inside of some ordinary house. But we are being followed and we head out through a window to a back garden. I have my cat Buda with me. We hide. But some kid passing by seems to enjoy revealing our hideouts to our chaser, which is a giant. He takes away my friend, don't know what happens to him. Then takes me as prisoner into a big house, like a hotel. When he is away I rehearse ways to escape. I find a service corridor between kitchen and dinning room that he can't possibly access, because it is for humans only. I hide there. Only way he can get to me is breaking the wall. This passage has two corridors in a 90° degrees angle. He doesn't find me. After looking everywhere for me, he remembers the passage and opens the door to peek. But I hide alternately in each corridor and he can't see me. Then silence. Next morning I hear a familiar voice and I risk to peek outside. I find a window and outside I see lots of cars, maybe police looking for me, so I take a chance and wave to them. They come and rescue me. Apparently the giant is no longer there and someone tells me he is dead, that he fell from a 20th floor building. But I am told my two friends are also dead. The guy and the girl. The girl he had killed by throwing her down the 20th floor also. The guy, no one knows for sure. But later on he appears, hurt but alive. They had wrong info. I hug him with joy.

    Passing by a neighborhood of some rich people I know. See their entrance full of water and go check. The door is not locked, I go in, it is empty. Floor has water as if some plumbing broke or some faucet is open. But I don't check that, because the fireplace is moving forward. Then stops and exposes a secret compartment. I hear someone so I rush inside the compartment to hide. See a handle that looks the one to open and close and I close it. It is a tiny space, just fits a person. The back has a spying mirror that shows the room behind this wall. So I watch what seems a realtor showing the house to a potential buyer. I look around at this compartment and see a kind of drawer in the back of the fireplace. I open it and it is stashed, but I don't find jewels or money. Instead it is full of buddhist prayer flags and packs of incense. But there are more packages behind, so I don't know what's in there. The problem is that someone brought a dog and the dog has sensed me behind the fireplace and he is restless on the other side of the mirror, trying to find an entrance to get to me. I start opening the fireplace and the dog goes around and finds me. He is friendly, just wants to say hi and receive some cuddles, but then I hear people coming and I hide again. They don't notice the fireplace slightly tilted and the dog stays quiet at my feet.

    Updated 01-19-2019 at 09:30 PM by Mayatara

    non-lucid , dream fragment