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      Bom saber que ainda andas por aqui, espero que essas entradas tenham sido boas
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      Thank you for accepting my friend request Mayatara. Truly an honor, to be your friend.
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      Reparei que fazes parte dos "shared LDs". Como é que isso funciona? Nunca percebi muito bem. Obrigada
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      Olá (: Sempre bom ver portugueses aqui. Vou dar uma olhadela pelo teu profile para ver que tipo de LDer és :b Let's keep in touch (:
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      Entao que técnicas practicas ou que tens practicado?
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      Boas! É sempre bom ver um tuga por aqui!
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      Um oneironauta postou isto aqui no DV, no Ponto 4 fala muito sobre POLYPHASIC SLEEP e pelo o que li no teu DJ é algo que estás decidida a exprimentar. Espero que esteja a correr bem e que o artigo seja de algum interesse
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      Oi mayatara. Nunca nos chegamos a cruzar no dreamshell penso ^^ Eu nunca reparo nas bandeiras aqui
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      You were in my dream.... read my dream journal please.
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    16 Apr: Meeting family in the past and alternative timeline

    by Mayatara on 04-16-2024 at 03:07 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    False awakening in my teenage bedroom at my mom's. I check the time and it's 4 am. My mom is awake watching tv on the sofa and I find Riverstone sleeping on her bedroom for some reason. But I don't disturb either of them. I go back to my room and try to close the door silently. I feel strangely awkward to be here. But then I hear my grandpa's cane on the hallway and think "Oh, in this dream reality, grandpa is still alive?". So I open the door and I see him heading to the bathroom. My mom is helping him and surprised to see me awake. I decide to come out and say I'm happy to see them and ask them what year is this. They look at me as if I lost my mind. I insist and tell them I am not who they think I am, that I am a different version who comes from the future and is just dreaming this. They think I am mocking them and start to be upset, but still reveal that it's before 2020. So then I proceed to tell them what is going to happen, especially the pandemic, but also some natural catastrophes down the pipe, as proof I'm from the future. But of course, this will only prove correct when it actually happens.
    Then I notice some things don't fit exactly into my own timeline, so maybe this is a different timeline where those things don't happen. The house is in fact different. The laundry room doesn't exist, there are different rooms in different places, then I check the kitchen's window and realize this is a house on the ground floor and not on the 4th floor. Also, there is a forest outside covered in snow.
    Then i see in the distance that there is a forest fire, despite the snow. The fire is gaining strength and coming towards us. it is so intense that it is melting the snow and turning it into a torrent of water also coming towards us.
    I yell at my family that the house will burn in a fire and for them to pick up whatever is most important and leave. Then remember "Are there any pets?" and they proceed to name them and bring forward carriers to put them in. Some new aunt I never had IRL comes up with some small dogs and puts them in the carriers. Three go on the carriers and a 4th has to be carried by hand. Then someone says "Bring the monkeys!" and they come with a cage with two monkeys. Then I notice I am just in a t-shirt and underwear but there is no time to dress anything else as we exit the house. We take shelter in a huge hardware store in town.
    We stay there for a while and some pervert uncle I now have starts making advances on me, first offering me gifts and grooming me, then later cornering me in dark places of the store, trying to grope me. I avoid him and he starts chasing me. Although the store is working and people shopping in it, no one offers to help, it's as if we don't exist. I climb on top of shelves and let stuff fall on the ground, but everything is business as usual in the store. I take a run for the door through a long corridor and manage to lose him. Then cross some bridge over a river, not walking it through, but instead by hanging myself from under it as if it's monkey bars, because I don't want him to see me. On the other side I land in the middle of a group of students making plans to go to a concert and they invite me to go with them.
    lucid , false awakening

    15 Apr: Mayan / Austrian city and walking on air

    by Mayatara on 04-15-2024 at 11:52 AM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    Taking the bus home (as I did in high school), some people seem to have fallen asleep, this guy Pedro I met a few days ago while camping IRL is also getting out on the same stop as I.
    I offer to walk with him, but he is actually going the opposite direction, towards À-dos-Loucos, so I say bye when he meet his sister or friend and they get in a car. When I start walking back, chaos ensues.
    The road and sidewalks are covered in parked cars, people everywhere like there is some demonstration or street fair. I need to get on top of cars trying to find my way out. End up on some underground path where I come across a Mexican John Wick offing a hunch of dudes and I turn around before he sees me, afraid he might want to eliminate the witness. On another tunnel I see an exit but it is guarded by a kind of Robocop looking android, who starts shooting lasers towards everyone on the tunnel. But I yell "stop, don't shoot" and for some reason he does and lets me pass.
    When exiting the tunnel I realize I am no longer in Alhandra but some other place with Aztec or Mayan construction. The tunnel actually opens up to a cave with amazing carvings and sculptures on the walls.
    I slowly become lucid and start floating around in the air to admire the surroundings, then notice something funny: all human faces carved in this South American style engravings look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. As I walk towards the outside and see more monuments with this face, the more clear it becomes it's him and I laugh at the absurdity. Then as I step on open air, the constructions outside change and look now a mix of Mayan/Austrian, slowly shifting towards only Austrian. I find myself in a city with endless streets that looks like Vienna, with palaces in yellow façades as far as the eye can see. One façade is covered chaotically in black bronze horses sticking and hanging out over the street below, with still some Mayan like sculptures in between.
    I find myself in front of a larger palace with a patio and a huge black limousine in front that starts driving away. I fly to it to try to see who's inside. The limo is followed by a sports car that I also can't see who's driving, but I'm curious. Is it the Schwarzenegger like guy/god that rules this place or my mind will make up something even more silly? But I can't keep up with the cars. I speed up my flying and still they disappear. Then the road ahead transforms into a live version of a video game, becoming covered in grass and flowers, but with canons popping up from the ground and blasting transparent energy balls towards me, water canons shooting at me and creatures that I don't know if they are friendly or not coming towards me. Then objects that I suppose I should pick up but have no clue what they are and what they are used for.
    I get quickly tired of it and get out of the road to the left side towards a cliff. There is some other lady joining me, seemingly curious about what I'll do. I am also not sure what I'll do, but I wanna do something useful with the dream, so I think I'll try to walk on air, to simply put my feet in the void and not fall down. This is something I never did before. The lady tries to discourage me but I ignore her and take a first step. It's so easy, as if there is a glass bridge beneath me. And I keep going. It works perfectly, but at some point the invisible floor starts to feel a bit smooshy, not entirely solid and it isn't easy to walk anymore.
    I then realize I'm back over to "Vienna" and below me I see an hotel. It's named Hotel Regence. I decide to go inside and see who's staying in it, but I wake up.

    13 Apr: Literal monster in my bed and israeli military base

    by Mayatara on 04-13-2024 at 11:53 AM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    I awake in my bed in my teenage room, with something latching onto my left butt cheek. It's like a leech but square, roughly 2 cm each side. I drop it in the bed in horror and it magically goes through the bed sheet. I capture it and put it in a Tupperware type container I have at my bedside table with a bit of flat bread inside, as I go grab my phone to film it. When I come back the flat bread is alive and moving and when I try to grab it, it tries to bite me, as if the creature merged with it.
    My mom is asleep but I want her to see it so I go get her and on return, it grew in size to look like a loaf of bread that is now moving on the floor. Then it takes over a duvet by shooting inside it what seem like very thin snakes. Then red insects come out of it and they all make it move as if the duvet is alive. I am now concerned with the spread of this "creature" and want to burn the whole thing down. But my cats just enter the room, see all that movement in the duvet and they wanna play and jump to it. I am horrified they might also get contaminated and shoo them out of the room. But certain that they were already infected or possessed buy that thing. I close the door to my bedroom and come outside with my mom to think of what to do.
    I review the videos and think about showing them to some authority, but when I do, no one even looks at them when I tell the story, they just mock me.
    Somehow I end up in a military base in Israel though and asked to wait for some ceremony to end, in the back of the room, supposedly to talk to someone. Although I am not a supporter of the Israel military and their whole colonizing history, I sympathize with the people here and I feel their fear.
    There is word of an imminent attack at any moment. There are some fireworks in the distance which send everyone into panic mode, but through the window on the back of the room, where I'm seated, I can see the fireworks and I tell everyone to relax. But there are some sounds of unrest coming from the hallway outside, which puts the guards on alert and they form a barrier by the door with guns pointed and ready to shoot. Then it's just someone who's late for the event and they stand down. But the fear in everyone's mind is real and I feel it to. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
    Meanwhile I am trying to show my videos to someone who asked me about it, but the phone isn't cooperating and I can only find videos of my cats playing.

    12 Apr: Used as scapegoat of a russian cyber attack

    by Mayatara on 04-12-2024 at 12:09 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    I am invited (more like kidnapped) by a Russian criminal whom I have a history with. I think I am an hacker, I did some work for him once and he fell in love with me, but now I'm not sure if he is trying to help me for old time sake or using me as a scapegoat for his dirty work.
    He says he'll release a virus in the world that will wreak havoc on all systems and asks me if I have any old PC with a floppy disk drive and I say I do. So he hands me a floppy disk which he says contains the antivirus. He tells me to use it on my computer and then I'll be safe. I find it really suspicious, because it will make no damn difference to have a working computer if the whole society collapses. There might not even be electricity if his plan works. But I'm scared for my life and I just wanna leave and go home.
    I know my face will be everywhere on CIA screens for being here, so he is probably setting me up or using me as a decoy. I hide the disk the best I can, so that any camera that might film me outside doesn't see it. When I reach my flat, I turn on the news and chaos starts unraveling in the world. Banks crash and other services start failing, people flock to the roads trying to go somewhere safe. I just wanna go meet my parents and ensure they're fine, but it's still a bit far and there is almost no way to get through the traffic jams. I wait a bit and go out by foot to get some stuff and prepare my trip. When I return my house has been searched. They tried to be discreet as not to denounce themselves, but I can tell that a lot of things are misplaced. I still have the disk with me and don't know what to do with it. I manage to go out of town through a road that most people are taking in the opposite direction. I fear I might not have enough fuel, but I manage most of the way, then need to walk the final bit. My dad is worried with the chaos and showing me how they reinforced the front door and windows of the house, but when I go into the backyard to hang something to dry I notice there is one door from the outside to the corridor / garage leading to the yard that doesn't have any lock. We have our dogs there, who are like different incarnations of my RL dogs Hachi and Bernardo, and are also kept separate because they also don't like each other here (my parents here also look like my RL parents, but we are totally different people and live in a totally different world). I rush to tell my dad that door needs to have a lock asap as outside people are starting to loot.

    4 Apr: Crazy family and escaping abusive husband

    by Mayatara on 04-04-2024 at 12:24 PM
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    Marry into a rich family. Their mansion in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, but my mother in law is insane. She wants everything in the house plus everybody to wear only white knitted clothes. It is kind funny at first, but it gets exhausting after a while. None of the sisters and cousins of my husband ever complain but the hate it to. I get an accomplice to change the decoration in the living room to colorful stuff. Off course she hates it and wants it down.

    Then I live in an apartment (looks like my mom's, but in a totally different life) and my husband becomes abusive. He keeps me locked up, I can't go anywhere except to some family or work events with him. He's been telling everyone that I'm schizophrenic, so nobody believes when I say what's going on. I always find ways to come to the door when the mailman comes or something, but nobody believes me. He keeps moving me to more and more restrictive places. Then at some party he takes me to, I refuse to go back home, keep insisting publicly that he is abusive and I demand someone to call the police. There is a couple people who give me the benefit of the doubt, I press charges, I don't go back and I stay with this lovely family. Police goes to the home and does find evidences he keeps me locked up and that I am suffering malnutrition. There is no record of me in hospital and psychiatric treatments as he claimed. I get a restraining order from him, get support and go to university to study. But gotta keep looking over my shoulder.
    I am afraid to pass under a tunnel that is so dark. Some guy passing by seems safe and nice so I ask if he can walk with me and we become friends. He is such a geek and later invites me to watch him participate in a Lego tournament for 2 or 3 days. I go and I am amazed, as he builds an entire Hogwarts castle and train from Harry Potter with regular Lego pieces.