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    1. Yeah, the secks is distracting.

      Oh, I see. Then I won't wait for the rent.
    2. Also, I didn't have ice cream yet... I don't know why, but in my dreams I just have secks on my mind And if not 6 I fly or beat someone up.
    3. Even though I'm just 21 years old and my future is brimming with possibilities... I feel like a MADAO. I feel like a MADAO who's pretending to be a samurai. But I also have an unstable personality, because me telling you this means that I acknowledge that I only pretend to have a silver soul. But sometimes I actually believe it.

      I'm not paying that much attention to my lucid life. I'm watching science lectures and thinking about the content; before sleeping I often listen to music and in the morning I don't care enough about my dreams to record them. Even though I have so many things I want to do, for some reason I don't care enough, I don't know why. I do get lucid about once a week though, and whenever I meditate properly, my lucid time and quality get huge gains.

      I did record 1 dream btw, my nightmare tonight. That freakin' nightmare. I will probably upload it soon.

    4. Do not worry. As a fellow samurai, I can understand. Your post isn't too long, your soul is just too strong. A samurai's post is more than words after all.

      Sounds like you and gintama have been through alot. I'd gladly talk about it more but it sounds like that will be detrimental to your lucid life.

      Thank your signature. Wouldn't have known otherwise.

      I won't hold my breath. I'm not some old hag grandma who's still waiting for rent But how is your lucid life going? Is there straciatella ice cream in it? Are there gintokis with cheesing smiles? Then again, who needs gintoki for that.
    5. PS: I'm a retard, I should have put part 3 first because then it would be in the proper order. The asses and faces of the messages are in the wrong order. The ass of part 1 should have been in part 2's face and part 2's part should have been in part 3 face, but now part 3's face is free of stink, part 2 is getting part 3's stink and part 1's face is in part 2's ass, even though it should have been staring you in the face. I apologize. I also apologize for having 4 messages instead of 2. Each message has a 1000 character limit. The initial thing was 2100 characters so I could have shortened it into <2000, but because I got excited by Gintama I wanted to be funny so I added some things. Then it became 3200 so I had to make it 4.
    6. I had to keep you interested right... Part 3 is what I'm REALLY getting it.

      I think it'll be a while until Gintoki will be my dream guide.... But he is my dream guide I will tell you if I don't forget you by then. I promise. A worthless promise since I said that I might forget it, but I do promise

      If I don't forget xD

      But don't worry! The silver soul has merged with mine by osmosis due to heavy exposure! So even if I forget Gintoki, Katsura, Hedoro and all the rest, my soul will never be without Gin! = D

      Thanks for the message, it's been a while since I thought about Gintama and this made me happy
    7. Part 2 is what I'm getting at.

      Not watching the anime, not reading the manga and not even having cool posters of Gintama to remind me of it, I am really starting to forget it. And saying this makes me very happy. Because that means that in the unexpectedly near future I can experience Gintama again. I'll be a different person from when I started watching it like 2 or 3 years ago, and a different person from today so there's still some uncertainty as to whether I'll enjoy it. But now I am not thinking of Gintama at all. I can say with confidence that it probably does not cross my mind even in very subtle ways more than 5 times a month. Oh man those golden days... Where I would get 500ml of caramel or straciatella ice cream and laughing out loud, getting stomach pains every 2 or 3 episodes. I'm looking forward to that day!!

      DUDE, seriously! What the hell are you getting at?
    8. It appears that my message was way too long so I'll break it up into 3 parts. Part 1:

      Gintama has been leaking out of my brain slowly but surely. After watching all episodes 3 times and reading the first half of the manga twice (I bought all 23 English volumes ), I milked pretty much all the fun I could get out of it. I had 2 beautiful wallscrolls, 1 was of fairly normal size, the other is about as wide as a door, slightly higher, barely fitting between the ceiling and the door The big 1 got loose because of the wind because my window is always open so I took it off. The medium sized one I put away because I wanted to use the hooks for clothes And I have a paper poster with some plastic coating or something (as opposed to the fabric wallscrolls) with a picture of Gintoki smiling cheesily.

      What the hell am I getting at?
    9. Make a thread when you get gintoki as a dream guide. I don't think I'll need to watch gintama for awhile if that happens.
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